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YSSOA Indoor Cycling Bike, Stationary Exercise Bike with iPad Mount and Comfortable Seat Cushion, Silent Belt Drive, Spinning Bikes with Resistance for Home Gym Cardio Fitness Training

Price: $159.99
(as of Sep 18,2023 20:22:00 UTC – Details)

TRAINING INSTRUCTIONS IN ADDITION TO THE USE OF THE EQUIPMENT CAN ENHANCE PHYSICAL FITNESS AND EXERCISE MUSCLES, BUT ALSO THROUGH A REASONABLE DIET TO PLAY A ROLE IN WEIGHT LOSS A, warm-up before training This phase of warm up exercise can enhance the body’s blood circulation, and the muscles to achieve good training, while reducing the risk of cramps or muscle damage durinc training. Before each training please do warm-up exercise in accordance with the followinc recommendations of the training, each stretch must be maintained for about 30 seconds while doing this exercise not stretching intensity, prevent muscle damage, once the muscies are damaged, please stop the practice. B, training stage This stage is the formal training phase, after a long period of practice can improve the flexibility of the leg muscles. In the training process, the key is to do the training according to the training condition, and to choose the reasonable training intensity Note: To keep the heart rate within the corresponding target range for at least 1 minutes of training, most people in the beginning of training lasted 15-20 minutes
Adjustable & Safe Design – Multiple places can be adjusted like seat cushion and handlebars. The non-slip aluminum cage-shaped pedals are equipped with adjustable straps, fit well with different size of feet and to give a feet protection during exercise.
Smooth Magnetic Resistance – The magnetic flywheel make exercise bike more smoother, it create an real-road feeling and almost silent riding experience.
Multipurpose – This bicycle is excellent for home, office, indoor fitness room use, suitable for most people’s needs.
LCD monitor&phone mount – The stationary bike provides water bottle holder and mobile phone mount, easily pedal along with video or movie.



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