World Champion Shoulder Workout – Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders

World Champion Shoulder Workout – Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders

Three times Mr Olympia Men’s Physique Champion Brandon Hendrickson shares the secret to building massive shoulders, taking us through his entire Shoulder Workout just eight weeks out from defending his title. Including his Top Ten Tips for your own workout.


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He’s the best physique in the world Three-time Olympia champion. and now Brandon
Hendrickson is here on fit media channel Today we are training soldiers, I
want to give 100 in each set come on So now it’s time to really push it Now we gotta tap into that
mentality The Savage mentality Sets, reps, supersets – beating up the muscle
fibers tearing them up ripping them apart So they can build back stronger And now the fun starts It’s so pumped right now You can get really creative
with the shoulder exercises.  World Champion Shoulder Workout – Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders

Make sure you guys take notes have
your notebook out have your pen ready Because I got a lot of information to give you   Guys all right so stay tuned
this is going to be a good one If my shoulders don’t grow after
this work out, there’s a problem I can’t feel delts, my delts are numb I’m so excited you guys we got shoulders today We’re in the middle of a 16-week prep we
have eight weeks to go. I’m defending my   Title I’m going in Mr Olympia as the
current and reigning men’s physique Mr   Olympia Champion we have a lot a lot of
work to do but I’m feeling really good I’m very careful with my workouts I don’t
push anything too much I always give about   80 to 90 of my Max so I don’t injure myself
stay healthy stay focused and just work hard So I’m just warming up I like to warm
up about 10-15 minutes before any   Workout specifically for shoulders
I start with a lateral raise but I .

  Do it three different ways obviously we 
have three different heads of the delt,   So I’m warming up all three heads I’m doing
a regular lateral raise with my Palms out That’s hitting the side delt and then I
rotate my Palms up that hits the front delt And then I rotate my Palms down Pinkies up and that’s going
to focus on the rear delt So I do about three four sets of
15 for all three heads of the delt I got the pump cover on, I can’t show anything yet Really I like to wear a hoodie when I come in the   Gym because I don’t like to come
in the gym start my workout cold,   I like to get really warmed up have a sweater
on do three four exercises where I get warmed up The thing I do is to prevent injury,

World Champion Shoulder Workout – Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders

Anything like a smaller muscle group you
want to make sure you warm that up a lot It’s not really building yet, the
building comes with the compound   Movements the barbell presses
dumbbell presses all that stuff   But right now we want to make sure
we warm up just to avoid injuring Yeah it’s getting warmed up already Training shoulders is one of the most important
parts of being a men’s physique athlete   The v-taper starts with the shoulders first
thing we come out we see the V tapers so first   Thing is the shape shape and Symmetry and what
starts the shape is the shoulders and the back When you’re on stage it’s all about making
the V taper strong and making the waist small,   You have to have a 3D look you want to have 3D
depth in your chest your back and your shoulders So for the front pose you want to make sure
that you have density in the front delts On the flip side of that the rear
delts when I turn to the back I want  .

Everything up top to come forward and
the waist always pulling back so that’s   The importance of having density in
the front delts and the rear delts Make sure you guys are warming up the
shoulders and then adding a lot of   Pressure to the shoulders to make them grow
you want them round and you want them dense We’re still warming up now I’m
doing a cable lateral raise I’m going in the front and then I’m going
straight into super setting to the back So I’m hitting more like front medial and then
when I go to the back I’m hitting more medial rear One mistake a lot of guys make is that they
pull with their wrist above their elbow what  .

That does is that’s going to trigger your
traps you don’t want to work your traps you   Want to keep the traps out of the exercise, so
the key to that is to bend the wrist and make   Sure your elbow is coming up higher than
the wrist always keep the elbow above the   Wrist now that’s going to focus more on the
the delts front delt and rear delt and side If you notice I’m not coming all the
way down at the end of the exercise I’m   Keeping the tension on the delt by only
literally coming like 75 percent down .

And so keep the tension on the delt and then right
back up because of that I don’t need to go heavy   And second reason I don’t need to go heavy is
because I’m super setting straight to the rear   I’m going front straight to the rear and then
I’m switching sides going on the other side   Front straight to the rear so I’m keeping
the tension and the pressure on the delt Getting a lot of blood flow that’s
what we want we want as much blood   Flow as we can get before we start
damaging and beating up the muscles It’s the little things it’s not even anything
big you see how I said like turn the wrist 75,   Put your and put your thumbs up Palms up you know
those little things make the biggest difference so

You guys pay attention because I’m getting a lot
of little details that’ll really help you guys Warm up 10 to 15 minutes before any workout On shoulders make sure you use variations .

World Champion Shoulder Workout .

first working set it’s a light 25 pounds I always try to gauge where my energy
is at by the first couple exercises if   I feel like the first set I can
do more than I thought I could,   I know it’ going to be great
the workout is going to be great I got about 25 reps so that
means I’m feeling good today   So this is the first set I’ll probably do
like three or four sets here all right in   Field 25 fatigue after that either so
I’m gonna try to push a little bit more I’m gonna probably get up to
30 or 35 and just go to failure I have a number in my head and
I shoot for that but I go to a  .

Failure so if I try to shoot for like 25
I’ll try to get as close to 25 as I can   Like here I just got 25 reps so I’m feeling
good today so we’ll push a little bit more 35 pounds I don’t go no more than 35 for
these exercises I just did 30 for 15 reps   So my goal is uh 20 but we got up to
15 so getting a little tired but the   Energy is still really good my strength is
still there it’s about 80 to 90 right now   We’re gonna keep pushing though we just started
you know we’re only about 30 percent into the   Workout so now it’s time to really
push it now we got to tap into the   That mentality The Savage mentality it’s
not monster mode anymore it’s Savage mode Now if you saw like my form was getting a
little compromised because I’m getting fatigued   So that’s when I stopped once you feel like
the form is getting compromised just stop Because it’s form over everything once you
start losing the form you’re gonna mistarget .

The muscle you’re gonna start targeting a
whole completely different muscle so you   Want to make sure we stay focused on the
shoulder keep the form 100 percent correct   And if not just stop it you’re done you’re
tired Let It Go recover and go back into it That was a heavyweight yeah I’m done here yeah
I’m done with the front raises I’m warmed up   I’m actually gonna get in some presses
now so yeah now we’re gonna really move Don’t arrive with a list
of sets and Reps to follow   Instead feel how your body’s working on the day When you feel the form is getting compromised stop We’re doing a Hammer Strength isolateral
shoulder press it’s one of my favorite exercises Now we’re into our compound movements
where we can now start beating up the   Muscle fibers tearing them up ripping them apart

So they can build back stronger with some
good food grow back stronger and bigger   So create a much stronger wider V taper on stage We’re gonna do weight now   So now we’re switching the weight oh yeah right
now I just did 20 with one plate so we’re going   To add on some more weight and the Reps will
start coming down so yeah now the fun starts The most I’ll get up to as far as
reps is probably seven or eight A lot of people, they like to do like 10 second
rest between says 30 second rest in between sets.   For me I want to give 100 percent in each set
so if it takes me one minute to rest to give   100 on that next set I’ll take a minute if
it takes 90 seconds to give 100 percent and   Then the next next set I give that time
but I don’t give too much time where the .

 Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders .

Muscle gets cold so I give myself enough time
where I have the energy back my breathing is   Controlled and I know I’m able to put in 100
percent if I’m not I’m gonna just keep resting I want to give 100 percent in
each set you guys remember that A young guy watching this
who’s a regular gym goer,   What can he take away from this workout
that he can use in his own workouts? I would say breathing control the more muscle
you have the more oxygen you need so no matter   What type of workout you’re doing always
control your breathing I promise you once   You control your breathing the first
three sets you will definitely be able   To get another three to four reps after
that so really focus on your breathing Okay, you guys watch me I’m – BREATHES –
I’m trying to get as much oxygen as I can   To really get that weight up keep that energy
high and go as much as far as I can in that set   So make sure you guys are controlling
that breathing it’s really important.

My goal was to hit 15. We got up to 12 I think 11 and a half 12. but my
goal is 15 so um it’s just like if you plan on   Going to the Moon you don’t shoot for the sky you
got to shoot for the stars so if I want to get to   15 I got to shoot for 20. come down come down come
down come down come on if I want to get to 12 I   Got to shoot for 15. so this last set I did, in my
head I wanted to get to 15 but we got to 12 which   Is good enough for me because I I’m fatigued and I
went to failure so I’m really happy with that set Now we’re going to flip it this is
the same machine bring the weight down   Put a little bit more pressure on the muscle The cool thing about this machine
check it out so you can face forward   But a lot of people don’t know you could actually
reverse and face the pad and go the other way So that’s going to put a
lot of pressure on the delt So it’s not a major difference what
I’m doing I guess I’m focusing more

On a different part of the delt, so if I’m
going back this way it’s more medial rear,   So when I flip it and I’m going
forward now with more medial front   So now I reversed it so now I’m hitting more front
delt and medial delt, keeping that pressure on Like we say it’s about those little details The final set time to push through. oh yeah Those times when those guys doubting me 80 to
90 of my career I was doubted I was an underdog So I remember those times man five
six years ago it’s almost like trauma   But it’s good trauma because I use it
and I do something positive with this That’s why I always remember those voices
where I was doubted, where I was hated on They all come into my head those last couple
reps and that’s what helps me finish the set We got to turn negativity into something positive Give yourself enough rest
to give 100 on the next set Breathe it’s controlled breathing to
keep oxygen flowing through the muscles And always turn negativity into something positive This machine is amazing I thought about doing a
dumbbell ladder raise but I’d rather stay here Lateral raise with the dumbbells
is kind of like um not very stable   So I like the stability of this machine
plus the the angles look how much it turns   The angle so you can get the right any angle that
you want to hit you can get it right and also you   Have the stability of the machine and you can
put it at any height and any width that you want Machines or dumbbells? It just depends depends on
the exercise this exercise .

For this specific machine I think this
is better than dumbbells for sure yeah But let’s say for like chest day if I were
to do like a dumbbell press I prefer to do   Dumbbell press than actual like a cable
press machine you know so it just depends   On the exercise but this one for sure
I love this machine for lateral raises I feel so much blood, I feel like there’s
just a bunch of blood flow in my shoulder It’s so pumped right now I almost can’t feel it It hurts I don’t feel anything that’s
the problem my delts are numb I feel fatigued but at the same
time I’m pumped I’m energized   Now, this is like we’re about
80 done with the workout How’s the mirror looking? Checking the symmetry so like
yesterday what I noticed by traps   Is a little bit low not where I I want
them to be in my in my head my vision  .

World Champion Shoulder Workout – Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders

So we’re actually going to work on some traps too
this is kind of like connected to the the delts   So that’s what I’m looking for I’m just checking
symmetry checking upon the vascularity and just   Really like uh like I said now I’m studying
I’m studying every day how can I beat myself   So you got to look at those little things the
traps the rear delts the biceps the triceps   How can I get better and better every single day   Compared to free weights machines offer .

stability so if the machine will do the   Job use it and creating the perfect physique
is all about the detail so aim to get every   Small detail balanced and in proportion stay
with us for three more tough exercises you   Really don’t feel like if my shoulders don’t
grow after this workout there’s a problem If you don’t grow after this exercises
you have a serious problem you guys Or you’re not eating enough So this one um a lot of people they
pull straight up what I’m actually .

Doing for this one I’m pulling the
bar forward and now I’m going upright   Thank you so that’ll focus on the
delts and not hitting the traps Yeah so this is for I would say medial
delts but it kind of sometimes it targets   The traps a little bit it’s more secondary
secondary is primary delts secondary traps   So I’m I’m transitioning into the
traps starting with the upright rows If you pull the upright row of the
bar straight up you can see my trap   Now it’s already been contracted
but if I pull the bar forward now   I’m taking my trap out of the game
and I’m focusing more on the delt So you want to make sure for upright rows
you pull the weight forward and then pull up We got a few more left to go a couple more sets   Upright rows then we’re gonna head .

Brandon Massive Shoulde

to traps and finish off the workout Make sure it warmed up because you
don’t want any shoulder impingement   You don’t want any shoulder injuries
it’s a very very easy muscle to injure So make sure you guys are warming up
properly and not over training the muscle   Make sure you train it with the right
form and don’t go crazy with the weight This is a great movement this hits rear
delts primarily secondary is the traps The key to this exercise you don’t pull
too high you don’t want to pull too low So I pull it right on my chest and then when I
pull right about three or four inches above my   Chest I split the cable what that’s doing
is Contracting the rear delts even more So you want to make sure you split the
cable right at the chest it’s that simple   But it’s a great exercise I’m at 85 pounds right now I’m gonna go
up to 100 might go out of like 110. so

Yeah you can put on a little bit
of weight for this one for sure That’s crazy we did so much just for
three heads it’s a little shoulder   A little muscle group like this the
shoulders you can do so much with it You can get really creative
with the shoulder exercises Oh yeah When you’re on stage you have to have a 3D look
you want to have 3D depth in your chest your   Back and your shoulder you want to make sure that
you have density in the front delts because you   Want to make the illusion that the chest and the
shoulders is coming forward and the waist is going   Back on the flip side of that the rare delts when
I turn to the back you want to make it as if the   Rear delts and the upper back are going towards
the judges and the waist is going towards the   Backstage so that’s the importance of having
density in the front delts and the rear delts   Um very important exercise for the red dots here Exercising primary rear delts secondary .

Shoulder Workout 

traps about 85 90 done with the workout It’s just as important to Target both the
front and rear delts for that full 3d look   And to use variations to Target
the muscles you want be creative This is mainly used for chest, I’m
using this one for traps and rear delts Key to this machine is making sure the elbows
are straight you don’t want to bend your elbows   The elbow straight so that you can focus
and keep the tension on the rear delt And you want to squeeze back as much as you can as   Far as you can to really hit those red
belts very basic machine but effective When I hunch over I’m allowing
my rear delt to stretch more I’m really just stretching the rear delt forward
so I can get more like literally two three more   Inches of range so I can hit the move properly
versus if I’m just straight up the range is   Kind of short so if I bend over I have more I
like two to three more inches of range foreign Honestly like I’m excited I love
the way my body’s feeling I love   .

The way it’s looking so far eight weeks out With the conditioning and the size and
shape that I have right now this is the   Best and honestly that I felt and
that I’ve looked at this point out So I’m really excited to so everyone so the world
what I’m bringing in eight weeks to Mr Olympia We’re doing shoulders today,
what’s your split across the week? It rotates so I start with Sundays
off, today I start with shoulders,   Tomorrow back, Wednesday chest, Thursday legs
and then I rotate back against the shoulders   Back chest Sunday off so it just
rotates every week so I don’t have   This I don’t train the same muscle
group on the same day every week

Also ABS I train ABS about four to five times a 
week the first thing the judges see as soon as you   Step on stage is the ABS the core the conditioning
so you have to make sure that’s strong especially   Men’s physique we’re only showing half of
the body so the first thing they’re going   To see is the ABS and the V taper so you got
to make sure those things are strong one more That was it that was the last set,   Finished shoulder exercise eight weeks out
from the Mr Olympia defending my title,   Thank you fit media channel and make sure
you guys go check out my YouTube also Brandon   Hendrickson TV I got a lot more information to
share with you guys on there, let’s get in there. World Champion Shoulder Workout – Brandon Hendrickson Shares Secret to Massive Shoulders

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