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Hip Thrusts: 4 Sets x 12-15 reps
Hack Squat:4 Sets x 12-15 reps
Leg Extensions: 4 Sets x 12-15 reps

Foreign [Music] S welcome back to my channel and today We are going to be taking you guys Through our workouts yeah we’re just Gonna get straight into this if you guys Are new to my Channel please don’t Forget to like comment and subscribe I’m Here today with Tamara and yeah I feel Like this video is going to be more of a Vlog so there’s not really much that I Can say Um first we started doing hip thrusts I Feel like we were both pretty sore and Tired because she had done legs a couple Days before and I did the same So yeah we’re starting off with four Plates on each side and then we ended up Doing three plates on each side so I Think from what I remember I think we Did three oh no we did four sets and Reps ranging between 12 to 15 I believe .

Also I want to make a quick note that I Feel like a lot of people when they Click on videos like how to grow their Butt or their legs and stuff like that They’re expecting these crazy workouts And honestly guys it’s just so simple Like we basically do hip thrust like Squats not even I don’t even remember The last time I did squats but it’s like Hip thrust Um deadlifts hack squat calves the only.


Difference is that we’re progressively Increasing and doing a lot of weight so Yeah I feel like anything else that you See like how to grow your butt or your Legs and stuff like that those aren’t Really the workouts you know you want to Do compound movements and isolating Movements but compound movements in my Opinion are just chef’s kiss   Thank you Foreign .

Foreign  Foreign Foreign Squat Um this hack squat machine we both Agreed we hate because for some reason This one just feels Super super heavy I was not a fan but we Still did it anyways I believe we did a Four sets and 10 to 15 12 reps I think I Honestly don’t remember but you can Count it when you’re watching this Vlog But yeah um it’s just you can find some Hack squats or even like presses or even Some machines you just find that it’s a Little bit heavier and I think it has to Do with the gravity or the angle that

The machine is at if that makes sense But anyways yeah Let me down Foreign   Thank you Thank you  Foreign Thank you [Music] Next we are doing kind of Jesus Christ Look at Tamara’s freaking quads but next We’re doing basically Um deadlifts I honestly hated this Machine but it’s I would have preferred to just have done Um regular rdls or just deadlifts Um for those who follow me on Instagram You know that I dropped a dumbbell on my Finger so I couldn’t really grip and I Just hated this like the black plastic Stuff around this machine I just felt Like my hands couldn’t grip it but we Still did Um two plates and started off with one . WORKOUT VLOG TRAIN YOUR LEGS & GLUTES WITH US

Plate as you can see Um I think we did I did three sets I Believe because the angle of this Machine same thing it was okay like I Just felt it mostly in my lower back but Yeah we did it anyways [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Okay and this was our last exercise well It wasn’t really because they didn’t Have for some reason altea did not have A standing calf raise machine I don’t Know if you guys watch this video and You go to altea and they do have one Comment down below because we did not See one and for me uh you know a lot of People don’t know this but the reason Why it’s so hard for me to gain muscle And stuff in my calves is because I have Really weak ankles so like I hate seated Cap raises or I’ve got the other machine But just standing cap raises are the Only things that I can do but yeah I

Just I struggle to gain Muscle in my caps just because of that So it takes me 10 times longer which is Really annoying but anyways we did these And as you can see I was like not even Bothered we did three plates of this but Yeah she Tamara was so surprised but I Think we were just I was just like Through this workout I was so ready to Eat and tired but yeah for some reason There was no calf raising but yeah you Guys that was pretty much it for this Video you know like I said we’re not Doing any crazy crazy workouts and stuff Like that is really the basics Um if you really want to grow your Glutes it’s mainly hip thrusts rdls are Deadlifts Um hack squat you know for your quads or Like leg extensions and hamstring curls You know those are all the basics but Yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video and I hope to see you guys in my Next one I think the next video that I’m Gonna do is gonna be a Smith machine Workout I know I hate you guys know that I hate Smith machines but Um yeah so I hope to see you guys in . WORKOUT VLOG TRAIN YOUR LEGS & GLUTES WITH US

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