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Welcome back to my channel before we get Into this video please don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to see more Videos you guys I know it has been a Minute since I posted a video I’m going To be talking about why that has been Going I’m not really sure what I’m gonna Name this video but it’s gonna be kind Of like a vlog Style Type of video but Um the first thing we’re doing is just Warming up but yes you guys the reason Why I haven’t been able to record my Workouts lately is because the gym that I go to my regular gym it’s just so . WORKOUT VLOG | TRAIN LEGS WITH ME AFTER TAKING TIME OFF

Compact I go to a good life as you can See it is so Compact and small and busy And it’s just hard to like record in These spaces and like the best spaces Are outside of downtown or like and like Downtown there’s this big gym it’s Called altea and I feel like I’m gonna Change my membership because it’s just So annoying I can’t record like for me Personally I have to keep in mind like Other people being in the frame Um and I obviously want people to feel Comfortable like I don’t know how to Blur people’s faces and so it’s Like frustrating but Yeah anyways before we get into oh sorry.


After Stretches I’m going straight into hip Thrusts Um I forgot how many sets I did but I’m Gonna write on the screen how many and Honestly when I first started like I was Feeling so tired overall this workout I Would rate it as a four because I’ve Definitely had way better workouts I Started off by doing four plates on each Side and then I did five plates and then I think after a few sets though I was Feeling better than when I first did it Because I easily do four plates on each Side for like 15 reps so it was annoying.

And for me I’m the type of person like If I can’t lift what I regularly left it Just irritates me so much and sometimes It can make me have a bad workout but Usually I can just push through and then Have a good workout Thank you Okay and next we have deadlifts I Looking back now I honestly wish I

Didn’t do barbell I wish I did Um dumbbell our deals instead But it’s whatever Um again this workout was just like okay And same thing with the two plates Normally I easily lift two plates like My last workout okay I feel like the Reason why is because I just didn’t eat .

The best Um and then no my knee just posing oh And also everybody well my friend I saw My friend in the gym and she was Complimenting me and telling me that my Butt looks and my legs look way bigger So I was really happy about that but um Anyways what was I saying Yeah overall this workout was just okay Like even the two plates normally I do This so easy And it was just I was struggling but Honestly I feel like the takeaway from This video a workout is still a workout Whether you do it or not you’re still Progressing Towards Something better But usually this is what typically Happens like I have a really good Workout where I feel strong and Everything and then the next workout I Feel if it depends on how far apart they Are but yes I feel like now I’m rambling Foreign


Watch My Generation And then next we are doing reverse hack Squat even with the reverse hack Squad I Wanted to do cable squats instead but Somebody was already using the machine And I was annoyed but I was like okay Let me just do this workout Thank you Oh my God I don’t even know how to say Honestly because I feel so weird usually This is what happens when I don’t post a Video in a long time I don’t know what .

To say like this whole thing just feels New to me but bear with me all I’m going to change gyms okay because This is unacceptable Foreign [Music] And then next we have Um leg extensions I was even mad because okay so I did Four sets of these I believe and I Couldn’t record it because it started Getting busy and where this machine is Everybody’s always walking by but yeah Anyways you guys I need to figure my Life out and just get a new gym because This whole good life thing it’s not Working when I was making videos the Most and being consistent it was like at LA Fitness or like other commercial not. WORKOUT VLOG | TRAIN LEGS WITH ME AFTER TAKING TIME OFF

Commercial like other gyms you know like Legit I need to find myself like ah I Don’t know I’m sorry y’all I’m all over the place But the best gyms are all out of Downtown and I don’t have a car so I’m Not like I’m gonna go all the way there but Anyways after that I did calves after Calves same thing was busy and I could Only record one thing And I’m squishing my butt to do calves Um I know my caps are super small but For caps I did four sets Um but yeah I really hope you guys enjoy This video I’m sorry guys this is more Of like a vlog workout with me I know It’s been a minute since I worked out so I’m just trying to get back in the Groove of things I love you guys so much And I hope you enjoyed this workout even Though it was like meh for me and I hope To see you guys in my next video ciao . WORKOUT VLOG | TRAIN LEGS WITH ME AFTER TAKING TIME OFF

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