Will I Lose Muscle Mass If I Jump Rope?

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  1. Hi now this may be not the right forum for raising a question that what to take before jumping rope for having energy throughout the workout as I am presently taking a strong cup of coffee before every jump rope workout and I think this works but if if I want to energize myself naturally then what needs to be done?
    Also, at present I am doing 10 min non stop jump rope then 5 min non stop jump rope and then jump rope mix with body weight Hindu push ups and Ram Murti push ups with squats.
    Can you please help me with the energy part?

  2. Hi, First of all I love your videos. Thanks for these amazing Content. I am 27 year old and trying to losse weight.I loose around 500 calories by exercising daily. How much my calorie intake should be to stay heathy? TIA

  3. In a unique incident, a woman from Zhenjiang province in China made her daughter do 3000 skips with ropes a day to make her taller. She made her daughter do so much exercise with skip ropes that the girl's knees are in danger.

  4. Im a beginner boxer and I jump rope at least 15-30 minutes a day, I’m willing to sacrifice gains to master my technique but I’d love it if I didn’t have to

  5. Nope definitely not I’ve been loving the fact that a lot of my muscle had been showing ever since I’ve learned how to string double unders with my 2lb rope I call 'Raven' and being that I am 5'8 197.7 lbs I’ve lost so much weight I’d say 30+ pounds and can’t wait to see what I will look like at 180-185lbs as if everything works I wanna go on stage at that weight

  6. I jumped rope 30 total minutes a day (with rest in between) and lost a ton of BOTH fat AND muscle. For me jumping rope significantly reduced my muscle mass but I was also doing it 5-6 days a week. Made my muscles look really flat too. As far as health it was great, it strengthened my cardio and my blood pressure went to normal. It's the best fat burning cardio if you want to lose weight fast… but definitely burns a lot of muscle too!!

  7. Can I jump rope morning 30min and go gym evening with 6 hour gap from skip and gym
    Can it also cause muscle loss and as we are doing everyday muscles doesn't get rest
    Like it I had my" leg day "but I need rest for recovery as we do skip rope can it be a problem for muscles tp grow without rest pls reply anyone

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