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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Today's video why you should not lift Weights how much how much were you Weighing at that time uh 350 350 pounds What do you mostly do Calista so Weightlifting One more 15 burpees real quick how you feeling Bro okay Targeted immediately not next week not In two months he's feeling results Happening right now This beautiful day and this YouTube Channel of course this is Broly Gaines And this is my guy right here we got go Pump AKA don't smash my girl just smash The dislike button for me thank you very Much and we have a special guest today Andre my guy Andre in the building don't Kill them Andre what's your social media They can follow you stay creative 96 on Instagram I like that stay creative mind And mentality it matches I like this guy Man I met him a couple of months ago in The gym At least today's video at least in Today's video which we're going to talk About why you should not be lifting Weights I'm not saying waste Is Not a Bad Thing guys but as for at least when You're starting your journey of workout Journey you calisthenic Journey because You want to build your body up Just like my guy did when did you start Your calisthentic journey oh when did

You start your workout Journey you know I'll get August from last year I started And I started out lifting weights Because I wanted to be able to be able To be calisthenics but I couldn't do it So I started off putting weights to Build up the muscle and everything Started fasting water fasting drinking a Lot more water cut out all the junk food You know what I'm doing right now how Long were you how did how long did you Start a few weeks for uh how long were You looking away so when you started uh Started like on October October October So before I'm just a party he was just Doing a lot of cardio and start lifting Weights now how much how much were you Weighing at that time uh 350 350 pounds Now I wouldn't recommend anyone that's 350 pounds or even more or close to 300 Pounds to be starting off their Journey With lifting weights why because you're Already strong the fact that you're Already walking around as big as you are With that weight you're lifting that Every single day on the regular whether You're going wherever you're going Walking outside whatever your movement Is for that day okay you just lifted how Much it was all right 350. you just Lived at 350 on the regular naturally What you need to do now is the fact that You have that strength you need to cut Down your body percent of fat so that

You gain the muscles so that now with That strength translating to whatever Say you now you weigh how much you weigh Um So say now you weigh 200 pounds and You're usually 350. guess what you're Going to be doing with your body Everything muscle ups you're gonna be Doing sit-ups in the air people will be Like yo how you how you doing that how You holding yourself So you don't understand what I mean by Learning calisthenics first especially If you're going to go on your journey Now he has started off now he's been Working with us for a little bit much Pounds so far uh since October last week Myself My guys lost 50 pounds and his main Exercises is uh cardio and um the Exercise Um check out that video guys where with The with the straight bar I do a lot of Different a different full body exercise With just a straight bar so he not only Incorporates compound exercises which is Weighted calisthenics which which he's Already at his weight plus he does Cardio as well so this is how on one of The fastest way to lose weight Yas sauce On the treadmill right there first thing First I ran one mile every single day I Don't care how I feel if I'm gonna work Out meditation

And um running Ben you ran one mile today I definitely need to do that more Um because I need to up my stamina and I Know the um the stamina is gonna hate to The endurance so definitely I recommend That that's one that's one of my Um Um I'll say weakness right now that's What that's one of the first things that You need to do is cardio after the Cardio let's talk about what you need to Get into next How you feeling bro that's my guy right Here Oh yeah yo so I'm gonna show you what You gotta do first Now after you do your cardio if you Can't do a pull-up it's all right Don't feel your prize shatter it's okay Get to the ground What we gonna do is know what we did Burpees If you're gonna do some burpees feel me Joining us too right 15 burpees Are you ready bro Yeah Now we're gonna have a beginner version Of burpees I'm gonna do in the little Advanced version of burpees and Hopefully bam joins in on whatever he Wants to do because then it's not trying To reverse today but we're gonna have a

Little twist to it right so y'all ready You guys in the 15th birthday estimated For 15. Four three Two yeah Come on Let's go One The beginning Let's go You don't need a jump Oh let's go Let's go six We've got tickets on we got this breathe Let's go Yeah Seven let's go Hey Get that man come on let's go let's go Gotta Go With It Let's Go Let's go nah nah let's go go come on we Almost stay We almost there yo yep Let's go babe Let's go 11. let's go As well Dirty Come on Let's push it yes yes Let's go yes Let's go two more Ready three Continue let's go

Nice 14 One more Let's go Come here 15 burpees real quick how you feeling Bro I like it now look around in the gym Real quick There's no one working there's no one Sweating it's quiet You say it again A targeted immediately not next week not In two months you feel the results Happening right now you feel me now if You I'm sorry now if you can't do Pull-ups now Burpees is essential when you can't do Pull-ups you want to stick to groundwork Planking Plank while I do this well I showed them Some examples of different planks Thinking guys notice how he has his his Core up in the air so that's what you Want to focus on having your core Spend it in the air and then when you Um have mastered the plank for at least A minute You can add different type of movement Which helps to sculpt your abs in Different ways working on the bike Working on the bottom of your abs no Obliques come to the side come to the Side yep There you go there you go yep just like

That put your foot together reassemble Yourself it's okay there you go there You go The groundwork it's essential it's Needed Different times Doing different type of reps while Planking Engaging your ads in different ways put It while having tension on it will Sculpt your abs you know me You can even prank in the push-up Position Let's go I'm gonna see you right now Uh three I mean 294 pounds now imagine when he's he's Holding his planking himself imagine When he's 200 pounds You ready guys three two one Groundwork beautiful Let's get to the Pull-Ups Where are you feeling that of course oh Cool already we attack cardio And we attack core first Now we work on the other muscle groups Someone knew I was coming over here Let me show you a proper Pull-Ups All right scratch that guys let me tell You any and every pull-up is proper First of all let's go through the basics Of compound exercises we've got the the The Fundamentals pull-ups push-ups dips and Squats this is how we're gonna smoke

That bodies today I'm gonna show you What a pull-up is We'll put it like this Because you don't have the strength to Be able to pull up all the way yet go Put it like this Staying in the negative which causes More resistance to your muscles and in Turn will help it grow even bigger or to Pull up like this Which will also engage even more muscle Groups sculpting out your shoulders your Lats even your traps yes goals feel me So it's compound exercises like these That work on different muscle groups That helps not only because a lot of People do backs they do legs they do Arms stick your shoulders on separate Dates this is working everything down One day But guess what guys It doesn't stop there We go we got close like this Film it Isometric holes as well isometric pulls Just pulling and holding time and Attention Or slow pulls Causing hypertrophone which also expands Your muscles for you to be able to gain Mass I don't know my brother look at Bam Bam right here Bim how how many years in Your life have you been working out yes It is how many years of that of that

Have you been doing conventional Weightlifting Zero What type of weight lifting do you do Weighted calisthenics oh this is Basically add more weight for resistance Basically waiting pull-ups push-ups Why does he does this why why do you Think he do this why do you think he Does this because guys look at his body Because he has mastered the standard Basic uh movements of calisthenics to Pull up the push-up to the center squats Now let's go on when you measure you Pull up you'll be able to go ahead Little things like that monster locks Front levers back levers a whole bunch Of Tricks kind of snakes never stop but Then let's get let's break it down to The ground back again We got push-ups guys Why do people sleep On New on these things right here man Please That was an incline position By the way guys this is a push-up right Here go ahead just showing the pressure Look how many months come on Castle go Go around and around look how many Muscle groups is working guys We're good And now his legs lower back you've been Wrong to the gauge it come through So guys do an animal push it real quick

Okay Boom this is a full body workout right Here because now he's engaging legs so He's killing his upper body and by Squatting down like that Now he engages his legs they call him Mike Tyson push-ups But it's really called the animal Push-up animals I'm gonna have my Brother here come through And if you guys can't do a push-up bit So he's going in you can't do a push-up There is no excuse for anybody to not be Able to do a compound workout see that's The problem with a lot of people they're Like yo calisthenics is too hard so I'm Gonna go lift weights now you're Supposed to do these before you start Listening put your knees on the ground Guys knees on the ground yeah knees on The ground Right here Now this is what you're supposed to be Doing if you can't you will push it up Yet and also we have this get up You have the easier version too between Garlic on an elevated surface yeah come Over here bro Right here working on different muscle Groups when the ground tires you out the Muscles are too fatigue you come up top It's so much easier see let's go These work the same this is a this is The same way I like just doing it

Actually this actually works different Other this actually engages other muscle Groups not active on the ground because You're in a different angle each angle That you hit Yeah So like I could do a push-up right and my elbow Flares backwards right which affects my Tricep more And my back or I could flare my elbows Out towards here to my sides whereas now My chest gets affected more And my triceps of course So there's different angles you can hit Diamond push-ups So shoulders and upper chest There's a many different variations of Push-ups before you can say that you've Mastered the push-ups so I don't know Why people get so tired of it but pull Up push-ups come on guys what's next Of course it's a marriage Before you beginning to live it's like a Menazzie twice going on with the pull up The push-up because they marry and we Got the dips so okay yeah We got a straight ball did of course Which Guys How much numbers you do doesn't matter It's going it's going to your muscles Boutique all right come over here Whoa

Feel me let me go get we're gonna get Even down to the beginner version of the King lift your whole body up come two Right next to me Brody Right there Ready No Let's go there you go There you go There you go that's it Perfect perfect Technique It'll work and look see his arms already Changing He's getting results right now look at That it's awesome right now realize You could be on that machine right there All day and you have no changes for Three to five years after that and You're still on that machine And now guys The best thing was mostly a lot of men Always Always forget To do legs I don't know why and watch The screen right here I guarantee you Probably she's doing legs Look at her that's the thing about guys And women in the gym that's the Difference then I'm skipping like that Women are doing legs all the time oh Gosh [Music] Regular body spots so we make a

Combination of body spots combined in That right but watch this not going into The positive staying in the negative Right helps to carve your legs you could Do a certain amount of reps combining That just like you combine the pull-up Push-ups and the dips with the other Movements that you can do with your legs Like lunges Jump squats An even child right there which is Cardio And as you can see legs as well causing My legs out that's another thing I'm Doing a lot of squats say it again Squats party on squats when I first Started I started especially as a man Affecting testosterone especially as a Man this will affect your testosterone Which will cause change he has lost 50 Pounds y'all check out the videos check Out his um uh check out the future to See check out the future video to see How this results is as he continued to Lose weight shout out to my guy Andre Man On Instagram uh YouTube same thing uh Yeah that's what you find me a word and Look he had a whole workout right there He's good for the rest of the day you Feel me yo make sure I go follow my God Then yo guys y'all see it man stay Consistent that's the most important Part you could work hard today you can

Work hard tomorrow but can you keep Working hard day after day after and day After the day after that's the question Right there man my guy is consistent That's why he's getting results that's Why he lost 50 pounds do you ever have Days that you feel like you don't want To go to the gym you feel off like That oh last one three days three days Last week I wanted to go five But you still win I still went but you Know just 30 minutes a day 24 hours in a Day you got 30. you guys consistency Beats hard work and talent every time You don't need to lift weights when you Do need to lift weights is when you Start seeing your muscle groups in a way Where as a scope just like Bama or mine Yep then you can start lifting weights If you want to be able to gain mass or Strengthen your bones and tendons that Weights are not bad for you I'm not Saying is bad for you yes Um you definitely want to incorporate Weights because it will help your Tendons it will help your bones but you It will be you'll get a lot faster Results if you do it in this fashion Because as a baby grows up the baby does Calisthenics and learns to lift things So a baby would never come off the Ground If it never did calisthenics so just Like that guys we got to take it back to

The origin take it back to the basics to Be able to build our bodies first thing First eating right our meals y'all see That um what we ate before this tell me The uh vegan vegan wrap veggie wrap Right here that we had beautiful right Give me the nice carbs good amount of Proteins had some beans in it a brown Rice spinach Avocados a spinach wrap came here I had Two bites and then later on I'm gonna Have two more bites and that's the whole Meal for today The lighter the light of them how much Meals do you eat today A drink of water today Yeah and he's getting results whereas a Lot of guys out here I'm gonna give you an example guys I Ain't gonna front y'all because I've Been to this gym for years it's probably My third year now in this gym and you Feel me yo bro just watch us yo bro yo Brody the Brody How long you know me now About like two years two years I've been Coming to the gym right in two years You've been coming to this game Feel me what do you mostly do Calista so Weightlifting Mostly Feel me but you see that's my car I've Known him for like two three years and He goes to this gym I've been in here

You feel me this is the home Feel me so guys I'm trying to tell you Guys as you can see You don't need to lift weights We need to do calisthenics master your Body weight as you can see the muscle Groups like his muscles are starting to Pop out yeah it's starting to feel it Feels good though As it pop out more and more so we can Scope yo go to the gym and pick up some Weight five pounds lightweight don't go Heavy you don't even need heavy weight Five pounds will kill you your whole Body but shouts to you guys man make Sure you don't forget to smash that like Button smash that subscribe button yo Smash man pants girl don't smash my girl Man just smash the Subscribe button Smash the like button smash the share Button smash everything except for my Girl don't Smash Bros you don't kill me Make sure you're gonna follow my guy Andre's uh Instagram and his YouTube Guys Say it what is your profession Foreign I am the answer to all living things That cry out for peace I am protector of The innocent I am the light in the Darkness I am true

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