What Makes: A Healthier Ramen Recipe

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Ramen is often thought as a dish that is bland and lacking in nutrition. Robb Seltzer from the Rosen College of Hospitality and Management is here to provide two delicious and budget friendly meals for any college student.

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Intro with Robb Seltzer | 00:00
Preparing the dish | 01:13
Plating the dish | 05:41

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  1. Its because they spend all their money on $9 coffees and $11 craft beers vs buying chicken, brown rice, dried beans, and fresh milk. Cooking healthy can be easy and cheap… but its not for the lazy.

  2. its not really healthier when adding that packet full of sodium on top of the canned veg sodium. Id probaby use half packet and frozen veg if i was on a budget

  3. I'm surprised you are talking about the ramen being a healthier version and yet you still add the seasoning pack that comes with it. That is where the extremely high sodium component begins. The start of you making it unhealthy. You lost me there.

  4. Ok so adding can food makes it healthy? Sorry I just don't see how would that have been different from adding the packet.. It's the packet the noodles come with that makes it unhealthy.

  5. Throwing the seasoning that came with the noodles negates the main purpose of why im trying to get back to ramen. I don’t want hypertension but I love noodles. There is so much sodium in one tiny packet it’s ridiculous.

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