What Happens If You ONLY Eat Carbs for 14 Days

Check out this long list of things that could happen if you only consumed carbohydrates for two weeks.

0:00 Introduction: What happens if you only eat carbs
0:32 The dangers of carbohydrates
4:30 Signs of a protein deficiency
5:05 Signs of a fat deficiency
6:28 Top problems of high-carbohydrate diets
7:50 Vegetarian and vegan diets
10:35 Learn more about the best healthy diet!

The average American consumes 65% of their calories in the form of refined carbohydrates. Today we’re going to talk about what would happen if you only ate carbs for two weeks.

Leaving important things out of your diet, like protein and fat, and only eating refined carbs can lead to various health problems.

Symptoms of a protein deficiency:
• Apathy and depression
• Lethargy
• Poor memory
• Sleeping problems
• Diarrhea
• Flaky skin
• Edema
• Muscle loss
• Immune problems
• Problems with DNA repair
• Hair loss

Symptoms of a lack of high-quality fat in the diet:
• Cognitive problems
• Hormone problems
• A lack of bile salts
• A deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins
• Dry hair
• Dry skin
• Weak ligaments
• A lack of collagen
• Problems with the vascular system
• An increased risk of aneurism
• An increased risk of stroke
• Immune problems
• Mood problems

If you only consume carbs, you’ll also raise your insulin, potentially leading to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and dementia. You will also have difficulty absorbing nutrients.

Consuming a lot of sugar and refined carbs can lead to a vitamin B1 deficiency. It turns out that vitamin B1 is protective against the collateral damage of a high-carb diet. Animal products are also important in supporting a healthy body.

Check out my other videos to learn more about consuming a low-carb diet to support your health.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the dangers of carbohydrates and what would happen if you only consumed carbs for two weeks. I’ll see you in the next video.

You know I want to talk about what would Actually happen to your body if you were To only eat carbohydrates for about two Weeks and of course when you eat food it Never comes in one thing it always comes With a little bit of protein a little Bit of fat things like that there’s Nothing in nature that comes just as a Pure carbohydrate what’s interesting is That an average person at least in the United States consumes roughly 65 Percent of their calories in this form Refined carbohydrates now as far as Looking at any research on this it’s Very difficult to find research simply Because there isn’t any who’s going to Volunteer to only eat refined Carbohydrates for any period of time However there’s some other data that we Can take a look at there are certain Prisoners of War From the second world war that were only Fed white rice for example and there’s Data from Japan in the late 1800s where A good portion of the population was Consuming a tremendous amount of refined White rice they did not eat the whole Brown rice right they polished it with Certain machines and so they took out The outer portion and that led to a lot Of problems now what’s interesting about White rice is that you have a very Concentrated carbohydrate food there’s Not a lot of protein there’s not a lot

Of fat there’s a lot of starch okay and That starch is going to turn into sugar Really quick first when they notice a Big problem when they went to this Polished rice a lot of people were Getting sick especially in the military Especially in the Navy and they noticed That they had several problems with People okay they had Problems with the edema and swelling They had problems with lack of appetite They had problems neurologically they Started having numbness and tingling and Pain in their feet and their hand to the Point where they went paralyzed and then Eventually the heart gave out and they Ended up with a cardiac arrest a heart Attack and that was called berry berry Okay which is a severe B1 deficiency That originated from this polished rice Now you can also get berry berry Otherwise from drinking a lot of alcohol They tried to solve this problem for Quite a few years until one doctor was Able to help solve this in the early 1900s where they fed these Sailors Barley and some meat and now first they Thought it was a deficiency of protein But it wasn’t until later after they Discovered vitamins that they found it Was a B1 deficiency but to describe this Condition called berry berry you have Wet berry berry and you have dry berry Berry wet berry berry involves the

Cardiovascular system them your heart You’re going to experience a lot of Edema and swelling in your legs you’re Going to experience an increase in pulse Rate okay you’re going to experience Cardiomegaly where your heart enlarges Which is very very dangerous dry berry Berry involves the nervous system and it Shows up in the feet in the hands Numbness extra pain and then paralysis And because of lack of B1 affects the Nervous system out of all the different Systems and the vagus nerve is one of The biggest nerves you’re going to have A lot of digestive problems you’ll have Constipation you’ll have a loss of Appetite I mean even that vagus nerve Without the B1 can’t make hydrochloric Acid and so if you were to just put Someone on a white rice diet they Probably would not last One to two months before they had a Heart attack now this is all dependent On the person’s genetics how much Nutrition they have built up and of Course what else they ate the point is That when you eat only carbohydrates There’s a lot of health problems that Are going to occur let’s talk also about The lack of protein right in refined Carbohydrates when someone consumes Refined grains or sugars without the Protein Source because typically plants Do not have the same quality protein as

Animal protein and so there’s always Going to be a problem with protein in General amino acids in its Bioavailability and its ability to turn Into body tissues and we need a Sufficient amount of protein for our Bones our muscles our nerves but more Importantly our immune system is Dependent on protein and then our DNA is Dependent on protein all the enzymes in The biochemical Pathways need protein Without that quality protein wow you’re Going to have ulcer sorts of issues so Let me just run down a list of protein Deficiency problems okay number one Apathy depression your mood is going to Tank you’re going to feel lethargic You’re going to be tired chronically Your memory is going to go you’re going To have a hard time sleeping you’ll have Diarrhea flaky skin you’ll have a lot of Edema you’ll have muscle loss and like I Said before your immune system is going To suffer you’re not going to be able to Fight off infection you’ll have problems With repair of DNA which leads to cancer And all sorts of other issues other than That you might be okay oh except for Some hair loss you will lose your hair Now let’s also talk about a lack of fat Okay so if you’re doing all these Carbohydrates without high quality fat And I’m talking about saturated fat Cholesterol fats that include the

Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA which your Brain desperately needs and by the way Your brain is about 60 percent fat okay So if we start to cut down the fats in The diet and let’s say we do carbs and Protein but we go lean protein and we Don’t add enough fat boy you’re going to Have other problems because we need These fats for our hormones we need fat To make bile salts to help you digest Fats we need fats to extract our fat Soluble vitamins vitamin A D E K1 K2 so Some of the fatty acid deficiency Symptoms would be dry hair okay and dry Skin your ligaments will be very very Weak your collagen in your joints will Be insufficient so you have a lot of Arthritis you’ll even notice that your Vascular system okay which is made out Of protein will suffer so you’ll have Spider veins red eyes you’ll be Susceptible to getting an aneurysm and Even a stroke because we need the Strength of that vascular system and we Need fats to build up hormones that keep Our mood up for example if you don’t Have enough fats you’ll probably be Depressed and your immune system will Greatly suffer and then the other thing About consuming a pure carbohydrate diet Is you’re going to just jack up insulin All day long and that is going to lead To insulin resistance really quick and Now we have a problem with absorbing

Fuel absorbing nutrients all the Nutrients that you need to get healthy And we get metabolic syndrome symptoms And you get diabetes type 3 which is Dementia now I want to Circle back into This B1 deficiency because one way to Create a vitamin deficiency especially a B1 deficiency is to consume a lot of Sugar and refine carbohydrates it Doesn’t necessarily have to be refined Rice because you need Vitamin B1 to Metabolize Sugar and carbohydrates so what’s going To happen they’re going to start getting Subclinical B1 deficiency symptoms and By the way just because we’re on the Topic of B1 B1 is very protective Against a lot of the damage from a high Carbohydrate diet one great remedy that I always recommend for people if they’re A diabetic and they have high sugar is Benphotamine which is a type of B1 that Can protect the person against all this Collateral damage that’s occurring Because they have high sugar now of Course it’s not going to fix the blood Sugars but it will Minimize the symptoms of being a Diabetic now since we’re on the topic of Carbohydrate okay if you are on a Carbohydrate diet which is basically a Vegan diet or a vegetarian diet and you Have lesser amounts of protein it’s Possible to do that healthily but you

Really need to know what you’re doing Our bodies were developed from consuming Fatty meat our genetics are totally Based on hunting animals and of course There was times where we ate plants as Well because we pretty much ate anything That was available but our bodies were Designed to metabolize animal products And you can look at it from another way As well okay when you start cutting away Animal products right and you’re doing More carbohydrates or plant-based it’s Much more difficult to get the key Nutrients like B12 B12 is mainly made From animal products you also have zinc High quality zinc comes from red meat in Animal products then you have omega-3 Fatty acids right it comes from fish oil And I’m not saying that you necessarily Have to eat those now I’m just saying That if you are sick if you have Weaknesses within your genetics okay if You have problems within your digestive System It’s going to be very very difficult to Get healthy going on a plant-based diet In fact if you take someone with GI Problems people with genetics that don’t Allow them to digest gluten for example Oh my goodness they go plant-based They’re going to tear up their stomach I Mean even polymorphism for vitamin A Because now you can’t convert Beta-carotene which is in all the plants

To the active form of vitamin A which is Retinol which is in egg yolks it’s in Liver and other animal products And then you might think well I’ll just Go ahead and take a supplement well if You take a synthetic supplement you’re Not going to have the same effects but It’s possible to do and I’m not saying Don’t do it I’m just saying it’s much Easier with animal products the more gut Problems you have the more carnivore you Need to be as well okay now I’m not just Talking about eating lean steak I’m Talking about the healthy version of the Carnivore diet organ Meats Seafood fish eggs a good amount of fat With that protein and there’s also a Huge wide range of nutritional factors In animal products as you go from grain Fed to grass-fed to grass-fed grass Finished but overall the point is that If you’re going to try a carbohydrate Diet you’re going to not do well Health-wise you cannot survive on a pure Carbohydrate diet for too long now for The correct information on what diet to Be on to promote health I put that video Up right here check it out

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