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Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign Good morning everybody so you saw me get Ready you saw me go to the gym and now We are on set with the Evolve you team So yesterday we had a strategy day and Essentially what we do is we bring the Company together all departments they Look at what each other has achieved we Welcome any newbies such as Gemma here Gemma is our new head of social at Evolve you and we just go for the entire Year everything we achieved everything That we want to achieve this year and How we're going to do it so it's super Exciting but also one thing I really Wanted to do for both companies was also For individuals to get their picture Taken this I don't know if this is like My OCD but nothing I hate more than Looking at evolve use LinkedIn and Everyone's got different pictures so When I sat the team down I was like can We just all get like everyone's pictures Redone trust me they were all excited For it before anyone says you're control Freak no one wanted to change their DP Everyone wanted to change their DP right

Say hi everyone to my Vlog It's me this is our mama jar this is our Athlete manager at worldview who deals With all our trainers Hannah so today I Have a podcast also with the lovely Bright she's inviting me to be on her Podcast today I normally don't really do Stuff like like that in the sense of I'm Normally like so busy and so tunnel Vision with honor and evolve you that I Kind of say no to everything but my team Sat me down and they were like Commercially speaking you need to start Showcasing yourself more as a Businesswoman so taking their advice and It's quite hard because I used to Obviously be a full-time Fitness content Creator that's what I used to do if you Guys have following me for a while you Know that that's exactly what I used to Do and now the roles have reversed so Much now I'm in the office Monday to Thursday Friday is a Content day whereas Before used to be Monday to Thursday was Content days and Fridays I've just pop Into the office but because my role has Drastically changed now I am 90 leader 10 content creator and I find it really Hard to adjust because I know I have to Upkeep my content but at the same time I Don't know what content actually we're Producing I don't know if I even enjoy Creating certain content and really Intruding my passion is building my

Brand and being creative and being the Creative director of both Brands that's What I truly believe I was meant to do That's why I've also been at Mia on YouTube because I'm really trying to Find my feet and trying to find what I Enjoy creating and I'm finding it really Hard right now so I hope that you don't Feel like I've abandoned you or you know I don't want to help you anymore that's Certainly what I want to do but I also Need to do what makes me happy and I Need to learn to say no and set Boundaries which I'm finding really hard To do because I don't want to let anyone Down sorry guys One to one emotional process Story story but I am like seriously Because before I used to only do content Creating and fitness content creating And now it's reversed so much and I'm Like I don't know what I should be doing Is Doing what do you guys have to do what You feel passionate about after that You'll keep wanting to do it yeah By the way one day I'll let you do my Makeup yeah please so we have this thing Out on our right to involve you I don't Let anyone do my makeup but myself and Then every mua gets so offended They're like how dare you like I can do Your makeup and I'm like thanks I want To enjoy doing my own makeup it gives me

Some sanity and peace number two I know My face so I know what I want to like Chisel what I want to make look good Number three I've been scarred by muas Okay I love muas but I've been scarred And I'm just like I don't want to go Back there but I promise you can just Tell me the same no I tell you me and You've got a different relationship so I'd be up front with you yeah I don't Think you'd be upset I think I'll be Like let's redo it yeah you would keep Going until yeah until the day five Right next time I let you do it next Time please but I do love the way you do It anyway because I keep hiring you back Yeah that's a good sign so I have the Honor active new office floor plan here We are moving into a new office in the Spring April April and essentially this Is how much Booker do you think it is From our current triple the size more More four times the size five times the Size actually we just have that right Now each square is probably what this is Is what we have right now so we are Expanding like one two three four five Six so yeah four to five times the size So this is the floor mat right now and The structure you have the reception Area here that we are gonna put together A really nice waiting area and then You're gonna come through here we're Building a corridor because we want as

Many other people to use at the studio As possible so our sponsorship team can Use the studio for free my other brands Can and also we might lease it to other Brands as well so I'm just thinking Commercially we can benefit from this Studio and then we're going to have a Little changing area there and this area Here is going to be for shooting as well Over here is my office so I've always Wanted like my dream office which I've Always wanted over here is my financial Ops HR department so these lovely people Who I do with Do I deal with day-to-day right next to My office but this office will also be Used as a conference room as well it'll Be used for important meetings photo Shoots Etc so we've made it versatile You come over here you have your showers These toilets are all fitted new and They look so good showers toilets blah Blah blah this is the design team area And then over here you have the Marketing and customer support area as Well over here you have a bi-folding Door open conference room so we can have A really big Workshop there the kitchen Area which will have like an oven a Stove microwaves Etc big and shareable Eating areas but workable areas as well And then my pride and my joy the love of My life gym space This is what I've been waiting for since

I was born I'm convinced so this is the Big project that we're working on I'm so Excited for it we've allocated the Budget we have a moving in day we're Trying to work on some collaborations my Dream is for someone to come into honor Active be able to go to the gym make Yourself breakfast shower have their Locker room have really nice things and Really nice shampoos and conditioners And they just feel like it's their Second home well really their first time You spend more time at work so Their first home should feel absolutely Incredible so that's what I want to do And that's always what I've dreamed of So whilst I can be a bit of a difficult Boss at times I am very caring and Considerate in other ways Terry's like This is true so if you have any interior Design suggestions comment below and if You were working an honor what would you Want honor to provide you she doesn't Let anyone touch your makeup but But here we are just giving her a little Beauty blend hello welcome back to my Channel what are you using telephone Choosing a damn feeling inside therapy No product I just feel like my makeup Was so nice when I did it that time for You did it lovely yeah Yeah necklace did you see where those Pictures went out no one expected them I Saw that soup

It's a Sean Paul Cartier soup I saw it And I was like oh my God but this suit Is stunning I love it I want to try it On I was like what the it looks so on me because Nothing fits me like My body's so weird even with jeans it's Like tight at the thighs loose at the Waist it's weird so I've got it tailored And I've been dying to wear that suit For nearly six months I've had that suit And never worn it and I feel like it Would be a good little wedding like free Party it was the day after so remember When you get married Thank you [Music] I'm back home I'm back home with my mum Crown Leona do you want to be on my Video you are so sweet come say hi to All my friends online This is Leona my niece oh give me a kiss Oh thank you so much that was delicious Don't be shy are you tired Yeah can you tell them what you were Telling me Where who taught you that I beg you tell Me who taught you that yeah your cousin Yeah She goes to me Habibi come to the Dubai She's pushing me and I went who taught You that she goes my cousin beaten up Don't bite me guys this is what my Vlogs Could be like if I have kids can we just Take a moment this is what they feel

Like literally she's stuck in me Leona You remember what we said if you had Auntie auntie cries got everyone at Pasta and pizza Leona do you want some Food yeah She's going virgin [Music] The pasta is nice so I want to show you What we got everyone got some salmon Some greens some truffle fries this is Leonas and then in here We've got some I got you that bright so I got fresh trim shape up for the gram The fresh trim oh you look handsome Can't wait to go Barbados All right gone then So Bolognese what do you mean you want To cut it yourself you are practical for You my dad is so old school look at him With his bowl of wine he's like bread to Cut the pizza for me It is the next morning and in me and Brett I just want to show them your Shape up Good and tell them who did it it was an Albanian man that did his shape up since We moved to London he can't find anyone To cut his hair the way he likes it and The way I think he looks the best but Obviously whatever he wants and I don't Want to get too involved it's never Looked quite right and then yesterday You walked in the house and I was like Whoa I mean you saw it and he was like

Yeah an Albanian guy gave me my shape up If you didn't know I'm from Albania so I Was like you see you see we keep it in The family so his hair looks 10 10 for Holidays we're all packed we are going To Barbados yeah I need some water in my Flask because I will be I've had a urine Infection if you never know girlies Honestly it's like the it's most painful Thing you can go for as a woman is a Urine infection I'll say that until I Have kids and then we'll have another Conversation but I need to drink so much Water off to Barbados now I'm gonna Vlog In Barbados so I'll see you there and Thank you so much for watching I hope You've enjoyed it I just can't wait to Just have some sun on my skin because I'm just um cold we can't work like this Anymore it's too much right I'll catch You in passports No it's fine I can have the passports Double check what I've got the passport Okay catch you later [Music]

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