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The world of gyms is surprising! There are many people who work out and work out and barely develop a nice result. Others start eating with the certainty that they will gain mass… They gain, but that mass is not the healthy mass we are looking for so much, but a fatty mass.

Some foods can help us in our gains. Look at them there:


– Eggs are a great source of protein, each egg provides about 6 grams of protein of great biological value that is easily digested by the body.

– Chicken is the staple food for every athlete who wants to increase their muscle mass. In addition to offering excellent quality proteins, it is affordable for everyone and still tastes very good.

– Red meat is a protein-rich food and despite containing fat it is great for the organism. It also has mineral salts and vitamins. Choose a rump that has less fat.

– Take milk, because it has casein and whey and although its absorption is slower, it is excellent for increasing your mass. Do not use sweeteners or sugar, I prefer the natural one.


Among the champions are these

– Sweet potato assists in the loss of fats and still has healthy fats for the body. Bet on it.

– Brown rice has slower absorption, but it has fibers and vitamins.

– Oatmeal has protein and is still rich in fiber. Great request for your growth diet.

Maintain a healthy diet, prepare your food with olive oil and eat fish regularly.

Want to know how to lose weight with health and bite your belly? Do you want to assemble the sections that are under that layer of fat? So go to these links and follow our diet and also our training program and I guarantee that in 4 weeks you will be posting your results here.

Good luck!

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