Valeria Orsini – Beautiful Strong Body.

Valeria Orsini – Beautiful Strong Body.

Valeria Orsini has Colombian, Puerto Rican and Italian roots. She was born on January 19, 1990, her weight is about 52.2 kg, and her height is 160 cm.

At the age of thirteen, Valeria took up boxing. And then, in order to develop endurance and strength, she also began to visit the gym. This allowed her figure to acquire a pleasant outline. And when Valeria realized that fitness gives real results, she wanted to devote more time to it and try herself as an online trainer. Valeria Orsini – Beautiful Strong Body.

The girl decided to declare herself with the help of Instagram. At some point here, a scout from a modeling agency drew attention to her. He invited the girl to a photo shoot, and after her photo was placed on the cover of a popular magazine, she was simply inundated with job offers in the modeling industry. Moreover, Valeria started as a model for advertising swimwear and underwear. External data, without any doubt, allowed her to be successful in this role. But as a fitness model, she also turned out to be incredibly in demand. Over the past few years, she has collaborated with many brands related to sports and wellness. Plus, Valeria has graced, for example, the covers of such publications as Sports Illustrated, Fitness Gurls and Muscle & Fitness.

Valeria Orsini

and say hello friends All hi Valeria orsini built and fit fitness Divo with a gorgeous figure its physical beauty is hard not to admire Valeria Arsenii has Colombian Puerto Rican and Italian roots She was born January 19, 1990 her weight is about 52, 2 kg and height is 160 cm at the age of 13 years, Valeria took up boxing and then to develop endurance and strength has also been attending the gym this allowed her figure gain a nice outline and when Valeria realized that the fitness gives real results she wanted to give it more time and try himself as an online coach to declare himself with Instagram at some point here is noticed by a scout a modeling agency, he invited her to a photo shoot and after her picture was placed her winks, she winked at the beauty parade. Valeria Orsini – Beautiful Strong Body.

Valeria graced the covers of publications like Sports or Fitness Girls and Moscow and Fitness at the moment Arseniy is one of the most promoted fitness- In the world in the instagram of its subscribed to more than four million two hundred thousand people Valeria herself says the following I love to do my hair makeup and wear beautiful things, but Glamour has not changed my life and fitness has changed .

Valeria Orsini – Beautiful Strong Body.

Fitness has affected how I eat, how I look and how I feel moreover, thanks to fitness I am the best including as a model now I am always in great shape and ready to work in his Instagram girl pleases her fans a couple of very racy pictures and videos and of course there is a lot of fitness- In one of the videos Let’s say you can see how Valere is training at the stadium, running up the stairs stands doing push-ups –

exercises on the abs and in another video, she demonstrates three warm-up exercises to burn calories in meaning running in place with a high rise of the knees jumping with a separation of arms and legs and jumping rope in general Valerie trains from 5 to 6 times a week and she focuses on cardio exercises and workouts with weights also Valeria fond of martial arts and not averse to punching the punching bag in gloves in spite of her busy schedule She

finds time for jiu-jitsu and Thai boxing classes As for food, the main thing here, in Valeria’s opinion, monitor the quality of food and control the size of the pores arsine is well aware of the wrong diet reduces the effectiveness of training specifically her diet includes chicken meat chicken fish oats fruit with low glycemic index She tries to minimize the number of carbohydrates in particular does not eat sugar in general However Valeria has special days when she can try a dish not included in the usual diet unity.

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