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Before we get into this video this video Is sponsored by Ritual ritual symbiotic is a three in One Prebiotic probiotic and postbiotic That supports a balanced gut it uses two Of the world’s most clinically studied Strains of probiotics with 11 billion Cfus for Digestive support and one daily. UPPER BODY PULL WORKOUT | BACK BICEPS REAR DELTS

Capsule Essence with mint its delayed Release capsule is designed to help Reach your colon not your stomach an Ideal place for probiotics to survive And grow its moisture controlled Technology to protect probiotic strains So no Refrigeration needed it’s vegan Friendly without .

GMOs major allergens or Artificial colors symbiotic plus is also Made traceable showing you every Ingredient supplier and key studies that Go into their vegan friendly products Transparency is at the core of Everything ritual does from the way Nutrients are sourced to the Environmental impact of the materials Used to ship thousands of orders for Their Friday and Cyber Monday ritual is Offering you 40 when you bundle Symbiotic plus to get right on track Okay my love so this is a pull workout These every extra size that I include in This is pretty much all of my favorite


Pool Um exercises Please note this lap machine that I’m Using the machines don’t make a Difference the only I just use this one Just because The area of the regular one that most Gyms have everybody was just there and It’s kind of awkward with my camera so I Didn’t want to be there just.

Awkwardly I don’t know that’s why I just Haven’t really posted in a while it’s Just my anxiety with recording and like People staring and people being in the Camera is just it’s going too much the Gyms are just way too busy now but I’m Trying my best stay tuned and I mean Stay bear with me okay Anyways yes whole workout  I need it [Music] How the years go by  A little less 25. A little less little less searching for The moments We were late nights cause nobody seems To make the time .


Tomorrow , Late nights cause nobody seems to make The time And I don’t know I don’t know how to do This  Foreign  Okay guys bench presses or bench press Is not a pool Um exercise I just always like to do Bench press so I just fit all my upper Body days so I just figured just why not Include it Um and just make a note of it I highly Recommend you guys especially girls get Into bench pressing ever since I got Into bench pressing it’s just I don’t Know I don’t there’s just something Overpowering about it and I feel like a Lot of girls are intimidated with this Exercise because it’s a mainly a guy’s Exercise but I find that it’s helped Tighten up my like chest area you know You can’t grow your boobs with machines Or exercise it but it can give that nice Little lift and tighten but anyways That’s it for this video I really hope You guys enjoyed it see you in my next One .

Searching for the moments Inside A few late nights cause nobody seems to Make the time And I don’t know I don’t know how to do This . UPPER BODY PULL WORKOUT | BACK BICEPS REAR DELTS

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