Upper Body Day 💚

She in the gym tonight…. Smashing upper body with @evolveyou app, where you at ???

Hit that like ❤️ button if you’re not avoiding upper body cause you know it’s important and society loves to scare women into thinking lifting weights will make you bulky and look “too big” 👀 yeahhhhhhhh

WORKOUT: from strong program on evolve you app

✅ DB Press: 6-8 Reps 4 sets
✅ DB Chest Press: 6 reps 4 sets
✅ I did military press also: 12 reps 3 sets
✅ Lateral Raise: try it in the bench if you bounce too much: 12 reps 4 sets
✅ Weight Push up: 4 sets till failure


Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

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