Understand the cycle, care, side effects and how to take it

Anavar is the name used to market the anabolic known worldwide, which is made from Oxandrolone.

During the first years on the market, Oxandrolone was prescribed for the treatment of several infertility disorders and anemias and other types of disease, such as turner syndrome.

It is currently one of the most popular steroids in gyms.

It is widely consumed by athletes and also by women, as it is not very toxic to the body.

Because it burns fat quickly and provides greater explosive power for weight training and also because it provides muscle mass gain, it is preferred by both men and women.

Whey Protein Growth

What is Oxandrolone / Anavar?

Oxandrolone, or Anavar is an anabolic steroid, created in 1964 and still used today by those who want fast results.

It is currently marketed in capsules or chewable tablets and varying doses such as 10 mg, 20 mg or 30 mg.

Because it is administered orally, Anavar is metabolized by the liver in the first and second pass.

Its effects are almost immediate after ingestion, and remain with lasting action in the body, unlike other anabolic steroids.

The use of Oxandrolone is the choice for those who want defined muscles, with little or no subcutaneous fat.

Provides energy for high-impact anaerobic exercise and rapid increases in muscle density in response to weight-bearing activities.

what is it for the oxandrolone?

Anavar or Oxandrolone stands out when it comes to improving the muscle performance and increase endurance.

This is because they increase muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Another factor is to inhibit the loss or degradation of fibers, muscle tissues, and also to accumulate phosphocreatine necessary for the production of ATP or energy for muscle contraction.

It has action on the metabolism of stored fats, mainly on the abdomen fat, subcutaneous tissue and fat around the viscera, directly influencing weight loss

Producing that cut musculature aspect, or dry body.

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It acts on the central nervous system, increasing motivation and reducing the subjective feeling of fatigue.

It is mainly used to improve strength power, favoring the lifting of weights in the hardest phases of physical conditioning.

It acts mainly on the rectus abdominis and vastus lateralis muscles, defining that dreamy six-pack.

Oxandrolone also acts on the muscles of the legs, quadriceps femoris, gluteus, and calves.

Precisely because it reduces subcutaneous fat, it causes a younger-looking effect, which is why Anavar is highly sought after by women as well.

Its greater action is due to the immediate release of muscle phosphocreatine and ATP, a few minutes after ingestion, recommending that it be used right before training.

What are the benefits of oxandrolone?

The biggest benefit of Anavar is that it almost immediately increases the supply of energy for strength training.

Oxandrolone should provide other advantages:

# Intake is orally, which eliminates the need for needles;

# Quick supply of energy, in the form of phosphocreatine and ATP, for weight training and bodybuilding;

# Visible reduction of abdominal, visceral and subcutaneous fat and circumference with a “fat burner”;

# Increased motivation;

# Increased anaerobic endurance and power;

# Reduced risk of aromatization which is when testosterone, the base of most steroids, converts to estrogen;

# Little water retention (fluid retention), unlike many other steroids, the water retention caused by Oxandrolone is much less, with a lower risk of causing hypertension;

# Immediate strength increase;

# Increased resistance.


The anabolic in question works by increasing the supply of phosphocreatine and ATP to muscles that work strength and weight.

This makes training more productive with increased tolerance for more force and more repetitions.

Effects on muscle energy are almost immediate and long-lasting, so you burn fat even between workouts.

The changes in the body offered by Anavar can take a short time, being noticed in the first few weeks of use.

And, they remain durable between cycles, if a balanced diet is maintained.

Oxandrolone is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and excreted mainly in the urine in the form of metabolites and unchanged drug.

Anavar is different in that it has a low affinity to bind to androgen receptors and also does not bind to the sex hormone globulin.

Whey Protein Growth

Thus, the substance remains free in the body in large quantities and in its active form.

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oxandrolone_Slimming or Fattening? Is it possible to see results in how many days?

Oxandrolone Slimming or Fattening? Is it possible to see results in how many days?

As we always say, caution must be exercised when using anabolic steroids, always seek medical advice.


Minimum doses of 50mg and maximum doses of 100mg per day for 4 to 6 weeks, and right at the beginning of the training cycle are usual.

However, its use should never exceed these doses, and never for periods longer than 10 weeks, due to the high hepatotoxicity that oxandrolone has.

Furthermore, higher than recommended doses may not produce greater results over the ten week period and may increase the risks and amplify side effects.

What are the side effects of oxandrolone?

Anavar, as an anabolic steroid hormone, which is derived from testosterone, can cause possible side effects, such as:

# Aromatization and Gynecomastia in men, although to a lesser extent than other steroids;

# Loss of libido and alteration in ejaculation and infertility due to the reduction of viable spermatozoa;

# Liver disorders;

# Nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite;

# Acne, due to increased secretion of fats in the sebaceous glands;

# Accelerated hair loss;

# Inhibition of good cholesterol (HDL);

# Inhibition of natural testosterone, leading to erectile dysfunction, mood swings;

# Liver and kidney damage due to the type of metabolism and excretion;

# Cardiac hypertrophy;

# Insomnia;

# Hyperhidrosis (increased sweating);

# Early consolidation of bone epiphyses, and therefore not indicated for young people in the growth phase;

# In women it can cause increased hair volume, deeper voice, clitoral dysfunction.

People with cardiovascular diseases or liver diseases cannot use it, due to the side effects manifesting themselves more intensely.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women cannot use it as anavar can be released through the placenta and breast milk.

In addition, it is contraindicated for men with prostate cancer, as well as women with cancerous diseases.

How to take the oxandrolone?

Anavar, as we always recommend, should be used under the guidance of a physician, due to the risks of its use.

However, when it is recommended, there are some tips for its better use, with lower risks.

Its use is recommended in combination with other anabolic steroids and supplements so that its effects are long-lasting, even after discontinuing use.

Use right before the training period to optimize strength and endurance.

Alcohol should be avoided during its use, so as not to potentiate its toxic effect, causing alcoholic hepatitis.

Avoid the use of other oral or injectable drugs that are somehow metabolized by the liver (such as or stanozolol).

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For the definition of muscle mass, it is used in cycles.

Because it is a drug with a long half-life (from 12 to 18 hours), it can be used up to ten weeks of the cycle, to carry out a detoxification period.

It’s worth remembering that having a blood test after 8 weeks of interruption is a good indicator if everything is ok.

Despite being one of the least toxic anabolic steroids, oxandrolone should never be combined with other 17 alpha-alkylated oral drugs.

How to take it correctly

(By Leandro Twin)

Cycles of oxandrolone

A cycle of a hormone medication means that you will be taking one or more specific substances during a certain amount of time in your workout.

For men, 30 to 50 mg every day for a maximum of 10 weeks is recommended.

After that period, you should take a rest, and in the meantime you can use other non-steroidal supplements.

# “Offsession”: that is, at the beginning of training cycles, as your gains are very fast. In short periods, not exceeding 10 weeks;

# Short and Fast: Oxandrolone cycle is usually a short and fast cycle, to cause less side effects.

# TPC or Post Cycle Therapy, is a treatment interval for cleaning the body.

Anavar use for more than 10 weeks facilitates the occurrence of serious health changes, including psychiatric problems such as paranoia and depression.

Therefore, we must respect the Oxandrolone cycle deadlines prescribed to us.

About the Cycle for women

As we have already said, Oxandrolone can provide excellent results in the female audience.

In order to avoid major risks of side effects, the indication for women is 10 mg to 30 mg daily, and also for a maximum of 10 weeks.

Each cycle depends on each person and their biological characteristics, so we propose cycles here only as a suggestion.

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Adapt them for you, together with a professional. Most recommended dosages if you are going to do an intercalated cycle, (one yes, the other no):

# Men: 20-100mgs/day (or .125mg/kg);

# Women: 2.5-40mg/day;

# Half-Life: 8-12 hours

It is recommended to mix two or more drugs in the same cycle.

To finish…

We remind you that our intention is to add to your knowledge, warning that your decision to consume anabolic steroids should only be based on something solid and that can bring health benefits.

If you liked the article, we suggest that you share it and if you wish, comment below on the subject!


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