TURMERIC Is Good for Virtually EVERYTHING!

Turmeric can support all areas of your health. Learn more about the incredible benefits of turmeric.


0:00 Introduction: Is turmeric healthy?
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2:10 Turmeric benefits
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Let’s talk about the incredible potential health benefits of turmeric and how to increase the bioavailability of turmeric.

You can consume organic turmeric or take a supplement. If you want to take a supplement, it’s best to get a turmeric supplement and not just curcumin. Curcumin is only one of many phytonutrients in turmeric. It’s also important that it’s a freeze-dried supplement.

Black pepper or white pepper can help you increase the absorption of turmeric. You can also consume a small amount of fat at the same time for better absorption.

Keep in mind that the phytonutrients in turmeric are heat sensitive, so cooking with turmeric could make them less potent.

The two main areas of research for turmeric are inflammation and cancer. A lot of the direct benefits of turmeric can lead to various other powerful effects, and turmeric also has virtually no side effects.

Potential health benefits of turmeric:
1. It increases glutathione and other antioxidant networks
2. It has potent effects on the brain and nervous system
3. It has powerful effects on the cardiovascular system
4. It’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-candida, antifungal, antiparasitic, and anti-H. pylori
5. It shows great benefits for skin problems
6. It helps protect the liver
7. It helps stimulate phase-2 detoxification
8. It inhibits pro-carcinogens
9. It increases bile salts
10. It supports the gut mucosal lining
11. It helps protect the DNA and supports DNA repair and apoptosis
12. It protects the cells during chemo or radiation therapy and may increase the effectiveness of the treatment
13. It supports the endocrine system
14. It’s a powerful adaptogen

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the potential health benefits of turmeric. I’ll see you in the next video.

Someone were to truly objectively Evaluate turmeric okay I don’t think There’s one condition one health problem That you couldn’t find some benefit from Taking this right here it’s amazing I’ve Been growing turmeric for the last nine Months and I finally harvested it and my Wife and I are eating it and we’re just Chewing it it’s like an aromatic carrot It’s not very strong but boy does this Have some serious potent properties but First let me talk about how to increase The bioavailability of turmeric now Anytime you take turmeric in a Supplement I highly recommend you don’t Take it in the curcumin extract only you Want the whole plant because curcumin is Only one of many many and I’m talking About thousands of different Phytonutrients in turmeric so if you get Something that says curcumin extract Also make sure it comes with the Turmeric powder or you could just like I Said before chew the whole thing number Two black pepper paper or white pepper Will help you increase the absorption by Roughly two thousand percent the white Pepper actually increases the absorption A little bit better but they’re both Pretty similar now what you could do if You’re going to take a supplement or Just consume this you can just take a Black peppercorn or a white peppercorn And this swallow it that will help and

Thirdly add some fat at the same time You’re consuming it the question is why Because a lot of these phytonutrients Including curcumin are fat soluble so in Order to better absorb them you need Some fat you can do ghee you can do Butter MCT oil coconut oil olive oil any Of the fats just a little bit now the Other thing to know is that these Phytonutrients are a bit heat sensitive So if you’re gonna put them in your Foods chances are they’re not going to Be as potent the other point is if you Get a supplement with turmeric or the Curcumin extract make sure you get the One that’s freeze dry right because Freeze-dried allows for these enzymes to Be activated so they’re in a state That’s dormant but they’re not overly Processed or heated so let’s just do a Deep dive into what this stuff actually Can do for your body out of all the Plants I would imagine that turmeric is Right at the very top as far as the Number of studies that were done on this I’m talking about double blinded Placebo-controlled studies on all sorts Of things the two big areas of research For turmeric are number one inflammation And number two cancer and the amazing Thing about turmeric is that it has Virtually no side effects there’s been No deaths no serious side effects maybe Some slight digestive problems if you

Have too much but even at high doses There’s no major serious side effects Like there are with medications and They’ve compared a lot of different Medications to turmeric and turmeric Keeps up with these medication effects Okay so let’s start with antioxidant Potential it increases glutathione it Increases other antioxidant networks in Your body by actually increasing your Ability to activate these antioxidants There are certain genes that turn on or Turn off your antioxidants and turmeric Has the ability to turn them on to help Fight off free radical damage that’s Involved with oxidation and inflammation Turmeric also has potent effects for Your brain and nervous system it’s been Tested to show significant improvements Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s other Neurodegenerative disorders it’s also Been shown to decrease the formation of Plaquing in the brain it has very potent Cardiovascular effects and helping Lowering blood pressure decreasing Lipids help slowing down the formation Of plaquing in arterial sclerosis and Clogged arteries it also protects that Inner lining of your arteries the Endothelial layer that is usually most Vulnerable to inflammation now from a Microbe standpoint turmeric is a Powerful anti-microbial antiviral Antibacterial anti-candida anti-fungal

Antiparasitic anti-h pylori so it’s Great to take if someone had an Infection it shows great benefits to Dermatitis and many other skin problems Psoriasis it’s great for the liver too To protect the liver against fat Formation fibrosis which someone Develops after they have inflammation in The liver because turmeric has very Potent anti-inflammatory properties it’s Going to slow down fibrosis in the Entire body it also helps stimulate Phase 2 detoxification turning these Poisons into harmless particles it also Inhibits Pro carcinogens certain things In turmeric also increase bile salts and That gives you a whole Cascade of Improving digestion increasing the fat Soluble vitamins turmeric helps support The gut mucosal lining and that’s really Important to prevent autoimmune diseases Allergies and immune deficiencies Curcumin in turmeric directly targets The DNA to help protect the DNA against Free radical damage to help in the Improvement and repair of DNA it also Helps the cells that are damaged commit Suicide and that’s a good thing it’s Called apoptosis which is controlled a Cell death if there’s a problem in the Cell which that right there can help Lessen the risk for cancer curcumin also Protects the cell if someone is taking Chemo or radiation therapy as well as

Increasing the effectiveness of that Treatment turmeric also helps the Endocrine system in many different ways One big way is to make insulin more Sensitive so if someone has insulin Resistance as a pre-diabetic or a Diabetic it helps insulin become more Sensitive there’s been quite a few Studies and I’m talking about like Clinical trials that are double-blinded Placebo-controlled studies showing Protection against a pre-diabetic going Into a diabetic also at the same time Diabetics taking this greatly reduce the Complications from diabetes so even Though they have diabetes they have a Lot less side effects also turmeric Shows great therapeutic benefits in Being an adaptogen which is something to Help you increase your tolerance against Stress this has also been used to help Depression anxiety so it can help both Mood disorders as well as cognitive Disorders but like I said before cancer And inflammation are the two primary Things that turmeric is known for There’s a lot of research in many Different types of cancers not only Directly targeting the cancer but Inhibiting a lot of the mechanisms that Are involved with cancer including Inhibiting angiogenesis which is feeding Blood flow to the cancer countering some Of the mechanisms that cancer and tumor

Cells use to suppress your own immune System so it actually helps your cells Prevent the cancer cell from surviving And also in one study they found Curcumin inside a colon cancer cell Which means that somehow it ended up There which is a good thing because now That can create some really cool effects There’s many different Pathways involved With inflammation and so curcumin seems To inhibit most of those Pathways which Gives a very broad spectrum approach for Inflammation I’ll include one study that Shows all the different medications that Work for inflammation and then how Curcumin mimics a lot of these Medications and so curcumin is not Actually a root it’s a rhizosome which Is kind of like a the stem of a plant That lives underneath the soil to help Protect it and like I said before it’s It’s not bad but if you’re not growing It just go to the grocery store go ahead And buy some organic and just eat two or Three of these per day to prevent a lot Of problems Hmm Delicious

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