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23 Comentários

  1. At first thought this was a silly concept. But then I realized I can do this at home and boxers jump rope to get in shape. I have a slight knee injury but i see you don't have to jump to high. My intermittent not grain diet should go well with this program. Will start at 15 mins a day seeing as i already work out with k bells.

  2. Im a (as of now 25 almost 26) yo female with back problems, weak knees and ankles, and 300 lbs as of writing this. I also have pcos so losing weight is fairly difficult without doing more intense workouts that tend to leave me in a lot of pain. But jumping rope has never left me sore. At least not when i was younger. I started doing research to find a work out that would both work and not leave me crippled from pain. Walking was an option but the next option was jumping rope. After watching some of your guys's videos and hearing the stories from other women in a similar situation in saying that the only real soreness they got was in their legs, a soreness i can deal with, ive decided to start my journey officially, today. So im saving this video so i can look back and keep track every month or so with updates on my progress for anyone who may be interested. Im super excited because i remember how much fun i had jumping as a kid and im looking forward to getting back into it to not only have fun again but staying active and working towards bettering myself. Thanks for being so educational on the topic of jumping rope and its benefits. Wish me luck!

  3. 9:02 "You actually just need to eat less." That's terrible advice. Yes, scientifically speaking, all you need to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit. But you're missing the bigger picture. You don't simply want to lose weight. You want to lose meaningful weight that is sustainable in the long run. For example, if i go on one of those crash diets where all I eat is salad and vitamin pills, I'm obviously going to lose weight, but I'll also be losing a lot of muscle among other things, which will lead to other problems. Therefore, meaningful weight loss needs a well rounded approach – Calorie deficit, exercise, healthy diet, and good sleep habits. Aside from that, great video!

  4. I'm going to jump rope from tomorrow, I'm glad to see your video, see so many beautiful women become thin and healthy, I also want to come on, I started from 3000 is not a little too much?

  5. I think the moral of this story is, find something that's fun for you and you'll do it consistently. You do it consistently and you'll change the entire trajectory of your health and life. Amazing!

    Also, I love that you talk about just eating less, making consistent, healthy changes. Everyone thinks they have to do some crazy diet. I've been making small, simple but sustainable changes to my diet and I've dropped 40 lbs in the last 4 months. When I started, I was too sick to do any exercise so I started with tracking my calories, and making small but sustainable changes. After a couple of months, I was able to start walking. Now my energy levels are rising and I'm able to start more rigorous exercise. I loved to jump rope back in the day and I'm definitely going to check out your channel and get back into it.

    Thanks for the inspiring video!

  6. I love cardio and need to lose weight. Is it possible to jump rope when you have bad knees? 🤔

    These stories are amazing. Kudos to these beautiful women. 👏 👏⚘️🤗💕😊

  7. I would like to become one of these women. I have given jumping rope so many times but I have a very awkward problem I don’t know if anyone runs into or has any solution for me. I am 45 and mostly fit with body fat 23% and work out regularly. I have had three kids on C section, smallest now 4. I cannot jump more than 50 before I have to pee even though I just peed!!!!. One time I jumped 2000 but went to pee at least 20 times in between. In the end I just had to give up as it’s just so frustrating.

  8. Just get on the trampoline, run with your dogs, play beach frisbee, swim in the ocean. So many fun and free ways to exercise. There was a video on FB a while back where a woman danced the day away and lost heaps of weight

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