Top Selenium Benefits You’ve Never Heard Before

Discover the biggest overlooked cause of selenium deficiency and the top selenium benefits many people don’t know about.

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0:00 Introduction: Selenium explained
0:10 Health benefits of selenium
1:10 The best source of selenium
2:30 The most ignored cause of selenium deficiency
6:26 What to do
6:45 Other selenium deficiency causes
7:58 Learn more about mercury in fish!

Today I want to cover some interesting points about selenium that you may have never heard before.

Selenium is a trace mineral, and it’s involved in thyroid function and helps detox mercury.

Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant. It’s important to support cardiovascular and brain health and may help prevent strokes and cancer.

Brazil nuts are loaded with selenium. One Brazil nut will give you the selenium you need for the day. Taking too much selenium could lead to selenium toxicity.

Selenium is in many other foods, too, so why are so many people deficient in selenium? It has to do with the fact that it’s in a form that plant roots have a difficult time extracting—they need help from microbes. However, there aren’t enough microbes or diversity of microbes in the soil.

A good solution is to start buying foods from farmers who care about their soil and grow things with microbial diversity. It’s also essential to consume fermented foods.

Another overlooked cause of selenium deficiency is a certain genetic mutation related to the proteins or enzymes with selenium. Taking statins may also lead to selenium deficiency.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand selenium deficiency and the top selenium benefits. I’ll see you in the next video.

Today I want to talk about some really Interesting points about selenium that You've never heard before so when I talk About selenium which is the trace Mineral Brazil nuts are really high in Selenium they might know that it's Involved in thyroid function it helps Convert T4 the inactive version of the Thyroid hormone to the active form of The thyroid hormone T3 they may also Know that it helps to detoxify Mercury And this is why fish that are high in Mercury are also high in selenium and so Selenium binds with the Mercury to Render it inactive another thing that People generally might know is that Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and It can help fight and prevent cancer Especially the prostate in the lung Selenium is also really important in Cardiovascular health and preventing Strokes and also in preventing dementia Simply because it tends to fight free Radicals and inflammation that can occur In the brain and so it's is really good In the prevention of Alzheimer's Parkinson's and other types of Degeneration that occur in our nervous System and so here are some things that You probably don't know about selenium The real reason why it's high in Brazil Nuts now the Brazil nuts come from the Brazilian tree which is in South America And what's unique about the soil that

This tree is grown on is that it's Nearly absent of sulfur and the Chemistry of sulfur is very similar to Selenium And this means that selenium can bind With certain amino acids just like Sulfurkin and be a functional substitute For sulfur and so when you just consume One Brazil nut you're getting like I Think 96 micrograms of selenium which is More than enough you don't need a lot of Selenium you just need tiny amounts Because they're also on the flip side is Some problems with taking too much Selenium and becoming selenium toxic and From that you can get hair loss Neuropathies Tremors other neurological Problems issues with the heart there's a Lot of issues that you can get if you Take too much so just because a lot of People are deficient in selenium like Over a billion doesn't mean they should Start overloading their bodies with Selenium especially out of the balance Of all the trace minerals I mean the Requirements for selenium are roughly Between 50 and 70 micrograms okay but Here's the big question and something That rarely do people know about Why are so many people deficient in Selenium is it because they don't Consume enough Brazil nuts well selenium Is in a lot of other Foods it's in your Meats it's in red meats it's in organ

Meats it's in shellfish like I said it's Even in uh chicken and turkey and pork And lamb it's in egg yolks okay it's a Nutritional yeast now it's also on Certain plants but not in very high Amounts where do animals get their Selenium well from the plants that grow On the land where does the plants get it From the soil now here's the thing that Is new information for most people Selenium is not just sitting there Passively in the soil waiting to be Absorbed it's usually in a form that the Plant roots have a difficult time Extracting they need help and they get Help from the microbes and this is Actually very new information and I'm Going to show you a video right now of a Close-up of really what happens and how Plants get the majority of new nutrition So if you see these little things by the Root you're getting this Exchange From the bacteria okay being absorbed Into the root but really the plant root Is eating the bacteria and it's Extracting the minerals and then the Bacteria in the process loses its cell Wall it's still alive it actually gets Food from the root it's fed Carbohydrates of course they're not on Keto and then the root spits out this Bacteria Start this cycle again and again this Whole cycle is called rhizophagy which

Basically comes from two words rhiza Meaning root and feiji meaning eat okay So the roots that eat bacteria that then Get a lot of their nutrition and then They spit it out and they actually start To cycle over and over and over again And so it's really missing in this chain Of events is Microbe diversity and the amount of Microbes in the soil so we just don't Pay attention or consider importance This biology in the soil In the amount of bacteria and fungus as Well as in the diversification of these Microbes and this has been really a huge Omitted factor in the health of the soil And the health of the plant and the Health of the animal and in our health The microbes are the Workhorse that have Certain acids that mobilize these Minerals from rocks and unless someone Understands that especially Farmers okay Unfortunately a lot of the conventional Farmers Don't understand that and so they don't Have this biology in the soil and now What happens is that they're forced to Put various things in the soil usually NPK which is nitrogen phosphorus and Potassium to kind of boost the growth of The plant and so the health of the Plant's not there and so insects and Pests accumulate and so they have to use Pesticides and then the weeds come they

Have to use herbicides and what's even More wild is that all the way up to Chain you know we suffer we don't have Necessarily the the strength that we Should have with our immune system so We're forced to take antibiotics now you Might want to say what about the Microbes in the soil do they get Antibiotics well that just so happens That one of the most common herbicides Out there is classified as an antibiotic Even when you buy soil at the store okay To grow certain things if you're buying The soil It comes sterilized okay they sterilize It sterilization means you kill the Microbes you heat it up so the more that We omit this very important factor this Biology in the soil and the more that we Eat you know pasteurized Foods sterilize Foods cooked Foods canned foods the more Our health suffers and this is why in a Lot of my videos I talk about at the Very least start consuming fermented Foods start buying foods from Farmers That really care about their soil that Grow things with microbial diversity so I just spent a little more time on that One topic because it's so important Here are a couple other points too It could be that you have a genetic Mutation related to the proteins or Enzymes with selenium in which case it Makes it even more important to get

Enough selenium to build up certain Enzymes like glutathione which is Greatly needed in the liver to help you Detoxify poisons and even mercury in the Liver when people take statins sentence Are drugs that block cholesterol many Times they have muscle symptoms and Neurological symptoms well it just so Happens that those symptoms mimic a Selenium deficiency because statins Actually interfere with the enzymes that Involve selenium when you get enough Selenium your muscles are protected and This is probably why animal proteins Like red meat and other types of muscle Protein are loaded with selenium and There's also some great data on how Selenium can directly increase the Diversification of your own microbiome And increase the abundance of your Microbes so apparently microbes really Like selenium especially if you have Dysbiosis or some type of imbalance with Your microbes however another really Important topic related to selenium Has to do with this mercury in fish okay For that information I highly recommend You watch this video right here

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