TONED LEGS & ROUND BOOTY At Home Best Fitness Workout (No Equipment) Female Fitness

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hi guys. My name is jackie. Today we are going to be doing a booty and ab workout and our first workout is going to be the squat bounces we’re going to be doing 20 to 25., nice and controlled. Then we’re going to be doing rotate planks.

This will be working out. Your abs uh make sure you’re breathing try to have that controlled breath. All right next is glute bridges. gon na be on your back, make sure your feet are close to your booty. Feet are a little wide and then you’re, just gon na lift up with your bum nice and controlled two three, four, five six make sure you squeeze out the top nice next we’re going to be doing wide.

Squats 20 to 30 legs 20 to 30. Reps. Make sure you have a good distance knees, don’t go over your feet? Oh right now my favorite fire hydrants. This really works out your glutes.

TONED LEGS & ROUND BOOTY At Home Best Fitness Workout No Equipment Female Fitness

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You can add a resistance band if you want more tension, we’re going to be doing 20 to 30 on each leg. Yes, all right after that crossovers so you’re just going to be taking one leg, lifting it up flex your foot bring it onto the opposite side, lift it back up opposite side. All right, then we’re going to be doing the hopping in and out of planks. So get on your elbows make sure you got a firm grip with your hands and with these you’re starting off in a plank and then moving your feet out, come back in moving your feet out. You’Ll really feel your core being engaged with this workout.

If you need a little water break, that’s fine! I’M just going to take this moment to regain my breath, make sure i have it under control and then get back into it all right. Nice, oh really feel that in your abs now one leg, glute bridges, all right, one leg, glute bridges! This is going to be isolating one side. This is very good if you want to build that nice big booty, so we’re going to start off by lifting your leg and just squeezing your glute make sure it’s nice and tight lift as far as you can:  nice. TONED LEGS & ROUND BOOTY At Home Best Fitness Workout No Equipment Female Fitness

All right now, two leg, glute bridges same thing all right: both legs are down, get it as close to booty as you’re possible, get it close to your booty as possible. Make sure your feet are a little wide and just pulse up. These are easier to do. You have more support in your legs nice. At this point, you should really be feeling that bird in your booty – i know i do all right now.

Last one 30 wide squats, great job, definitely should be feeling a burn in your glutes. Your abs hope you got a good workout. Thank you for joining me. My name is jackie and if you like me on this channel feel free to let them know in the comments bye, guys.

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