TONED LEGS + BUTT LIFT in 7 DAYS 5 Minute Home Workout No Equipment Needed

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The 7-Day Butt Makeover Really Works! ! My name is  Bailey Brown and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating this amazing program! It definitely helped me in my fitness journey! I’ve come a long way because of my grades and I have friends who even bought this app! thank you very muchHi loves!!! I am loving doing this 7 day workout challenges! This workout is for

Beautiful legs and booty 🍑💕 This workout will give you a peachy butt and long, lean legs. Do this workout for 7 days to shape and tone your legs and butt.

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To Start  kneeling

Hi guys today we have a five minute: grow your butt, not thighs, workout. It’S gon na give you a peachy booty and keep your legs long and lean. Let’S get started: all right, we’re gon na get started in a four point: kneeling with a nice dynamic exercise, so we’re gon na start kicking our left leg back our right leg back then we tuck the toes under and lift. So this is a great way to start activating the center of the booty, while stretching those hamstrings so we’re keeping the back of the legs nice and long and lean lift, lift and stretch so good, lift, lift and stretch beautiful. So nice and dynamic pace, it’s really going to help us start to warm up those muscles and start working into that booty.

Lengthening our legs so really think of pointing through the toe stretching those legs back for me stretch and lift make sure to start thinking of your booty too. As you lift squeeze get that mind muscle connection so good, we are getting our heart rate up nice, dynamic, booty, toning, lift and squeeze two more. It’S kick kick and lift we’re gon na hold that left leg back little pulses, so really stretch your leg here. For me, pull those abs in get those hips facing the ground, nice and active stretches, squeezing the booty lift find that tempo find that energy. This is your time you are taking this time to do something good for your body, good for your booty.

TONED LEGS + BUTT LIFT in 7 DAYS 5 Minute Home Workout (No Equipment Needed)

Let’S do it beautiful four more for three for two you’re going to bend the leg. Little pulses, lift feel the center of that butt, feeling nice and peachy tiny lifts for five. Four, four, four, three four two now we’re gon na cross. It diagonally behind lift cross lift, so this really helps to tone that under butt lift everything really think of piercing the ceiling with your toe get that little extra lift at the top. For me here we go four more three more for two: let’s switch it up.

You’Re gon na stretch it back across the mat, kick to the side. Cross kick cross kick now. Your kick doesn’t have to be as big as mine work with a range that feels good for you, starting to get into that side booty and really stretch your leg. Lengthen through your leg, beautiful if you’re feeling advanced you’re gon na reach that left arm reach beautiful reach, tap four more four: three four: two last one you’re going to take that leg down, lift to the corner of your mat, keep that turn out. So you should feel your support, booty working as well, so that side that not moving is working hard to keep you stable, breathe.

I feel it too. We got this four four three two now bend your leg right to the side. Little pulses to finish, we are almost there pulse it. Five four three two and one beautiful, take that little stretch back we’re gon na go right to that other leg. So i want you to start hands come into the mat, pull your abs in we’re going to stretch our right leg back little pulses, starting to warm up through our right glute.

It’S a quick, dynamic workout! You are in that fat burning zone you’re, boosting your metabolism, you’re gon na, feel so good. Think of lengthening your leg an inch longer, if you do like these intense toning workouts, and you want longer classes check out my bb fit app, it has classes that are 30 minutes designed to get you results super fast, lift that booty. Let’S do it. Five.

BIG BOOTY and Firm Abs Workout!

Four. Three two: now little less, i want you to not lower your leg, all the way down just halfway and pulse so you’re, really thinking squeeze the center of your butt. Make that mind muscle connection commit to yourself now you can do it stay with me feels good. We love it for four three two now you’re gon na cross it behind that opposite leg, lift beautiful so as you cross that knee think of squeezing your inner thighs together we’re toning those legs but lengthening all at the same time, lifting that booty feeling peachy. All about the peach this summer, let’s do it four more for three.

Four, two last one stretch your leg: tap that opposite corner. Kick it to the side? Tap kick so here, it’s totally fine to move through your waist. You could keep it small range, but if you can, we are not here long. Take it to that next level. TONED LEGS + BUTT LIFT in 7 DAYS 5 Minute Home Workout No Equipment Needed

With me, big kick stretch your leg stretch it out. If you’re feeling super strong, you want to advance with me. We kick that leg up. You use that momentum, so advanced, it’s four, it’s three! It’S two last one we are almost there hold that leg out to the corner of your mat.

Little list stretch your leg. One inch longer think of that booty. Put that mind muscle connection, feel your leg stretching feel your butt lifting four three two one right out to the side. This is it stay strong. We are in it together, good breathe.

We can do it almost there. Five four three two and one bring it in sit back amazing job. You guys. I hope you loved that workout. If you did definitely check out the low impact cardio toning classes on the bbfit app, they tighten and tone like nothing else, i’ll leave the link in the description below and i’ll see you in the next one have a beautiful day.

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