Tibialis Band Portable Tibialis Trainer Calf Raise Machine, Upgrade Tibia Dorsi Calf Machine with Resistance Bands, Professional Tibiali Anterior Exercise Equipment for Leg Calves Shins Strengthener

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tibialis trainertibialis trainer

POWER BRIDGE Portable Tibialis Anterior Exercise Equipment

Why strengthen the calf tibial muscles?

The tibialis anterior is the muscle that runs next to the shin bone, down the front of the leg from the knee to the ankle. When the tibialis anterior muscle is weak, the undue force being generated through walking, running, or jumping makes its way to the knee, causing knee pain and shin splints.

Benefits of adding tibialis anterior stretches and exercises to your training:

Helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the ankle while simultaneously stretching and increasing the ankle’s range of motion.Help alleviate knee pain and shin splints by strengthening the tibialis muscles.By training your tibialis anterior you’ll reduce the risk of injury to calves, ankles, and feet.Increases lower-body explosiveness and is ideal for increasing jump height, leg strength, and speed.

Who need exercise the tibialis anterior muscles?

Who want to increase Athleticism and lower-body explosiveness, just like explosive running, sprints for football, bounce, diving or snowboarding, etc.Those who want to strengthen their legsPeople who want to reduce the risk of calf, ankle and foot injuries during exercise

calf raise machinecalf raise machine

tibia dorsi calf machinetibia dorsi calf machine

Tibialis Anterior Exercise Equipment Tibialis Anterior Exercise Equipment

foot strap

foot strap

resistance bands

resistance bands

Door Anchor

Door Anchor

Detachable Steel Buckle Design

Heavy duty & Allows you to flexible training method

Premium Resistance Bands

100% Natural Rubber & Protective Sleeve

Full Foam Door Anchor

Protect the door from scratches, the height is 2.4 inches, suitable for most doors.

Strengthen Your Legs, Increase AthleticismStrengthen Your Legs, Increase Athleticism

Portable Tibialis Trainer- This professional resistance tibialis anterior muscle exercise machine is just 0.48kg. Very portable and easy to use, workout with just a door, nothing else needed. add this tibia dorsi calf machine to your expanding home gym, or take it to travel !
New Upgrade Cost-Effective- The First resistance training equipment designed for tibialis raise exercise on the market. Cost-Effective, the best alternative to tradition tib bar, low cost, better effect.
One Fit For All – Adjustable resistance from 20Lbs to 60Lbs, suitable for beginners to advanced. Adjustable hook and loop closure foot support straps that fit for most, suitable for US size 5.5 to 11. If you are not sure about the shoe size, please consult before buying.
Activate Tibialis Anterior Muscle- Trains the shin muscles and strengthening the tibialis anterior, increases lower-body explosiveness and is ideal for increasing jump height, leg strength and speed. It helps explosive running, sprints for football, bounce, diving or snowboarding, etc.
Why Designed It?- Strengthening the tibialis anterior is essential for a strong calf, but most people neglect to train this muscle. People often train the calf muscles with little attention to the opposing tibialis anterior. This can lead to muscle imbalances that can lead to knee pain or shin splints.

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