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Superset (1):
1. Lat Pulldown
2. DB Bench Press

Superset (2):
1. DB Shoulder Press
2. Bent Over Row

Superset (3):
1. Seated Row
2. Lateral Raise

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Welcome back to another YouTube video It’s your girl Chrissy Cellar here and In today’s YouTube video gosh you Requested this one like I’m a little bit Stunned at how many of you requested This video but we’re gonna go through an Hourglass workout hold up hold up hold Up hold up no before we get into this Workout we need to identify some Important things and I feel like they’re Topics that need to be discussed I have Not spent seven to eight years Boston my Ass off to tell women to strength train To tell women to fuel their bodies to Tell women that they are so capable of Being anything they want to be and like I want to cry I don’t know why I’m Getting so emotional but I have seen Women quite literally change their lives Save their lives and become the powerful Women that they deserve to be through Strength training through just watching.

A YouTube video about strength training Through picking up a set of dumbbells And I will be damned if I let article Calls like this ever ever change your Mentality about what true sustainable Health and wellness is the second thing I wanted to talk about is whilst I think It’s amazing that people are looking for Workouts and they identify workouts with Specific names such as hourglass workout I just want you to understand that this Whole hourglass figure this whole heroin


Chick body these are just trends like These are Trends guys they’re gonna come They’re gonna go for all we know long Legs and big Limbs and short Limbs and This is just going to happen over and Over and over again so if there’s one Thing I want you to take out this YouTube video is to understand that I Just want you to aim for the most Sustainable life you could possibly aim For and trends like your Trends I’m done With it sorry that’s a bit aggressive But I don’t want my daughter one day if I ever have a little mini .

Chrissy to run Around the world and think one day she’s Got to be X and the other day she’s Gonna be why I just want her to feel Good with who she is and move her body In a way that empowers her with this Workout we’re going to focus on an upper Body workout so whilst the title may Have been click bait I’m still going to Take you through a workout and the Reason being is because I want to Encourage more women to train their Upper bodies to feel powerful and strong And to understand that training your Body in a 360 way is super important and It’s super vital for your health so I’m Going to take you through an upper body Predominantly back focus and core Focus That are really going to help you feel Strong and powerful Okay so the first thing we’re going to. THE ULTIMATE HOURGLASS WORKOUT | Krissy Cela

Do is warm up like always the entire Workout will be listed in the Description box this workout is coming In hot from the Evolve view app if you Don’t know what the Evolve you app is Well hundreds and thousands of women Know it globally it has completely Changed thousands of women’s life it is My fitness app and you can find my Um strong programs on there that so many Women have loved and if you are on the Strong program let me know in the Comments below what you think about it And if there’s anything you want me to Change the entire workout will be in Description box and if you are looking To join the Evolve you app we have Incredible Black Friday offers now and They’re changing each week so stay tuned And the link is in the bio Foreign [Music] Okay so what we’re going to do is go Through multiple supersets and then We’re going to finish off with some core So this is going to be a 360 upper body Session and the reason I’m super setting .

Exercises together is because it’s going To be quicker it’s going to be more Intense and it’s going to be fit for This purpose you’re looking for that Hourglass figure really and truly you do Have to train your upper body because Naturally the more wide you are on your

Upper body the more tiny your waist will Look and it will give the illusion off That X frame it’s just Illusions here You’re building Illusions right so you Want to be wider here to be smaller here And then just look more snatched overall Just train your upper body because it’s Important the first exercise we’re going To do a lap pull down this is a vertical Pulling motion so if by vertical I mean I am sat upright and I am pulling my Elbows down which is Contracting my back It’s a vertical movement and then I’m Going to pair this movement with a chest Movement so we’re going to come here and We are going to pair it with a light Buying chest press dumbbell so you’re Going to do three sets about 10 reps of Each exercise rotating super setting .


That’s your first movement [Music] So a few important things when you’re Doing a lat pull down number one when You’re gripping the lap pull down make Sure that your thumbs are out of the Grip the reason being is because you’re Going to ensure that your forearm is not Pulling the weight for you it’s going to Be your back that’s going to pull the Weight for you when you’re working your Back your back is your primary muscle But you’re bicep and your forearms are Secondary and third muscles so the less You can avoid using these secondary and

Third muscles the better for the overall Movement make sure that you are locked Into the movement as well and you’re not Swaying too much when you’re pulling the Bar down you want to imagine creating a Semi-circle as you’re pulling the weight Down by making sure your elbows are nice And wide but they’re also coming down With the motion so imagine you’re Pulling a semi-circle is going to give You that illusion of a wider frame which Also gives you the illusion of a smaller Waist okay so oh my God my mascara so This Fenty lip gloss still looks good so Next exercise we’re going to do is a Shoulder press superset with a bent over Row so I’m going to pick the weights up .

By pushing them up with my knees That gives you a bit more control let’s Get it these bad boys are heavy [Music] Okay coming straight into the bent over Row so few pointers same principle with The lap pull down making sure your Thumbs are out at all costs ensure that Your forearms are not taken over by Moving your thumbs out so I’m gonna do Reverse just because I find more control With reverse rather than neutral but you Can do whatever you fancy when I am Unloading the rack you want to come out You want your chest to be nice and proud You want to bend over pulling the weight Close to your hips


So there’s a big misconception that You’ve got to be super bent over and Then bring in the barbell close to your Chest I would recommend with a bent over Row being slightly upright pushing your Glutes and hips back bring in the weight Close to your core and to your hips Rather than your chest because the more High you bring it up look the more Flared your elbows will be the more Control you have it underneath your.

Chest so you’ll corn your hips and more Your elbows will stay nice and tucked Foreign [Music] So the next superset is going to be a Seated row using your cables and this Time it’s another vertical move because You’re upright and then we’re going to Row nice and narrow and then we’re going To superset that with some lateral Raises so when it comes to your body Dynamics and how when it comes to your.

Body’s composition everybody’s body is Different I know you hear it all the Time and you know I think like it goes In in one ear and it comes out the other Ear but the truth is everybody’s built Different some people have longer limbs Some people have shorter limbs some People naturally have a small waist Other people have a wide waist that’s Just how you are built that’s your

Structure so I don’t want you to be Dishoned when you see someone who has Completely different ratios to you They’re just built different actually I’ve have found with myself my body Fluctuates a lot right now I personally Have never weighed this much in my life My body is fluctuating and that’s okay So my composition is going to look Different your composition is going to Look different when you start weight Training if you started yoga if you Start started you know running it Requires a different type of composition .

So if you look at marathon runners for Example they naturally have a very very Very slender frame because actually the Lighter they are the further they can Run but when you look at sprinters and Track athletes they’re actually built in A completely different way they do the Same movement running but their Composition is different because they. Need different mechanics to perform a Different way when it comes to Bodybuilding bodybuilder compositions Are completely different they have a Smaller more tapered waist wider frame At the top and wider frame at the bottom To give the illusion of an X frame so I Just want you to understand that the Different type of sports you are doing Is also going to determine how you are Going to look but also your genetics


Plays such a big part in how you look Some girls be out here with the tiniest Waist and the fattiest fattiest dumpiest Juiciest booties in the world and other People are not that’s just how it is but You can work towards crafting your body In a specific way however I don’t going To think that exercise is the only way You can do that because genetics does Play a really really big part to how you Look okay let’s get into the next Movement [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Body I haven’t done this movement in a While but I was just looking at his Cable and I was like you know what that Could be a 10 out of 10. so I just want .

To do a single arm pull down but just Grabbing the hook and just literally Pulling it down like so And just really work in on that lat Again and really controlling that Movement but we haven’t done any Unilateral movements which is single leg And single arm movement which is super Important but if you don’t want to do This you can do some bicep curls or Tricep push Downs also one big thing so Many of you are absolutely loving these Water bottles from evolve you app Literally sold thousands and you guys. THE ULTIMATE HOURGLASS WORKOUT | Krissy Cela

Are adoring these bottles they’re just So convenient so if you want a bottle Right now they are in our Black Friday Sale along with our subscriptions so Make sure that you check them out Because they are 10 out of 10. my Personal favorite color is the orange That’s what I put out there I love the Orange so much but black is pretty Sleek So I just wanted to let you know about The bottles as well just in case you Were wondering I wanted to know [Music] So guys just a quick tip when you’re Doing this make sure you’re not just Bringing your arm down and Contracting Your tricep make sure that when you are .

Bringing your arm down you’re bringing Your chest up right so so you’re getting More of a lat [Music] Okay guys so that is my quote unquote Hourglass upper body workout and I hope You enjoyed it if you want to train some Core I literally posted I think not long Ago a six minute abs workout that you Can do in the comfort of your own home So I would pair this with that and the Beauty about that video is you can just Press play listen to what I’m saying and It’s a full-on workout so there’s no Pauses in between or no talking so That’s really really helpful I hope you

Enjoyed this video I hope you found Something useful and I hope that it just Reassured your mind you’re doing amazing Keep doing what you’re doing and please Don’t let Trends ever sway your mindset I love you always and forever and I’ll See you next time THE ULTIMATE HOURGLASS WORKOUT | Krissy Cela

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