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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

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Yo yo live from New York City is there The one and only deserve my friend Yo Goku pump let’s get it man I know him Is Bam Bam Yo bang bang what’s up man yo what’s up Sean We’ve been trying to do this uh yeah Interview for uh wow but you’re busy Yeah yeah yeah you’re busy yeah Channel’s growing yeah platform is Growing your influence is growing sir uh 200 and how many thousand subscribers Almost 260. almost 260. starting from Starting from zero yeah started from Zero man okay Bam I wanna this is gonna be exclusive Yes sir thank you I know he was Bam Bam your your Worldwide name is Bam Bam Goku pump Sorry what’s your real name My real name is babatundi babatunde That’s your first name yeah that’s my First name what about your first and Last name my last name is alade toyimbo Babatunde Okay okay cool what what what what what Background is that so I’m from Nigeria Um I lived in Lagos and also in ondo state For almost like half my life you were Born there baby so I was born here Basically for like papers you know I Would be back in those days like Almost 30 years ago like back in those

Days it’s like Your parents would um Just give birth to you here so you can Have papers He sent me back immediately To Nigeria to learn the culture and Um You know how old are you you’re that Discipline so right now I’m 29 years old 29 yeah all right and so you were born In 1992 92 in New York or I was born in New York Brooklyn and I was sent back to Nigeria like right after I was born and How long you stayed in Nigeria I stayed In that church till I was nine And came back To America like around 10 and then got Sent back when I was 15 and came back Around like 1920. The language Nigerian language I Understand it it’s like fully but like Speaking it uh like A little off But I could say a couple things What language is that Yoruba Yoruba yeah So that that’s the Great juruba Uh History culture yeah the Aruba tribe Yeah that was that was definitely it They want and it’s a lot of they they They like for their their children to to Know about the culture and try so [Music] Man it’s a man in the background we’re.


Gonna keep going though yes sir So Yeah came back with school in Nigeria Yeah I went to school in Nigeria and Then I came back at uh like nine almost 10 years old and then um So what was it like going what was it Like growing up in Nigeria Um Yo man honestly so like when I was uh When I was from like the age of one to Nine you know I kind of I was living With my dad so that was like the good Side you know of um I was living with my dad he lived in Abuja that’s like the good side of Nigeria you feel me like it looks like New York honestly so my dad is kind of Like has money he’s a rich dude so You know I was kind of living good So when I went back uh to New York from The age of 9 to 15 You know my mom caught me smoking weed Like in a room yeah while she was at Work yeah so she came she came from work Early she caught me smoking we that was The first time too my first time smoking We And um she sent me back to Nigeria Because of that and she didn’t send me Back to my father’s side she sent me to Her mother’s side my grandmother and my Grandmother was living in the village so That side was like

Time it was definitely tough but it was It was a good great yeah it was a great Experience though so there was no Toilets it was like you would um You’d basically like [ __ ] in the plastic bag and throw it Over the river uh there was barely any Like electricity lights so it was like There’s certain days in time where we Get like to watch TV to watch um to just Even have light periods so it was like So Um So this is really more cultural you Really got down yeah yeah your grandma Didn’t probably play that [ __ ] she Didn’t play she didn’t play that [ __ ] at All man I used to wake up every morning Um to fetch water early the water that I’m gonna use to Bath the water that We’re gonna use to cook Uh what are you we’re gonna use for Everything we used to fetch it yeah we Used to yeah me and my cousins and my Brother used to wake up early in fact That would be like a routine every Morning you walk down blocks with the Big buckets in our head and with facts And that that alone was a workout for me That that kept me in Nah they wasn’t together they wasn’t Together so like Yeah Not gonna get too in depth with that but, The Story of My Life @THEPODCASTWITHSOUL

Like they had split it at the age when I Was nine years old it would be it wasn’t Like So your first nine years of your life They were together Yeah so it was like a they had like a Distance relationship She was still here in America Yeah she was here in America and um my Dad is Nigeria so like you know Um you was in Nigeria with him yeah yeah So you know One state and that’s what happened like They had to basically Like split They they were separated not that age or Not so that’s the time that’s the time Where I went back to Nigeria I mean not to Nigeria to New York to New York United States when they were basically Things weren’t going good along with Them so he took she basically just took Me away from him at that time how’s your Relationship with your father And um let me do it how was it how was It growing up It was like so like So real talk Like my dad was like and I understand it Now you know I understand it now my dad Was My dad was a a judge basically he was a Judge one of the um top judge in the in

The in the country actually Um he worked with the government and Everything so they sponsored him his House and all that Um So I could he wasn’t really able to connect With me and my brother and I could Understand that by like you know because He had a lot going on a lot on his plate He was in a high position so of course When you’re in a position like that is Um there will be a lot of distraction a Lot of women you know will come around And distract there’ll be distractions You know so I I could just understand I Could stoop down to that understanding As a human being you know so as you’re Growing older as you’re going on I Understand that you know and that was The problem that was what happened Between you know my mom it was just Like like my it was just that Understanding that okay that was his Wife and she wasn’t She wasn’t really there Was a distance relationship and he’s a He’s a man of a of high value and I said A man of value a high value for that man Yeah influence and just you have power You have money it’s like A lot of women are going to be on you so If the women ain’t really there your Main woman didn’t need that you know

She’s not supplying you with pleasure or Whatever you need I said man of course Um and other women are like chasing After you of course you’re gonna You know fall So I understand that And that’s why you know I try to do Better for my son baby so you have a Brother yeah I have a brother by the Same mother and father yeah okay you Guys close Yeah we’re close we’re very close Actually Um For the past two years we haven’t really Been communicating because we kind of um Just we we split it because you know as You grow up you know you But you have he got a girl yeah yeah Yeah good life yeah but I love my Brother though we were definitely close Um definitely very close baby what were [Music] Um How’s your relationship with your moms Oh I love my mom man I love my mom and It’s the same thing too shout out to Bam Bam’s mother and his father I love the Word I love my grandmother word I love My grandmother I love everybody man Um so my mom I love her too and you know Like It’s also kind of the same thing it was

Like my mom was just working so much Because Know how my father wasn’t talking so she Wasn’t able to really communicate with My father so she was trying to do Everything she was trying to be the man And also like try to be the dad and the Mother by like providing so she would Work all hours and we didn’t really like Get that chance to connect with each Other that much because she was always Working and I’ll be in school and I come Back from school since I work and you Know but Ah I see the love in that you know I see The love in that because it’s like yo You’re grinding so hard so your kid Could be good so Um that’s just that’s just me being Honest with you know I love my mom And that’s that’s what it is I I know What she did for me all right so you Come back to New York [Music] Yeah New York Public Schools yeah yeah I went To ships at bay and Yeah it’s about Talk about the Discrimination that you May or may not have faced from Black kids white kids or any other kids Being from Africa Coming to America no In the psychological damage that’s done To self-esteem I mean really get into it

Because I know You know even from black kid black Americans they they kind of a little Rough on Africa yeah Rough man that’s a good question man so When I first came back from when I when I first came to uh uh America at the age Of 10. you know I started my elementary School The first day of school right so my mom My mom was really she wasn’t really like She never really paid attention to like You know kids stuff like all this stuff In general she was just a lady that Would that would work you know and try To save money so like You know the first day of school You know I wasn’t wearing no Jordans or No fly kicks it was like some shoe from Payless Uh uh a trouser A trouser like one of those High ones Like you can see my ankles and Um a button-up shirt You know so When I came in the first day of school Kids were already looking at me like I’m Weird like I’m seeing everybody wearing Sneakers and you know looking fresh and Fly and I’m like oh I didn’t know like In my country you don’t you don’t you Don’t come to school to look fly you Come to school straight for the Education like you feel me they try to

Make sure like All the females they hear is cut low Nobody no girls wearing makeup no guys Getting like most guys [ __ ] yeah they Don’t want you to be distracted at all It’s just come to school stay focused so They try to cut all distractions so my First day of school I’m just thinking Schools is the same way here like you Know that’s how it was programming my Head like yo we all in school so we Could you know Get good grades and just focus so First day of school I’m in school everybody looking at me Weird I’m like [ __ ] It’s cool whatever And the chicha says my name you know you Know the first day she’s just like hey Say your name everybody’s oh [ __ ] his Wife came in opportunity Everybody like what I’m like that’s me Everybody started laughing So she was like introduce yourself I’m Like you know my name is opportunity Everybody started even laughing more Like yo Dude action is crazy strong like So You know that was the first day and as That continues you know Yo I mean yeah I was I I felt weird the First day Weeks after weeks it kept getting worse

You know kids were picking on me calling I was always called the African booty Scratcher Um yeah Like ugly Black black not even just black because It was black kids it wasn’t like it was White kids making fun of me it was black Kids making fun of me I didn’t even get It just like And we all look the same I mean like so Like it wasn’t even like Like I was around white kids you know it Was like what it was like probably two Probably was like two white kids in our Class and they wasn’t the one making fun Of me the Indian the Indian kids it was Mostly black kids that was that would Make fun of me What kind of student were you man You a good student or you so I was a Good student and honestly I tried to Stay a good student but it was like I couldn’t focus you know and I tried to Explain that to my mom but my mom was so Caught up with how come you couldn’t Vote couldn’t focus because I was Getting made fun of all the time Yeah Yeah Confidence talk about it yeah like Yo Ma I need I need a pair of up songs instead Of these painless shocks or you know Them you know those those Payless Shoes

You know mom be like yo man Stop focusing on that focus on what you Need to focus on with your school you Know where you’re from you know how we Do it out there I’m like Yo Ma it’s Different out here though You know in Nigeria everybody know I we All we all on that program like yo we Come here to focus to get good grades You know being the coolest kid in class Was the coolest kid in class in Nigeria Is the is the is the smartest kid in Class the kids that got all A’s that That everybody’s trying to be like that Person But out here the coolest kid is the kid That you know A little bad Um you know like back to the teachers Talk back to the teacher he’s fresh as Hell you know his parents spent mad Money on his clothes making sure he was Fresh going to school that’s the kid That’s getting the most girls in Nigeria Is the it’s like the kid that’s getting All ages the girl is the one that the Girls are attracted to and and everybody Want to be like you know so My mom didn’t really get that because She was fully raised in Nigeria so she Couldn’t really process that I’m like Yo Ma I need to look Fly at least or just decent at least so

These kids to stop making fun of my Shoes every time I go with my trousers My jeans And I couldn’t man what did that do what Did that do to your self-conception and Your self-esteem man yo I kind of hated Myself man I didn’t even like my name I hated like I hated my name for a Certain amount for a certain amount of Years I was like damn why why did she Give me the name the opportunity why Couldn’t you just give me a regular English name When actually man babatunde That has a meaning going back yeah Culturally yeah I mean it’s a dope yo I Love my name now man because knowing it It means I’m The Reincarnation so Babatunde means the father’s back tell Him so it means I’m The Reincarnation of My grandfather that’s what it means so My my grandfather died and my Grandfather was a He was a G-Man from what I heard he had Like you know 10 or 12 Vibes in the House they all had kids So he he was living like a king you know I’m saying so like for me to be a Reincarnation of that You know I gotta respect it like you know that’s Some [ __ ] that’s something like I should Not be ashamed of or you know I’m not Saying I wanna he probably made mistakes

As a man too but I’m That’s just the reason that that name Was given to me so you know like I appreciate it for what it is and I Don’t regret it but at that time in my Life you know I did regret having that name And it was just because of all the Circumstances man you’re not having an Understanding yes kids all we really Wanted at that age was just to be a part Of and be accepted yeah It hurts it really hurts man and Honestly You know I used I didn’t like my mom at That time either because I’m like Yo Ma You like it’s beautiful yeah it’s your Fault like but My mom I actually appreciate her for That too like for her she’s still even Try you know what I’m saying like Nowadays Like we do spoil our kids Man by buying Them Jordans you know like all like I Don’t I don’t mind it but it’s like All these things are distractions like My mom was right even though like it was Tough she was right The focus was to go to school and get A’s that’s the focus not to be The flyest kid or be the baddest kid in School like you know like I feel like It’s already a system for black kids out Here and

That that that put us in a position Where we get distracted I went to high school in Sheepshead Bay So athlete did you play sports or did Things get better or things didn’t Really get better so it was like just Look still self-esteem Mission no Self-esteem you know Um but it was getting a little better Where I was like you know I was able to So I was working while I was in school I was able to To you know buy myself some nice Sneakers or whatnot when I was working While I was in school you know like Working off the books though walking off The books just just to get some Some nice pair of sneakers and whatnot You know Uh So I was So I was facing the stage of Transcending to a uh a loser to a cool Kid to a fresh kid you know Wayne cool Clothes and stuff like that because I Got it I got myself a job while I was in High school just and that’s the reason I Got myself a job was because I’m like I’ll be tired of people making fun of How I dress you know so I’m like you Know what And I gotta start looking fresh man so We’re playing the sports nah I didn’t Even have the time to like play sports I

Was working and going to school so that Was I was just trying to look fresh so I Was like I’m guessing I’m gonna get a job so I Could Afford to buy me some clothes and Jordans and whatnot while I’m in high School I’m involved in drugs anything at This point crime Street crime fighting Uh not really Like I was around it but I wasn’t really Involved in it like that you know it was Getting there because sometimes I was on My way I was cutting school you know I Wasn’t going to school just to even work More you know just to work more make More money and Um you know like I said the first day I got caught smoking weed literally I Was just smoking weed in um my room my Mom caught me smoking weed with a group Of friends I thought she was at work you Know because she usually work like so She would work the time I would come Back from school that’s the time she Would she would be working so when she’s Working It’s like damn I’ll bring the I’ll bring My friends over And we just show but the first time we Like all right let’s try to smoke some Weed we did and um That was the first time I got caught too So it’s like she was she she saw that it

Was like nah y’all gotta go back to Nigeria So that’s when she sent this back and Then when did you come back to America At the age of 1922 you finished high School over in Nigeria I finished it Here so like um I had one more year in Nigeria so I just Finished it here After High School what was the plan So My plan was to what year is this This was Um I know I was like 19. Yeah let me see Yeah I’ll say 2010 no 2011. okay yeah so So you know my plan was to become a Physical therapist first of all not a Matter of fact My plan was to become a mechanical Engineer You know so When I was like that when I was in um The high school out here I was working Out I was I started my workout Journey For real for real and I was were you an Athlete nah I was just working out you Know I was just working out I don’t know What it is I just felt like I need to work out you know because Um so in Nigeria like I would fetch Water every morning that would be like a Good exercise if you walk blocks like

About Three to four times or probably five Times you know back and forth with a Heavy bucket in my head And that’s the water we’re using to Drink Eat cook everything that’s the water We’re using for everything yeah to clean Our eyes after this [ __ ] taking [ __ ] This is water for lots of water for Everything bro so like That that would take like about 20 to 30 Minutes and that would be like a good Workout for me You know good nice workout so Coming out here Um I still wanted to stay active you Know I would do a little push-ups too in Nigeria here and there so once I I um we Had a gym class I’m like oh there’s a Gym class okay cool We didn’t really have a gym class in Nigeria so I’m like Okay cool so I was Consistently going to the gym And It was something I was like slowly Having a passion for you know so after I Graduated Um High School I was like [ __ ] uh Mechanical engineering I want to do that But while I was in college BMCC for Mechanical engineering I’m like uh

It seemed really it like you know it’s Like I’m I’m just I found myself doing Something just to have a nice career job You know but it’s not that I have Passion for it or anything like I’m just Like This is just gonna be a career job so I still was continuing my fitness Journey and I realized I have extreme Passion for Fitness calisthenics so Started my YouTube channel while I was Doing that Probably like 2012 2013. Yeah yeah Nah actually I didn’t And you say Um 20 14. I’ll say 2014. yeah I started my YouTube Channel just doing regular like push-up Videos yeah so like I watched the first I watched The Ball Brothers like about Two years probably like 2016 I watched The ball brothers and everything is Beast mode juice from beast mode Um I was like damn so I was I was like Before that I was I would lift a little Bit of weight and do push-ups but Basics You know Pull-Ups Just Basics like I wasn’t really like I don’t really have the knowledge but I

Know like I just love working out and Looking good You know and just being able to be a Little stronger to protect myself so I watched that that video and I was like Truly inspired I was like damn This is like this is like taking work Out to the extreme like they don’t you Know to me I was looking at it like damn It don’t really go beyond this like You’re just taking this [ __ ] to the Extreme level it was punching each other In the stomach you know and the things That you know we’re doing now so it was Like damn I was like [ __ ] this is this Is good so that that kind of hit me you Know and I’m just looking them up I’m Like damn And I kind of saw a video of them saying Like I saw a video a post they made About you know they they uh They dropped out of college to do this And just fire people I’m like yo this is Cool So you know I’m like yo I would like to Do that too but I’m not gonna drop out Of college I’m just I’m gonna do the Same I’m gonna start my YouTube channel You know show people No Bam Bam um When I met you You I met you I found love you heard of you around 2018.

By that time your channel was pretty Much established you had 50 60 000 Subscribers yeah 40 000 somewhere in There you were established And then me and you met to do a collab And you was like yo Sean you was on the Bus he was like yo Sean yeah Um I don’t know if I’m gonna keep doing I don’t know about this YouTube I’m Going to school it’s in the way either The school is in the way or the YouTubers yeah and you almost quit YouTube yeah yeah so as recently as 2018 2019 yeah so I gotta give you a story on That so like I had like I already have I Had a son you know my son was probably Like two years old at the time I was Working full-time And I was also doing YouTube and a Student a full-time student So Being a student right doing all of that Getting all that because I was getting Paid from YouTube too it wasn’t a lot But I was getting paid you know Sometimes I’ll get paid a lot sometimes I won’t but I was getting paid so and I Was working full-time And I had a kid so I wasn’t getting Financial aid because I was working Full-time and I also had some type of Income from YouTube and they was able to See that so I wasn’t I wasn’t getting I wasn’t getting financial aid so that’s

The message that I was telling you about That My my tuition fee right My tuition fee was probably like Oh no I think it was like I don’t I wouldn’t want to say the Amount probably like it cost me like 4 000 or whatever I think it was it was around that that Amount four thousand or six thousand so Around that But that was when YouTube had paid me The most you know what I’m saying I think YouTube gave me like four Thousand or three thousand that month And I ended up paying the whole money That I made from YouTube For my tuition The job the money I made from the job It was like I’ve paid a little bit For it And I it just it just hit me like what I’m like yo I gotta revise my [ __ ] what The [ __ ] am I doing I’m like what is my purpose like what am I doing like I’m paying School I’m paying school what I made off my Personal Business Revenue it does it doesn’t make Any sense to me It’s like It’s like It didn’t make any sense to me I was

Just like nah this [ __ ] don’t make sense Like and I’m like what if I wasn’t doing YouTube what if I was just working And I’m like [ __ ] how would I have paid I’m like damn How would I have paid for tuition yeah So I’m like I said one of these got to go One of them got to go Show me so I was still thinking I’m still grinding Though I’m like [ __ ] it Whatever I’m still gonna keep grinding You know I met you I expect you what was Going on Um Honestly what really happened was when 2020 hit When 2020 hit and I feel like it was a Lot for a lot of people for it was a Blessing and It probably was um Also uh Kirsch for a lot of people You know because Um Because That was the year where it was like my Job just told me like yo you gotta let You go Like they laid me off it wasn’t like I Quit it was like yo we gotta let you go Man And You know schools was basically also like

Kind of on shutdown too even though they Was doing the online classes but around That time too that was when I I took a Semester off just to really Just to really just get my head right Because all that that right there it was Kind of like just took me off I’m like How did I Like that 4 000 I could have used to Invest in more stuff from my YouTube Channel maybe a camera or maybe my merch I’m like something to make more money so I’m just like What am I doing you know like I’m not I’m not giving proper time for Everything so I need I need to just Recollect What I’m doing so You know I decided to take a semester Off of when I decided to take a semester Off that’s when 2020 hit it was like oh [ __ ] so I got laid off my job I’m like [ __ ] I can’t go back to school right now It’s too much going on So I’m like YouTube was all I got to pay My rent to pay my phone bill food My kid All of that YouTube was all I got to Take care of and I was while and guys Real Talk the whole time I was helping My mom pay rent Two My mom my mom had moved to another state She had moved to DC

Um again before that so I was hoping to Pay rent at the same time So [Music] It was just it was either that or Nothing so I’m like yo this this is this Is all I got now so it put me in a Position where like yo This is this is what she’s just gonna Have to do like like I had no choice you Know what I’m saying like And I survived and this is where I am Now you know so What that taught me to was like I was Just scared you know what I’m saying I Was just scared of a system like you Know there’s a system programming our Heads especially in my head for sure There was a system program like You can’t you can’t leave school you got To go to school you got to graduate so You can have a job and you could get a 401k and you know blah blah You know all of that That [ __ ] was so programmed in my head That I had to do everything I’m like Nas And I had a passion For what I was doing too and I couldn’t Leave it so because I had this the the system program in my Head I couldn’t I had to do everything At once Not knowing I could just do what I’m Passionate about I could just stick to

Whatever I want I want to do you know I Don’t have to go to school I don’t have To have a job You know like they say a job is called J-o-b just over broke you know like I Don’t have I don’t need that like I Could survive off of doing what I love And I won’t be stressed out because when I was in my job I love my all of my I Love my co-workers and my boss good People for sure but like And I wasn’t really happy to me like It wasn’t really happening man Baby Now your Channel Um You hook up with Brawley yeah And You guys just Explode you know you guys change You got creative Um Fusing a little bit of working out in With it you know never skipping like This but you added a new dimension as Far as meeting random Squad your channel really took off and Now today you got a quarter of a million Subscribers Um household name known worldwide Uh New York City calisthenics Legend Um You know how does that feel and What changed when you hooked up with

With Raleigh and talked about Difficulty of YouTube people think YouTube is easy oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah so like that’s why I love my Brother probably man for sure Probably games man so I’m not gonna front around that time When I hit like 99 000 subscribers you stuck there for me I’m stuck there man and it was so Noticed it was so noticeable that I was Stuck there because It’s like it’s like 99 . like five or six so it’s like That’s a number that’s so close to a Hundred thousand you know what I’m Saying if I was stuck at like You know 70 or 80 then it’s kind of like you know It’s like for me I I don’t know Personally I’m just like yo You could tell like this guy stuck this Like damn he’s only like 500 subscribers Away from a hundred what’s going on Man for like five months if I hear some [ __ ] I don’t know like three months Probably I don’t know five months but You know like I didn’t care about the Numbers though like So me and Broly we started um we started First we started the Super Saiyan Challenge in general We did the Super Saiyan challenge so for 30 months for 30 days straight the first

Month We We did 3 000 reps that’s a thousand Push-ups uh thousand squats and maybe a Thousand countries or whatever we’re Like yo this that’s us thinking crazy Like this is gonna change the game blah Blah live okay cool and it did it Changed the game as far as like yo [ __ ] know he disciplined like [ __ ] know we put in work we Work out crazy we you know it’s showing Yeah Yeah you know anything I was going live Yeah he was going live every day so it Could have been you know don’t don’t Matter if it was 5 000 views four Thousand views some was like 1 000 views But they know like these linkers put in Work look a lot of our subscribers they Asking for the Super Saiyan times for Next year for me so they know that I They did that they put in work so After the Super Saiyan challenge it was Kind of like All right cool You know the last day that um I think it Was the 31st she was like yo For the last day For the last day right We’re gonna do For the last day we’re gonna do 10 000 reps Ten thousand push-ups yeah

For the whole day we’re like the whole Day that’s what that’s gonna change the Game Man at that same time we were still in My that’s that’s around the time we went To Miami And we kept prolonging that last day Like you know a week with the past two Weeks like nah the last Day’s coming Though it’s coming And that’s when we started like That’s when Um Broly games he spotted this girl You know Uh he was on shrooms but we just took Shrooms he’s like yo He was working out for the whole day He was working out with all shrooms he Was just working out And it was like yo damn man You got to do something bro we just keep Working out like It’s mad girls I’m like yeah but we like Yo you know The [ __ ] we do man like What what are we gonna do with girls Like Yo spot them I was like what It’s like oh you like Oh to me I’m like yo this room just Kicking in this dude head man he’s Bugging up So He’s like nah I’m gonna squat I’m gonna

Squat these girls bro Like Bro like I’ll hold the camera for you But I ain’t doing all that man So This girl walks up to him She’s like you know you know how the Miami boxes Kind of naked like she has just a bronze Bikini on and [ __ ] She walks up to him she touches his Chest like damn It’s like oh word Picture up I don’t know she’s shocked Like oh [ __ ] I’m filming it and he squats her He squats her And then she’s like damn you strong and Then after that he smacks your ass It’s like and I’m still holding this [ __ ] And I’m like boom after I hit that I’m Like yo I’m like yo bro Um I was still recording why you smacked The ass I don’t know if you want to cut That part or like I don’t know like I don’t think I was even telling them I Don’t think you should post it man Because like That [ __ ] just looks so It looks so sexual like you know like It’s like YouTube may not agree with it

Yeah it’s not even YouTube man I agree I’m thinking all subscribers is like you Know how you know how us our subscribers Be like so I’m like He probably like nah man Poster right and he didn’t he was so he Was so like Tripped out That he titled it he titled it proof Like that was the title of that was the First title of it I’m like What the hell and he posted at midnight Too And the joint got had like 10 000 views In the first hour I’m like yo what the [ __ ] but I’m like yo bro I think you Should change the title And then he changed it he was like I don’t lift weights I left a woman I’m like bruh you were Supposed to put left but he put left so He still he’s still kind of [ __ ] up in The spelling because he was still a Little trippy and [ __ ] But the [ __ ] was getting like 10 000 Views an hour And the [ __ ] hit like I think this [ __ ] hit a million Within that day or two or something I Was just like whoa You guys knew he was onto something yeah I still I still thought it was a little Crazy but I’m like damn this is crazy Yeah but that was that was what yeah on

His channel so that’s what sparked the Whole thing so he that’s why I got to Give it to him he changed the whole game With that So I was just like I I still kind of felt a little like I’m Like I don’t think this is a good idea but I Him he’s like you know he’s he’s why He’s like yo that [ __ ] hit a million I’m Gonna do this every day so he I’m just Recording He’s crying big girls all types of girls And them ships was doing the same type Of numbers I was like what the them Shits will hit up like Half a million if not a million two Hundred thousand within the day I’m like Oh nah okay I’m gonna do this too now [ __ ] so I was doing it with him it was Doing the same numbers for me I was like Oh [ __ ] And [ __ ] got to a point where it was Like 10 million in a couple days I’m Like [ __ ] man my channel yeah my channel Was exploding from I was meeting people Out of nowhere like it would never skip Black day I was like oh [ __ ] so now baby How does that feel now Uh because I It happens to me a lot you go places you Sit somewhere and somebody comes up to You they know you from your channel yo

Uh how does that feel people say yo you Saved my life it’s the best feeling man That thing is the best feeling Um Yo that’s what I do it for like it Touches it touches a part of my soul Like it’s like damn It feels it feels like purpose you know So like Any time that I don’t feel like like Doing this [ __ ] or like [ __ ] gets hard Sometimes you you know how it is man Sometimes you don’t get the money or Views or [ __ ] just ain’t going how it’s Supposed to go You know I just focus on that like Purpose you know I think about those People because I’ve had people tell me Stories man I thought people telling me Like yo because they watched my video They was able to start Um their career you know because they Started working out and it it just took Them out of that that lazy Um mentality you know so it’s like There’s a lot of things workout can do For a person you know [ __ ] it does a lot For me you know I feel like anybody that I work out has some type of discipline You know so and if you apply that Discipline to any other aspect of your Life Silver like I said treat life like a Workout you’ll be good you’ll survive so

Baby sometimes being a YouTuber Gets monotonous and You kind of get maybe sick of it not Really super sick of it but you know Kind of like annoyed with it sometimes Yeah yeah yeah man like but You know I feel like It could be a matrix sometimes and I try Not to get caught up in that Matrix you Know yeah like oh the numbers ain’t Doing good we ain’t getting views It’s like so what keep going what is What is your purpose though it’s not Even to keep posting what is your Purpose why are you doing the YouTube Thing you always got to go back to that Why Oh because it’s changing this person’s Life and this person’s life and it’s Helping this person become a better Person they stop doing drugs they Working out now they’re eating healthy They stop smoking cigarettes they blow Okay That is way more important than views Than money it What what could be more what could be Better than that you know like if I die I would know like [ __ ] I didn’t help I Don’t help somebody around the world Yeah change their life Even if it’s just one person I know like Oh [ __ ] I did something you know What’s on the uh The Story of My Life @THEPODCASTWITHSOUL

Horizon so in the future for bad bad Goku Punk Yo The same thing man just getting better At it honestly you know people be like New year new me nah it’s the same thing Trying to get more creative on how to Inspire people to become better and That’s that’s just it like you know You know and maybe Maybe we’re gonna have more people on [ __ ] my son’s gonna be me and my son Gonna have a channel and do this thing And my other family you know maybe maybe We should uh maybe I’ll find a woman That’s what My purpose and like we all gonna do it As a family that’s probably the only Changes I don’t see but Still gonna be the same purpose So it ain’t my end Like It’s just gonna the purpose man If the purpose is to if the purpose is To build a building To create a building or make a building Or like create an ice cream then that’s The purpose like yo making ice cream Keep making ice creams like it’s There’s no oil the only thing that’s Gonna happen is we made more ice creams You know what I’m saying so that’s just Gonna keep Rising I’m saying there’s no Limit so when people ask for the future. The Story of My Life @THEPODCASTWITHSOUL

There’s no limit the sky’s the limit so It’s like It’s going to be the same thing but We’re just gonna keep gonna keep Fighting we’re gonna keep building it You know they might be limits sometimes Um there might be setbacks but we keep Pushing Hey man thank you for sitting down with Me man yeah and if you listen all Bam Bam’s links and everything is going to Be underneath this video y’all make sure Y’all follow them support them and uh Bambam appreciate you man we’ll talk to You later thank you man absolutely peace Peace. The Story of My Life @THEPODCASTWITHSOUL

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