The Hidden Cause of Anemia You’ve Never Heard About

Learn more about an interesting hidden cause of H. pylori and discover the best natural alternatives to get rid of H. pylori.


0:00 Introduction: What causes anemia?
0:10 H. pylori explained
3:28 The treatment for H. pylori
4:52 Potential remedies for H. pylori
7:35 Learn more about the causes of anemia!

Did you know H. pylori is behind some cases of anemia? H. pylori is a type of bacteria that most of the population already has. When the timing and environment are just right, H. pylori can come out of remission and create all sorts of problems.

H. pylori primarily causes issues like gastritis, ulcers, and stomach atrophy. It typically comes out of remission when the stomach loses acidity. Some people are also more susceptible to getting an H. pylori infection.

H. pylori bacteria also have unique survival mechanisms that help them thrive. One of these mechanisms leads to iron and B12 deficiencies. If you’re taking vitamin B12 and iron for anemia and it’s not helping, it could be because the real problem is in the stomach.

The typical treatment for H. pylori is months of antibiotics. But, if you develop antibiotic resistance to H. pylori, they won’t work anymore. Antibiotics can also have side effects. We need to look at alternatives to get rid of H. pylori naturally.

The best natural alternatives:
1. Take natural antibiotics (sulforaphane and wormwood extract)
2. Support your stomach by taking zinc
3. Take betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar (if gastritis, inflammation, and ulcers are non-existent)
4. Take a probiotic or consume probiotic foods (sauerkraut and pickles)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness of a hidden cause of H. pylori and natural alternatives for getting rid of H. pylori. I’ll see you in the next video.

Today I'm going to talk about the hidden Source of anemia both B12 and iron Anemia that you probably have never Heard before and this involves a microbe Called H pylori and each pylori is a Fascinating bacteria that the majority Of the population have already in their Stomach and when the timing in the Environment is just right it can come Out of remission and create all sorts of Problems primarily with gastritis Inflammation of the stomach Ulcers as well as atrophy of your Stomach so the stomach starts shrinking Out of all the places to exist why would You want to live in an acid stomach Right and also it actually eats iron Right that's one of the things it eats Now typically what causes this microbe To come out of remission and create Problems is when the stomach pH Oses the acidity okay so the more Alkaline your stomach becomes the more That that microbe can survive and Potentially come out of remission when The pH becomes more alkaline as well as In individuals that are susceptible like Their immune system is weaker as a Survival mechanism it also has a enzyme Called Urease which basically causes the Breakdown of urea and then that turns Into ammonia Now this is a survival mechanism because

Ammonia is that it's extremely alkaline It has a pH of like 11. I mean think About this we have the stomach which has A pH between 1.5 to 3 which is like Battery acid so you have a pH of 11 for Ammonia it's super alkaline and that Allows this microbe to exist and Thrive Now there's also another component Molecular mimicry okay what is that that Is another survival mechanism where that Microbe can mimic your own stomach cells And so it's trying to go underneath the Radar and for the most part your immune System is tricked by that but not a Hundred percent a lot of times there's An immune reaction okay and then what That immune reaction does is it starts Attacking your own stomach cells As well as something called the Intrinsic factor and both of those Situations lead you to a very severe B12 Deficiency And then when the stomach atrophies Because of this microbe now you're going To get what's called pernicious anemia Which is a B12 condition in the first Phase when you have gastritis you have a Lot of inflammation and you have a lot More acid and that quickly decreases as There's more and more damage to the Stomach and you start having atrophy and You lose the function of these little Gastric cells and then the stomach Becomes more alkaline so you start off

Being too acid and then it goes over Here to alkaline okay and that's just a Survival mechanism and when your stomach Is not alkaline now we lose the ability To absorb iron we can't activate iron That's inactive to the active form we Can't absorb iron so now we become iron Deficient so we have both an iron Deficiency and the B12 deficiency not a Good situation So here you are taking all this iron Taking all this B12 and wondering why It's not working you're trying to fix This thing but there's something else Going on completely underneath it and of Course once you're diagnosed with H Pylori the treatment is at least two Months of antibiotics okay usually Multiple antibiotics and the real Unfortunate problem with that is that a Lot of people end up with antibiotic Resistance to this H pylori microbe so Now The antibiotics won't work anymore okay Because the microbes quickly counter That mechanism so here you are two Months of therapy right you have all These side effects of the condition as Well as all the side effects from the Antibiotic in your gut and other places This is why the treatment for H pylori With antibiotics is uh it's not very Successful long term because they're not Looking down the road of what's really

Happening they're thinking that this Microbe is the problem and so they just Need to wipe it out and then the problem Solved when in fact it's just the tip of The iceberg there's a lot more to do With the pH of your stomach the strength Of your immune system which now you just Weaken because of the antibiotics now we Still have gastritis we might have Ulcers we have atrophy of the stomach We also now can't protect ourselves Against microbes that are coming in from Our food so now we have an increased Tendency to get infections to the body Viruses bacteria fungal You Name It We Also can't absorb minerals too well we Also can't break down protein too well So you can see this problem goes from Bad to worse what could we do about this I would recommend taking something that Is more of a natural antibiotic that is Not as potent you have to take it longer But there's minimal side effects okay And one of the best things they've Researched on this is sulforaphane which Is interesting because it's not really a Plant it's a chemical in a plant it's in Broccoli Sprouts sauerkraut it's in the Cruciferous vegetables so sulforaphane Is a compound is a potent anti-microbial And the extra cool thing about this is This it can work against antibiotic Resistant microorganisms and infections Okay so if you have this antibiotic

Resist instant microbe well sulforaphane Can actually still work on that whereas A antibiotic won't work on that so we're Taking a natural remedy not as potent But we're taking it longer to make sure That we do this without the side effects So that's step one you may also want to Add another natural antibiotic called Wormwood okay wormwood extract and you Don't have to take much you just take a Small amount over a long period of time And I'm talking about three to four Months now you can get yourself Aerophane from a supplement or I would Recommend better yet get it from Microgreens or Sprouts broccoli Sprouts Or broccoli micro greens right and have A little bit of that every day in your Salad that's what I would recommend the Next thing I'm going to recommend as a Solution is zinc there's many different Forms of zinc you can take but it's more Important to just get zinc than to focus On what type of form of Zinc but zinc Can be very effective against Ulcers Gastritis as well as healing the stomach And helping you build up your Hydrochloric acid and so once the Gastritis settled down and the ulcer is Healed then we want to add betaine Hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar to Your stomach but not until the ulcer is Gone and the inflammation is gone the

Other thing that you want to do that can Greatly help Put things back in the balance is to Either take a really good probiotic or Better yet start consuming a little Sauerkraut or even some pickles there Are certain microbes in sauerkraut and Pickles that are very beneficial to help Counter this H pylori because remember We have the good bacteria and the bad Bacteria right so we want to increase The good from this probiotic or the Sauerkraut and help counter the Situation and plus sauerkraut also has Sulforaphane and it's really good for The digestion if someone has gastritis Or for that matter any digestive issues All right so now that you know this Other source of anemia which is very Valuable if you have anemia probably Important to show you the other causes Of anemia okay and I put that up right Here check out the video

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