The FIRST Sign of Gallstones over 80% of the Time

Discover the first sign of gallstones and find out the best ways to get rid of gallstones naturally.

Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting Basics:

0:00 Introduction: The most common symptoms of gallstones
0:38 Other signs of gallstones or a gallbladder issue
1:55 What causes gallstones?
5:22 Risk factors for getting gallstones
7:05 How to get rid of gallstones naturally
8:20 Learn more about how to dissolve gallstones!

Today, we’re going to talk about the most common symptom of gallstones and natural remedies for gallstones.

It turns out that the most common symptom of gallstones is having no symptoms at all. 80% of people with gallstones don’t experience any symptoms until the situation worsens.

Other symptoms of gallstones or a gallbladder problem:
• Pain or tightness under the right ribcage
• Pain under the right rhomboid
• Pain in the neck that runs up the side of the face
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Bloating
• Belching
• Jaundice
• Dark urine
• Pale stool

Gallstones can form when a person has high cholesterol and a lack of bile. Bile helps thin and eliminate cholesterol. A deficiency of bile is the real problem.

The gallbladder is an important organ that helps you store and concentrate bile and absorb fat-soluble nutrients.

Bile sludge is a common problem that can also cause pain, even when there aren’t any stones. Bile sludge can occur at different times but can be a complication after having your gallbladder removed, causing some of the same symptoms that lead you to have surgery.

Risk factors for getting gallstones:
• Pregnancy
• Birth control pills
• Obesity
• Type-2 diabetes
• Liver disease
• Constipation
• Low folate
• Taking PPIs
• Consuming a high-carb diet
• Consuming a low-fat diet

Natural ways to help get rid of gallstones:
1. Take purified bile salts and probiotics
2. Consume salad
3. Use acupressure
4. Decrease your insulin (do intermittent fasting and go on the keto diet)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the first sign of gallstones. Give these remedies a try to help get rid of gallstones. I’ll see you in the next video.

Today we're going to discuss the first Symptom that occurs with gallstones Over 80 percent of the time okay and I'm Also going to talk about the fastest way To dissolve a gallstone if you have a Gallstone and let's dive right into the First symptom that occurs over 80 Percent of the time and that would be Asymptomatic that's right there's no Symptoms eighty percent of the time when A person has gallstones right you don't Even know you have them unless they get Lodged into a duct where it creates Distension and pressure you might even Not know you have them until they get Really bad other than that are there any Other symptoms and yes there is You're normally going to feel a Sensation underneath the right rib cage Kind of like a a fullness a tightness or A pain you may feel pain in your right Rhomboid that muscle between your Scapula and the mid part of your spine And the back part there you may even Have pain that runs up to this side of Your face right here these are all Indications that there's something going On with the gallbladder it doesn't Necessarily have to be a stone it could Be very small micro stones that are Really hard to identify even on an MRI You can also experience nausea Vomiting bloating belching jaundice now Why would you have jaundice like where

Your skin is yellow well that's because The gallstone is blocking the bowel duct And we're getting a backup of bile into The liver and that is coming out through Into the blood and into your skin And some of that is something called Bilirubin which is kind of a byproduct Of your red blood cells and that can Create a yellowing effect of your skin You may also notice that your urine is Darker than it should be yet your stool Is pale it's no longer dark brown now Let's talk about how to get rid of a Gallstone really quick it really is Important for you to understand what Causes a gallstone first and that will Explain everything many people think Gallstones come from consuming too much Fat fatty foods right or foods high in Cholesterol because a gallstone is made Out of cholesterol so just by knowing That if you eat more cholesterol you're At risk for getting a stone right well Actually no you're not the reason why Stones develop Is for two reasons one is you have this High amount of cholesterol coming Through the body and and this is the Most important thing you have a lack of Bile salts and this number two thing is Usually ignored they think it's just a Cholesterol but what keeps the Cholesterol thinned is the bile salts Bile is the primary mode of elimination

Of cholesterol okay it goes to the bile Ducts the more bile you have the more Elimination of cholesterol that you have So in reality you develop gallstones Because you don't have enough bile okay And all of those symptoms that I Mentioned are really symptoms of a bile Deficiency you have this gallbladder Right it's not an extra organ that You're developing you really need the Gallbladder the gallbladder has a very Very important purpose of storing and Concentrating the bile salts why do you Need concentrated bile because that Concentrated bile is then Released by the gallbladder into your Small intestine to help you break down The fats if you just put bile into the Small intestine without it being Concentrated you're not nearly going to Have the effect that you should to help Extract the fat soluble nutrients like Vitamin A D E K1 K2 Omega-3 fatty acids things like that and So this bile helps break down this fat To a certain degree but then the Pancreas releases its enzyme called Lipase to help break it down even Smaller and so when you don't have a Gallbladder because they removed it now You just have a tube from your liver to The small intestine okay you don't get Any more concentration of the bile and Then you may have a hard time digesting

Fats and absorbing these fatsiable Nutrients now on a rare occasion when They do the surgery they might have made This duct maybe a little bit too big and Now we get too much bile coming into the Small intestine and the biggest symptom For that would be diarrhea and also not Enough bile is constipated shin and There's another term I want to tell you About it's called choleostasis and I Think that's a really common problem Where you don't have a stone it's kind Of like sludge so you have bio sludge It's a lot of cholesterol but you don't Have enough bile and it kind of just Sits there and it causes a lot of pain And you do the ultrasound you don't see Any stone there's also a syndrome that Occurs after you have your gallbladder Removed that you now have complications Too and I want to bring that up because Sometimes people will downplay that but It can occur up to 40 percent of the Time and can you take a wild guess what The biggest symptom is after surgery Cholestasis this bile sludge and that Can give you the same symptoms as you Had before you had the surgery with a Gallstone because they removed the stone But they didn't remove the cause of the Stone which is the lack of bile problem Other risk factors for getting Gallstones would be pregnancy because Because you have this spike in estrogen

Too much estrogen can put you at risk For a gallstone also taking birth Control pills which is more estrogen Obesity and type 2 diabetes simply Because You can have higher levels of insulin Which also can aggravate and increase The risk of gallstones liver disease can Put you at risk why because the liver Actually makes bile salts okay and the More problems you have to deliver Whether it's fatty or liver disease Whatever the less bile you're going to Make constipation I already talked about That that could put you at risk actually Just the bile deficiency can cause the Symptom of constipation and also if You're low in folate okay this could be More of a genetic problem or just you Don't consume any vegetables so you Don't get any folate Folate helps the conversion of Cholesterol to bile salts so people that Are on a Statin drug don't have the Cholesterol to make bile and a lot of Times they have a bile deficiency and Then they have all of these symptoms Also if you're on ppis these are Antacids that can create a big problem Or an increased risk of gallstones Simply because you need that ass in your Stomach to trigger the liver to release Bile salts a high carb diet which Increases insulin can also put you at

Risk and even a low of fat diet can put You at risk why because one of the Triggers for the release of bile is fat And if you don't have enough like let's Say you're a vegetarian or a vegan that Could put you at risk for getting Gallstones so what is the solution what Do we do This first solution is to take purified Biosols with some probiotic one with Meals and you take one an empty stomach Twice a day okay sometimes you need more But you're going to take this over a Period of time what this is going to do Is going to help to dissolve the stone Because we have a situation where we Have a super concentrated amount of Cholesterol but not enough bile salt so We need more bile salt realize that your Gut makes bile two so we really need to Also support the microbiome with some Probiotic and I think a really good way To do that would be to consume like Sauerkraut or kimchi or even kefir Eating more salad be beneficial the Fiber in the salad helps to bind with Some of the cholesterol so that's one Cool thing also you're going to get Folate which will help you make this Conversion to make more bile I would Also manually massage underneath your Right rib cage and the left rib cage to Help maybe push some of the sludge Through and many times that will give

You a tremendous amount of relief and The last thing to do is to decrease your Insulin okay because insulin can Increase your risk and you do that two Ways intermittent fasting and number two Going on a low carb diet and if you're Not familiar with that I put a link down Below but I think the most important Thing for you to watch now because You're watching this video and you're Concerned about gallstones is to learn How to do this manual flushing okay this Massage in your gallbladder and I put That video up right here check it out

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