The Best Blood Test for Cancer

Find out how you can potentially catch a problem before it turns into a big problem with this important blood test for cancer.


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There is an interesting blood test you can get that helps screen for cancer and determine the severity of damage there is to the cells if you have cancer. When you get a blood test done, you may want to consider getting this test. It’s called a lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme test.

When a cell dies or ruptures, it leaks out certain things, including an enzyme called lactate dehydrogenase. This enzyme generates energy for cancer cells.

There are five different types of this enzyme, and the number you test positive for can help determine where the problem is in the body. When you order the test, it may be helpful to test for all five of the different enzymes, also called isomers.

This blood test won’t tell you what type of cancer you have, but it can help tell you if there is damage and the severity of damage in the cells. You can also use this test to monitor progress over time.

A younger person or a person who does intense exercise may have higher values that appear on the test, giving a false picture of what’s happening. Certain medications, narcotics, or alcohol may also increase the values. On the flip side, taking high amounts of vitamin C can reduce this enzyme, also giving you a false picture.

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Thanks for watching! The next time you have a blood test, ask about this important test for cancer. I’ll see you in the next video.

There’s a really important test That you can get that can help someone Screen out cancer and so when you go to The doctor and you get a blood test I Would always recommend getting this one Test unfortunately a lot of doctors Don’t use this test I don’t know why They don’t but it can be a very good Test to help screen out cancer determine If you have cancer and to the severity Of how much damage there is in the cell When the cell dies or it ruptures Because of some trauma it leaks out Certain things and one of the things That will leak out is an enzyme called Lactate Dehydrogenase okay anytime they have ace At the end that means it’s an enzyme so Without getting too technical this Enzyme basically generates energy for The cancerous cell and it’s involved in A certain biochemical pathway that Involves converting something to lactate Thus the term lactate dehydrogenase and So without this enzyme the cancer can’t Get in energy so there are certain Cancer therapies that they’re looking at To Target this enzyme it’s a test called Lactate dehydrogenase Isoenzyme test now the only problem with This test is it doesn’t tell you Specifically what type of cancer you Have so I’m going to kind of go through Some things because this can actually be

Very helpful so if you look at tissue Damage in this enzyme let’s say for Example you had a heart attack well You’re going to find higher amounts of This enzyme in your blood if you had a Stroke okay that’s damage in the brain So you’re going to find higher amounts Of this enzyme if you had kidney disease Or liver disease you’re going to find Higher amounts of this enzyme anything That involves destruction of the cell Could raise this enzyme and of course Because cancer destroys your cells you Will also find high lactate Dehydrogenase involved in cancer now There are five different types of this Enzyme and so if you get this test it Might be helpful if you get all of the Enzymes okay and it goes through one Through five and they’re called isomers Abbreviated LDH so depending on what Specific number you test positive for You can determine what part of the body That you have a problem in so it might Be helpful when you order the test to Make sure you get all those isomers so What this test won’t do is tell you what Specific type of damage that you have But it will tell you you have damage and The severity of damage in your cells Cancer cells hog glucose way way more Than normal cells so this test can be Valuable because it can give you an Indication of cell tissue damage you can

Also use it to monitor progress over Time now normal adult would have a range Between 140 and 280 units per liter but Of course if someone’s a lot younger Like even an infant they’re going to Have much higher values there’s some Other things that you need to be aware Of too so if you did intense excessive Exercise and it’s very high realize it’s Probably from the exercise certain Coaches are using this test for their Olympic athletes to determine how much Damage is occurring after a workout and If they’re over training or not which Could be valuable as well the other Thing is if you’re taking a lot of Vitamin C that can reduce the amount of This enzyme to give you kind of a false Picture of what’s happening so I just Want to point that out too also certain Drugs like aspirin narcotics and even Alcohol can raise this enzyme giving you Kind of a false picture of what’s Happening inside the body but anyway I Wanted to bring your awareness up on This test because I think it could be Very beneficial to screen out certain Things to potentially catch A problem before it becomes a really big Problem and since we’re on the topic of Cancer if you have not seen my recent Video on what I think is one of the best Protocols for cancer okay and especially For prevention

I put that up right here check it out

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