The #1 Food Highest in Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is an essential part of a healthy diet. Learn more about it, and find out what the best source of vitamin K2 is.

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0:00 Introduction: The food highest in vitamin K2
0:10 Vitamin K2 explained
2:30 Vitamin K2 benefits
3:50 How to get vitamin K2
4:53 The best source of vitamin K2
8:48 Other foods rich in vitamin K2
11:10 Learn more about vitamin K2!

Today we’re going to talk about vitamin K2, and I’m going to share the best source of vitamin K2.

While vitamin K1 supports blood clotting, vitamin K2 supports calcium transportation. Vitamin K2 works with vitamin D. Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 are important to take together.

Vitamin D raises calcium in the blood, but vitamin K2 pushes calcium from the blood into the bone. Vitamin K2 also uses LDL cholesterol as part of its transportation process.

The health benefits of vitamin K2:
• It supports healthy bones
• It supports strong teeth
• It helps prevent calcium from building up in the arteries, cartilage, and joints
• It helps support healthy blood sugar levels
• It helps generate ATP (energy)
• It supports healthy testosterone levels
• It supports the brain

Vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 are fat-soluble—low-fat diets may lead to a vitamin K2 deficiency. Cheese, especially hard cheese, is a rich source of vitamin K2, with Muenster cheese at the top of the list.

Other foods high in vitamin K2:
• Grass-fed butter
• Goose liver
• Duck liver
• Duck fat
• Eel
• Beef liver
• Lamb’s liver
• Ground beef
• Grass-fed hot dogs
• High-quality bacon
• Pork
• Sauerkraut
• Cod liver oil

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Thanks for watching! The best source of vitamin K2 is cheese—make sure to include plenty of it in your diet. I’ll see you in the next video.

Let's talk about the number one food That has the most vitamin K2 but I want To just cover a little bit of history on Vitamin K2 now you see this book right Here is called nutrition and physical Degeneration by Dr Weston Price okay he Was a dentist but he did a lot of Research back in the 30s and the 40s and He visited these remote cultures that Ate very very healthy foods and he was Trying to identify what was it about Their diet that generated such amazing Teeth as compared to nowadays everyone Needs braces you know we have our wisdom Teeth pulled because there's not enough Space in her skull the teeth are Overcrowded a lot of problems with Overbite underbite not to mention my Teeth I pretty much had cavities in Every single tooth in my skull so Western price looked at calcium he Looked at the fat soluble vitamins maybe At first he thought it was vitamin D or Vitamin A or vitamin E but at the time Vitamin K2 wasn't identified side and so It was really interesting that he had a Term for it called activator X it's kind Of like the X Factor just something in Addition to these regular fat soluble Vitamins that is creating really good Teeth like really good bones good bone Structure and overall good health he Just didn't know about vitamin K2 Because it wasn't discovered yet and so

He looked at cultures in the Swiss Alps And he found that they ate a lot of Grass-fed butter and cheese and really Really natural things and so he Identified their teeth being just like Really really good fast forward we know Now it's vitamin K2 Does vitamin K1 that's all about Clotting and then there's vitamin K2 Which is all about calcium Transportation vitamin K2 works with Vitamin D okay now vitamin D helps a Person absorb calcium in the intestines By a factor of 20 times if someone Doesn't have enough vitamin D calcium Really won't be absorbed in the blood Too well And so vitamin D is all about raising Calcium in the blood but vitamin K2 Takes it to the next level it takes the Calcium from the blood and it pushes Into the bone and so the way it does This is it activates certain proteins And another thing that's really Interesting about vitamin K2 it uses a Transport system called LDL that So-called bad cholesterol that Everyone's trying to avoid well it takes A ride in LDL through the body and then It ends up in your bones so it makes Your bones really really solid it helps Certain parts of your teeth become very Very strong It keeps calcium from building up in the

Arteries it prevents vascular Calcification it also prevents calcium From ending up in your cartilage or in Your joints as an arthritis things like That so it's all about calcium Transportation it activates a very Important cell called the beta cell in Your pancreas which makes insulin more Sensitive so if a person has insulin Resistance which the majority of the Population has it can really help Someone's blood sugar by improving Insulin resistance because now it's Going to make insulin more sensitive Then your body can make less insulin it Helps generate more ATP or energy in the Muscle cell you're going to have a lot More energy To do exercise it also is involved in Supporting the cells that make Testosterone it also works on the brain It improves spatial learning as well as Memory which is pretty cool and like I Said before it also inhibits this Calcium buildup in the arteries and in The joints so you can see it's a very Very important vitamin and we need to Have it in our diet unfortunately There's no requirements or rdas for K2 Yet even though we need it now the Majority of vitamin K2 comes from Bacteria and so when a cow eats grass That is loaded with vitamin K1 that Vitamin K1 changes into Vitamin K2 with

The help of bacteria vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 are fat soluble vitamins so It is stored in fat so if someone goes Low fat or they're on medications that Block cholesterol for example example They may not get enough vitamin K2 at Least the microbes in your own gut do Make Some of the K2 that you have in your Body okay and that's made from vitamin K1 so there's a little conversion going On in your gut and as a side note E coli Is one of the bacteria that has this Ability to help you make k2 and I'm not Talking about the pathogenic version I'm Talking about the version that is fairly Friendly in your body it actually makes Certain B vitamins and it also makes Vitamin K2 from vitamin K1 which is Interesting the number one food that has The most vitamin K2 is cheese there is One other food that has more vitamin K2 But most people are not going to consume It so I didn't want to even mention that Cheese is number two but I'm just going To put it number one because most people Will consume cheese the number one Product is really NATO which is a Fermented soybean which if you ever Tasted it you probably would not like it Too much it's kind of an acquired taste It's kind of like my dad lacking Limburger cheese right which basically Has a very unique flavor which we all

Couldn't stand growing up but recently I Tasted some of it and actually now I Kind of like it it does not taste like It smells but as far as the abundance of K2 Cheese is at the very top of the list Mainly it's the hard cheeses But it's also in the soft cheeses But out of all of the hard cheeses and The soft cheeses there's one cheese that It ranks number one and that is called The monster cheese okay which is grown In the mountains of France where they Create this cheese with raw milk not the Pasteurized milk that they use in the U.S now it is true that vitamin K2 Will Survive some of the pasteurization the Heating of the cheese but it also kills Off the microbes right that are making The K2 so you're always going to find More vitamin K2 in things that are more Raw especially when we get into cheese There's all sorts of versions of vitamin K2 right there's this kind of like these Subset versions of vitamin K2 you have Like the MK4 mk7 Etc but in cheese you have MK4 MK5 you have MK6 mk7 mk8 and also MK9 so you have a huge variety of Different versions of this vitamin K2 as Compared to some other foods that may Only have one version like maybe MK4 or Mk7 but if you can find some raw cheese That would always be better usually

European cheese high quality hard Cheeses are going to have a little bit More soft cheeses will have a little bit Less but you're still going to get a Good amount of vitamin K2 in cheese now Some people are going to say well wow I Thought this saturated fat and the Cheese was bad right it's going to Create heart problems and now I'm Confused because vitamin K2 removes the Calcium out of the arteries and that Also helps prevent heart disease so What's more important removing the Calcium from the arteries or the Cholesterol that's building up from all The Scotty Foods well just to clear the Confusion I'm going to put some links Down below of some clinical trials and I Think you'll find interesting Completely refuting this data that Saturated fat will make you die earlier Or increase your risk for heart attacks Or other problems there's absolutely no Evidence to show that saturated fat is Going to worsen your health or cause Diabetes unfortunately there's Recommendations that we should increase Our unsaturated fats the omega-6 to Replace the saturated fats is bad Information now I just have to say Something about those recommendations The governmental recommendations first Of all anything related to health that's Recommended by the government

Um might not be true I mean if you think About who is the government is there one Person is there a group is there a panel Are these recommendations slightly Biased from various groups that can have Influence over these policies the answer Is a big fat yes there's definitely a Revolving door between industry and Government kind of goes back and forth So anything recommended relating to Health from the government take it with A grain of salt so we have cheese a Really good source of vitamin K2 we also Have grass-fed butter butter that is Made from cows that ate grains have very Little vitamin K2 why is that because Grains don't have a lot of K1 grass has A lot of K1 and that K1 gets converted Into the K2 so it's grass-fed it's grass Finished or another way to say that is 100 grass-fed that's what you want to Consume as far as the butter and other Foods if you want to get more K2 the Cool thing about butter is that butter Has it's like great amounts of vitamin A Vitamin E it has vitamin D and it has Vitamin K2 it's really good for someone That has osteoporosis or osteopenia or Osteomalacia or even rickets these are All problems with the bone and then you Have things like Goose liver duck liver Duck fat eel yes eel is loaded with Vitamin K2 beef liver or lamb liver Liver has vitamin K2 ground beef

Grass-fed hot dogs I'm not talking about The process you know hot dogs that you Would get when you go to a ball game or Something like that I'm talking about Like high quality grass-fed no sugar Added clean hot dogs has vitamin K2 Bacon I'm not talking about the Commercial regular bacon I'm talking About a higher quality bacon has K2 in Fact out of all the meats pork has the Most vitamin K2 which is interesting and Then you also have like sauerkraut it's A fermented product it has vitamin K2 With the help of the bacteria and also Cod liver oil is another great thing Especially for children growing up a Woman who is lactating A child who's growing up should have on A regular basis high quality cheese Unless there's some allergy and high Quality butter and cod liver oil and not Only will that help them avoid getting Braces but it's going to improve their Entire health and if you're taking Vitamin D always make sure you take Vitamin K2 with it because they work Hand in hand sometimes people are Concerned with the toxicity of vitamin D But if you take vitamin K2 okay and Magnesium you can greatly offset the Toxicity that could potentially occur if You're taking massive amounts for many Many many months now since you're on the Topic of vitamin K2 there's a lot more

To know about it you should check out This video that I did that has quite a Few views I'll put it up right here

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