The #1 Best Way to Prevent Cataracts

68% of the population over 80 years old have cataracts. Learn more about cataracts and discover the best way to prevent cataracts.


0:00 Introduction: Cataract prevention
0:10 What are cataracts?
0:22 Understanding your eye lenses
1:57 What causes cataracts?
4:55 The best cataract remedies
8:03 Learn more about what to eat to minimize glycation!

Let’s talk about the best remedies for cataracts and how to help prevent cataracts naturally. Cataracts are a problem with the lens of the eye—the lens becomes opaque and is difficult to see through.

Glycation is one of the top causes of cataracts. Glycation is a term to describe the combining of sugar with protein or sugar with fat. The more glycation occurs in a person’s lenses, the more eye problems they could experience.

Glycation could be why people with diabetes have a higher risk of cataracts and another reason why a low-sugar, low-carb diet is so important.

Top causes of cataracts:
• Glycation
• Aging
• Chronic use of steroids
• Chronic stress
• Alcohol
• Smoking
• Exposure to microwaves
• Junk foods
• Exposure to certain chemicals
• Oxidation
• High-sugar diets

The best natural remedies for cataracts:
1. Intermittent fasting
2. Cruciferous vegetables
3. Egg yolks
4. Selenium
5. Vitamin C
6. Vitamin E
7. Zinc
8. NAC
9. Thiamine (vitamin B1)
10. Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the best remedies for cataracts and the best way to prevent cataracts. I’ll see you in the next video.

Let's talk about cataracts which are Actually very common 68 of the Population over 80 years old Have cataracts so it's a big deal and Cataracts are a problem with the lens of The eye where the lens becomes opaque And you can't see through it and so Before we get into what to do about it Or how to prevent it or what to do if You haven't it's very important to Understand what is so unique about this Lens it's actually quite fascinating It's a piece of tissue that is extremely Robust okay it has no blood supply no Lymphatic system it repairs very very Fast it even has its own unique immune System it's called immune privilege Which basically makes it less immune Responsive especially to what's going on To the rest of the body if you have Grafting going on or some type of Transplant of your lens into your eye It's very unlikely that you're going to Be rejected as compared to getting other Organs donated into your body your Immune system will attack them right Away and so your body really considers This lens very very important for Survival because if you can't use the Lens and you can't see you don't survive Very well and so the reason why we Probably don't have blood vessels is Because we can't have blood vessels Because they would obstruct our vision

But the lens has a very unique type of Protein that is different from the rest Of the body that is just this Transparent protein and the lens also is Attached to a muscle that allows the Shape of the lens to be changed so this Can affect your ability to see so it Works with the adaptation mechanism to Be able to see far and near the lens of The eye typically has an incredible Ability to suppress inflammation so why Do we get cataracts the primary reason Is something called glycation okay Glycation is a term to describe the Combining of sugar with a protein or the Combining of sugar with a fat when that Happens in the body this protein becomes Unusable and so the more that this Glycation occurs in the lens of the eye The more problems you're going to have And this is why diabetics are way more At risk for cataracts than the rest of The population because they constantly Have a higher amount of sugar running Through their bloodstream and so that Tells you right there what kind of diet You should be on a low sugar low carb Diet there are other factors that Increase the risk of cataracts of course Aging which you really can't do anything About the chronic use of steroids like In prednisone things like that if you Think about steroids in general what That does is that puts your body into a

State where you're going to be using a Lot more sugar so steroids can easily Make you a diabetic because they raise Your blood sugar so that could be the Mechanism with that but also steroids Cause the immune system to be paralyzed And they shut that down and they get rid Of all inflammation and so that can Negatively affect the person if they Have this chronic exposure to steroids Or even stress because when you go Through stress you have high levels of Cortisol other things like alcohol Smoking and even exposure to microwaves So if you're cooking with the microwave And you're looking in the microwave Whoever you're around where that those Microwaves are going at your eye that Can destroy proteins in your lens as Well and the smoking and the alcohol and The junk foods and the chemicals and all That over time can create a lot of Oxidation now the lens of the eye has a Lot of protection against oxidation Because it has a lot of antioxidants it Has a tremendous amount of glutathione And if you have enough going through Your life and as you get older you're Protected against glaucoma but they Found when people have glaucoma they Nearly always have low levels of Glutathione so then that brings up this Topic of Oxidative stress what is oxidative

Stress well you have this imbalance of Too much oxidation or free radical Damage which destroys uh the molecules Of things and not enough antioxidants When you have that imbalance then you Get cataracts and of course being a Diabetic or eating a lot of sugar really Puts you in a state of a lot of Oxidation so all that Sugar flowing Through the blood vessels or into the Eye creates a major rusting effect okay Or an oxidation effect based on that Information what can you do well number One start doing intermittent fasting Immediately okay and that's going to Reduce the glycation effect of that lens Okay number two start to build up this Glutathione start to build up the Antioxidant networks of the body of Course at the same time also limit the Amount of oxidation in things that are Creating for radical damage and that Would be like the smoking the junk food The exposure to Sugar which I've already Mentioned but as far as these Antioxidants go to build up glutathione Would be very very smart so how do we Increase glutathione in the body well if You start eating foods high in Sulfur That's going to be a big step in the Right direction that would be all the Like the Cabbage the Brussels sprouts The radish the broccoli all the Cruciferous vegetables and you do want a

Good percentage of those vegetables raw Because of the enzymes and antioxidants Which are greatly affected by heat so With those vegetables the ones that you Can eat raw would be a lot better than The ones that you're going to steam or Or cook so like big salads with maybe Microgreens or sprouts and other leafy Greens would be very very beneficial Because the leafy greens also contain Lutein and zeaxanthin which are two very Powerful phytonutrients to help not only Prevent Cataracts but also macular degeneration Lutein and zeaxanthin also is in egg Yolks okay so egg yolks are really Important too but the Deep leafy green Vegetables are very important to build That up as well as building up your Glutathione some other things that will Help you build up glutathione are Selenium vitamin C vitamin E zinc and Another compound called NAC Which helps glutathione be replenished Okay and some people even go right to NAC if they have glaucoma they start Taking NAC and if it's not too bad they Can reverse it so the question is going To be well are these remedies going to Actually cure my glaucoma and the answer Is it really depends it depends how bad It is how long you've had it Uh your repair mechanisms But it can't hurt and uh if you take it

It doesn't work at least it's not going To create side effects maybe you can Create benefits in other parts of your Body but the point is I'm trying to give You the big idea of the mechanism what You should start eating on a regular Basis what you should start including in Your supplements and a greater Understanding what causes this problem In the first place now there's two other Vitamins that are also very important And I've talked about these in other Videos B1 which is thiamine and vitamin B2 which is riboflavin and these two Vitamins also not only act as an Antioxidant but they found that if You're deficient in these two vitamins Your risk for getting cataracts are much Greater now since we're on the topic of Antioxidants and oxidation and glycation If you haven't seen this video on what To eat to actually minimize this Glycation from your blood sugars I put That video up right here check it out

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