The #1 Best Remedy for Hemorrhoids

This simple three-ingredient drink is one of the best remedies for hemorrhoids. Check it out!


0:00 Introduction: Top signs of hemorrhoids
0:15 Hemorrhoid causes
1:18 The best natural remedies for hemorrhoids
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4:58 Learn more about how lemons can support your health!

Today I’m going to cover natural remedies for hemorrhoids.

Top symptoms of hemorrhoids:
• Pain
• Anal leakage
• Itchiness
• Mucus
• Bleeding
• Protrusion

It’s believed that the top causes of hemorrhoids are constipation or a lack of fiber in the diet. But, there is no proof that these issues really cause hemorrhoids.

In fact, on the opposite spectrum, diarrhea increases the risk of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is also associated with an increased risk of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins, similar to varicose veins. Excess estrogen can create vasodilation of the veins, which is why varicose veins are also common in pregnant women. This means that part of our solution needs to address excess estrogen.

Thankfully, we can look to certain foods as potential remedies for hemorrhoids. Lemons and limes contain beneficial flavonoids that make them two of the best foods for hemorrhoids.

Cruciferous vegetables can help balance estrogen while providing phytonutrients to support the body from different angles. Another great alternative remedy for hemorrhoids is stone root, also known as collinsonia root.

Here’s how to make the #1 best remedy for hemorrhoids.

• 1/2 cup of water
• 1 whole lemon
• 1/2 cup of cruciferous sprouts

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend for 30 to 40 seconds. Drink this mixture three times per day for severe hemorrhoids and three times per week once the hemorrhoids are under control. Then, continue to have this drink at least once per week for maintenance.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the best remedies for hemorrhoids. I’ll see you in the next video.

Today we're going to talk about Hemorrhoids and as you know they can be A real pain in the butt okay hemorrhoids Give you various symptoms right there Could be pain in that area anal leakage Itchiness it could be mucus there could Be bleeding protrusion it can be very Very uncomfortable and unfortunately There's just a lot of general Information about hemorrhoids what to do You know eat more fiber take a laxative Because they say that it comes from Constipation or not consuming enough Fiber but actually there is no proof on That in fact there's more risk of Getting hemorrhoids if you have diarrhea And many women who are pregnant get Hemorrhoids and so they really have Concluded that it is just too much Straining and maybe there's just a Pressure build up then you get this Dilated vein that won't come back and You're stuck with it for the rest of Your life and some people get surgery And then sometimes the problem comes Back also excess estrogen can create a Vasodilation in your veins and affect The capacity of your valves closing this Is why many women they get pregnant also Get varicose veins so if that is your Situation part of the solution must Involve dealing with this excess amount Of estrogen and so even though there's Some unknowns as far as the cause of

Hemorrhoids there is some really good Solutions that are safe and natural that I need to share with you dioxomin is one Of the flavonoids that I want to first Talk about this has been thoroughly Researched okay I'm talking about Randomize triple blinded control trials This has been known to improve chronic Venous insufficiency it also has been Effective in reducing the reoccurrence Of hemorrhoids and they also use it for Leg sores which are caused from poor Circulation in your legs there's another One called hesperidin now this flavonoid Has also been known to decrease the Symptoms of hemorrhoids it greatly Supports the endothelial function of Your circulatory system that's the inner Part of your vascular system It's very Effective as an anti-inflammatory of Course it's natural so there's no side Effects it seems to help reduce the Resistance to insulin so it helps your Blood sugars so you're probably Wondering where can I get these Flavonoids right well they're in lemons And limes okay and I'm talking about That little white part that's where all The bioflavonoids are and those Bioflavonoids help with bleeding gums Because they support the capillaries and So there's going to be less leaking of Blood now lemons have a little bit more Of this white mixture right underneath

The peel so this is the Simplicity of What you're going to do every single day Get a blender Put a half a cup of water in there stick A whole lemon in there seeds everything The peel don't peel it just stick it in There make sure it's organic and then I'm going to recommend a half a cup of Sprouts broccoli Sprouts radish Sprouts Kale sprouts cabbage Sprouts any of These cruciferous Sprouts now what's so Good about these cruciferous Browns They're going to help balance your Estrogen right if there's any problem With an over abundance of estrogen in Your body these are going to be very Potent not to mention there's a Tremendous amount of phytonutrients in These Sprouts that can help you from Different angles related to this problem Okay so we have the lemon we have the Sprouts then you're going to blend this For about 30 to 40 seconds and then You're going to drink up if the Hemorrhoids are really intense I'm going To recommend that you drink this mixture Three times a day until it's under Control and then maybe you can go down To three times a week and then maybe Just down to once a week as I'm Maintenance but many people will do it On a daily basis they'll take the whole Lemon put it in the blender with some Water blend it up maybe it'll put some

Electrolytes in there and just do it as A routine thing especially if they're on The ketogenic diet and they want to Reduce risk for kidney stones and it has Citrates in there it has a lot of really Amazing things now the other remedy that I highly suggest you add with this is Something called Stone root or what is Known as colinsonia root okay it's a Wonderful remedy for hemorrhoids that I Used in my clinic for many years it's Very effective so what you want to do is Just read the label take whatever's Recommended on the back of the label It's usually going to be either one or Two per day and Colin sonial root does a Lot of things that will actually work on Sore throats it helps with various Things with digestion but it has a very Specific effect on varicose veins and Hemorrhoids and something called portal Congestion that has something to do with The liver congestion but it actually Will help you with your hemorrhoids so There you have it the three things to Help you manage hemorrhoids and since We're on the topic of lemons if you Haven't seen my very popular video on Blending lemons I'm going to put that One up right here check it out

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