Strong girl leg workout 🔥

She really did say strong girl this year !

I’m so happy I chose to nourish my body and make it stronger than deprive it like I did for years before! I’m so happy I chose to stick to a program and make my body stronger with @evolveyou app which btw we are launching a new exciting challenge soon which you’ll love! Rather than doing endless cardio to be as small as I could! A reminder here to eat and lift 🔥


✅ SUMO SQUATS: 12/10/8/6 reps so 4 sets total
✅ BB SQUATS: 12/10/10/8/6/4 reps first two sets where more warm ups
✅ RDL: 8/6/6/4 reps
✅ SPLIT SQUATS: 6/7 reps each leg 3 sets

If you want to kick start your journey I’ve got you next year we will be even stronger together 💙

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