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[Music] Hey my loves welcome back to my channel And today’s video is going to be a vlog I just finished doing my skincare Routine it’s going to be at the end of The video so if you guys want to see What i do keep watching um and i Realized i didn’t do an intro you know I’m still trying to do this whole vlog Thing but anyways before we get into This video this video is sponsored by Ritual Ritual is a three in one prebiotic Probiotic and postbiotic supplement that Helps you with your gut digestive system And immune health each capsule is Designed with delayed release technology To help reach your colon and not your Stomach and for those of you who don’t Really know the difference between Probiotics prebiotics and postbiotics is That prebiotics support growth and Activity and beneficial bacteria Probiotics are living organisms and they Pretty much help with bloating Um gut health diarrhea and then Postbiotics basically help boost and Help Fuel the cells that Make up the gut lining and I’m gonna have Everything kind of listed here because i Feel like i am Going off a little bit but honestly

Ritual just does an amazing job of doing All those things in one the cool thing Is that i’ve never seen Like Capsules like this before and by the way It smells really it smells right off the Bat like gum like minty so far i mean I’ve had a positive experience with them So you guys are interested They are offering a 20 off your first Month using my code i will have it here Um so if you guys are interested you can Click on it and check the link in the Description below and you’re going to Get 20 off the first month but like i Said clicking the link below Okay my love so this vlog is gonna be a Boring day in my life As you guys know i always like to start My day by cleaning up i grew up in an African household so Waking up to cleaning and the noise of Vacuuming in africa music was part of my Routine so it’s just something that’s Been instilled with me i just like to do Something simple like five to ten Minutes not even 10 minutes just five Minutes up like doing the dishes from Last night and vacuuming mostly because Obviously i have a dog so the hair just Bothers me And that’s how i just like to start my Day I like to feed my little munchkin as you

Can see she always spins and she gets so Excited when it’s time for her feeding Time i always feed her after i eat to Instill you know my alpha ness and then I went to go get my lashes done i swear You guys like you guys always say you Want to see vlogs but i feel like my Life is so boring like it’s always the Same thing i just work out Do some errands and then yeah that’s About it make sure you guys check out my Lashtech’s Business she has strip lashes and she Always does my lashes really nicely and Then we’re just going into a straight Workout um today was a leg Day workout and i did some abs as well Honestly you’ll see throughout this Video like i was so frustrated because I’m get trying to get back into you know Lifting and lifting heavier Like i said it was so frustrating Because i couldn’t lift as heavy as i Normally do but That’s how you know usually is when you Take time off or you’re not eating Properly you know you just Can’t lift as heavy But i feel like it’s just a constant Struggle too i’m sure you guys have seen It on my instagram like this summer i Want to have abs and be leaner but then And you know what i mean but then in Order to do that i’m not eating enough

Calories or carbs and stuff like that so Therefore i can’t lift heavier versus When i’m bulking-ish i’m always Listening heavier and my That’s really the main thing but my bum Is like way bigger and i feel more swol Even 25 pound weight usually that was my Warm-up and this workout it was such a Struggle i was so pissed off but You know that’s just life you know and It’s just that that’s just what happens When you’re trying to get back into Stuff and it’s okay it’s okay you can’t Lift as heavy as you used to and stuff Like that you know usually the first day Back i remember on monday last monday Was when i really came back and i was so Pissed But you know it’s better than the last Session so that’s the only thing you can Do you just keep progressing and aiming To get better and going back to where You originally were and not better You see what i’m telling you like even Two plates of 45s i could lift I could easily do 10 to 15 reps Smooth but i could only do i was Struggling you could tell my face that I’m like so frustrated And embarrassed but again i’m just Trying to show you guys you know not Everybody is a hundred percent all the Time including myself even with the hip Thrust two same thing usually my regular

Weight is like four plates of 45s on Each side and i was just so pissed but At the end of the day you know you had a Good workout and that’s all that matters You should just try trying to strive for Better and it may be in the process but In the end And then we’re going to get into abs There were two other exercises that i Wasn’t really able to record because Um a lot of people were in that area so I didn’t want them to be in the camera But the other exercises were Hamstring curls and hip abductors sorry Not about yeah hip abductors So i did pretty much the same like three To four reps Uh sorry three to four sets of like 10 To 15 reps And then yeah just going into abs abs Was just like some small little thing That i didn’t even want to do i still Did it anyways so you guys clap for me Um comment down below um Yeah i don’t know You know what we just we’re trying to Get back into it and that’s all that Matters and i hope this video also Motivates you guys to just Do the same you know just try to get Back into what you used to be able to do Okay And then after we are going to start Cooking after the workout i was so

Lazy my mom is going to watch this video And be like i don’t know why did you Wash your meat properly with vinegar Listen Sometimes after the workout like i’m so Tired and so lazy you guys don’t even Judge me at least just rinsing it with Water is something okay And then we’re gonna season it which is Basically um like i use cajun um garlic Powders himalayan salt Um i think i mentioned cajun and the Main thing is montreal chicken Seasoning and then add some olive oil i Like to use gloves when i mix it all Together because i have nails and they Disgustingly Get trapped under my nails so just using A glove is just way easier And then after obviously we’re just Gonna start cooking i like to make sure The first thing i do is make my rice and Then i do i season the chicken and then I prep my asparagus i feel like this is Like my easiest go-to Meal so i only ended up meal prepping For like five or four days i think And Yeah for me i like my chicken to be Crisp again you guys can change it me Listen When it comes to chicken i don’t care if I’m even cutting i am going to season my Chicken nicely okay

So after that we’re just going to wash Our face don’t mind me I like to use makeup wipes to wipe my Face i already posted my skincare Routine on my youth on my i mean on my Instagram so if you guys missed it i was Just like you know what why not show it On my youtube for you guys again but Yeah you guys my skin has come so far Like it’s actually insane and the Craziest part is like i don’t even do That much to my skin anymore like i Remember before i used to Like use so many creams exfoliate and All these things and i just learned that Over time the simpler the better like i Literally only have a four-step skin Routine like i use the wipes i use a Little towel to wipe off the makeup Residue i it’s easier for me to use a Towel because i have eyelash extensions So i don’t always have to get them wet And stuff like that And then after i wash my face with the Cerave foaming cleanser And then i just use my toner and then i Use a serum which by the way the serum That i ended up using i’ll show you guys It’s like ninety dollars it’s expensive But the moment that i walk into sephora The guy there he was like bro like this Stuff is so good even though it’s Expensive especially if you’re for black People like it helps with dark spots and

Stuff like that and so far like i’ve Seen it like i’ve been using it for like A week and a half and it’s really really Good but It’s expensive and then Um i saw that on tik tok and then for my Moisturizer i just used the Embroideries I don’t even know how to pronounce it But yeah i used that i saw that on Tiktok too and ever since i started Using that it just made my skin so much Better and oh thank goodness because i Used to be so insecure about my skin and Okay i’m going to stop talking You

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