Snoop Dogg REACTS to Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars Slap


Further’s’ Rachel Lindsay spoke to Snoop Dogg after Week 2 of ‘American Observe Contest.’ Snoop dished on his Oscars night time day out at Man Oseary’s star-studded social gathering and reacted to that onstage smackdown between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Turning to the opponents, he additionally revealed his favourite effectivity from the latest spherical of qualifiers! ‘American Observe Contest’ airs Mondays on NBC. Snoop Dogg REACTS to Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars Slap

okay snoop, you were out and about last-place light. Look like you had a really good time. Did you enjoy yourself? What was the spotlight of last nighttime and be said about your instagram affix? I went to guy or siri’s house.

He had an oscar party that he naturally hurls after the oscars and so many personalities there. I met so many people that i dreamed of congregating and performers and actresses and made depicts with people, and it was a fun night. It was a great night. I got a chance to merely be a fan like who’s snooper fan, i’ve seen katie holmes. I seen robert de niro.

Will Smith is investigated after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars

I think you know what i’m saying so like it was people that i seen i was like. I seen them in movies before and i was able to like actually tell them how much i appreciate their art and how enormous of actors and actresses they use and to be able to take a picture with them. I want cool to be the fans, sometimes, instead of being a star. I could not agree with you more can “. I m asking you” about this. Snoop Dogg REACTS to Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars Slap

You did pole about the incident that happened last night on your social media. Did you think it was placed when you affixed that sort of kind of, but i never know still don’t, know? Okay, let me ask you about the performances who resist out to you tonight with the performances, the native american girl. Okay, like the r b one, it was the one. What was it chloe?

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