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Air fryers are all the rage, and for good reason. They’re essentially countertop convection ovens, but technology has changed a lot since we initially reviewed them. There a lots of new styles and types, including the air fryer toaster oven. So which one is right for you?

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  1. I've got one of the toaster oven combinations and I love it – with a few caveats like cleaning and in my case a manufacturer that does not provide spare parts, which will make me go to a different brand next time.
    That said, it's a perfect replacement for the large oven I have in my kitchen. I have a shelf in the garage with small appliances, so they don't clutter up the kitchen. I almost never use a microwave, so it's in the garage. The little toaster oven is in the garage too and that's a good thing: we live in the south, so it's hot. Being able to keep the house cool while still using an oven is great, plus if you do airfry or roast an entire chicken you leave the smell in the garage too. Since I got that toaster oven I rarely use my big oven for anything other than pizza and bread where you need the size and for the bread I can select steam injection for the perfect crust – a function a toster oven doesn't have. For a two person household like ours the investment into a $400 toaster oven is definitely worth it in my book. It's also a time-saver. My large oven takes half an hour to preheat, the toaster oven goes to 400 in about 90 seconds.
    I don't use multiple layers in the oven though. Although convection I found that there is a difference between the levels and therefor I just use one tray (which is enough for 2 people anyways).

  2. I have had the Breville Smart Air Fryer Oven PRO for about two weeks now, but nothing I've air fryed has turned out as good as what I make on my standard drawer-style air fryer. For reference, I've tried air frying frozen french fries at 350, 390, 450, and 480 degrees. The results are either fries with a soggy center, slightly scorched fries with a dry center, or, the worst one yet, fries that aren't crispy or soggy, but still manage to be quite dry/

    I've tried all these settings (at different time intervals, with different intervals for flipping the fries) on my drawer-style Ninja Fryer (AF161 Max XL) and the results were better on the Ninja every time. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I need to replace my 25 year old Farberware Convection-Turbo Oven T460/5 as something doesn't sound right in the fan. I am interested in the Breville Smart Oven but I need to put it on a shelf made of compressed wood-self assembly unit. Is there any danger of this wood catching fire as it seems that this oven gets very hot. Also, my old oven was 1500 Watts and this one is 1800 Watts. I have seen some reviews that these new ovens have blown a fuse when they are on a circuit. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for your great reviews!

  4. Am I missing something about air fryers? Yes you cook Brussel sprouts for example. What about the rest of the food? wont the over food get cold? Say I wanted air fried Brussel sprouts, air fried crispy chicken and air fried chips for family of four. How is this possible. I really don't understand the mechanics of cooking a complete meal for a family of four in an air fryer.

  5. Regular air fryer has non stick coating and it's TOXIC. The toaster oven type is stainless steel and non toxic so 8ts really a simple choice. Starfrit makes an absolutely perfect stainless steel one. Very disturbing seeing you using all the dangerous ones.

  6. What would the benefits of an air fryer be over a convection oven with an air frying rack? I understand that an air fryer would use less energy (smaller energy bill and less environmental impact), and that they take less time to heat up so you can get the food in there quicker. Are there any benefits to cooking? Or would the conviction of an essentially do the same thing? I just bought a air fryer rack for my convection oven will be using it but I'm still debating whether or not I should get an air fryer.

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