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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of Bodyweight

Dead Four one two Let's go You're not screaming like that you're Not doing it right so you gotta yell you Gotta talk to God Before you gotta go to church Let's go Bob That's fine That energy in her she's talking right They're conversating right now yeah you Hear that that's a conversation What are you guys doing at home why are You making excuses You know how strong this woman is the Average man can't be Fox Pull-Ups so This is not the average woman [Music] All right Yo guys what is up You're back at it again and I'm here Same goddess introduce yourself I'm about to do the same set yes call This the doc set the legendary dachshund That docs has a lot of [ __ ] by the way But this is one of the dark sets and if You're intermediate you know or you're a Very strong um woman you can try this Too this is Doc's clean right here and She's going to show you how to get it Done in under 15 minutes also Right go One Two

Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten let's go that's what I'm talking About man she made it look easy One Two Three Four five six Seven eight nine Ten good work good work good work and Completed Man that was in less than one minute Yeah looking good on the timer let's go One Two Three Come on you got this four Let's go Five Only four more it's only four dollars Let's go One Two let's go [Applause] Let's go let's go you got this One one more one more one more one Dollar All right good work Oh how strong this woman is the average

Man can't do five pull-ups the average Man So you don't have this is not the Average woman Instead Nice nice how many more One two good work One more four really good That's endurance he's just going back at It Springs he wasn't resting like me Got this doctors Looking good all the time too One Two good Three three Four more Right seven we're on eight One Two Wait was it three more I think three More three more three more One Let's go you got this okay come on It's right there it's right there Take it off Good work One more There's only one dollar That's a dollar right there so Worth It This is it Mm-hmm

One two three Good work Nice Five let's go Six Come on Seven One more one more breathe we're Breathing got this Hey good Yo she's about to smoke the time you Okay Um Still hasn't even hit 11 minutes Number seven Once that thing gets down to five you Know what to do I know Let's go Three Big time Four Darkness Yeah yeah turn it up one two first Super Saiyan One Destroy this scene good Very nice He's really killing the system yeah look You're not screaming like that you're Not doing it right so so that's a ball Doing regular workouts It's not a yo gotta talk to God Just go you gotta go to church let's go

That's fine come on that energy in her She's talking to her they're Compensating right now yeah you hear That that's a conversation Yeah John let's go Got conversations like that That's how your body changed No [ __ ] you you could do this in Under 10 minutes bro yeah let's go Yeah yeah it's looking like she's going To do it tonight you're on six it's only Going to get faster One Two let's go Let's go Three Yeah Yeah One two Three let's go [Music] One more One more When you're ready Good It's crazy Six dips One two Three Got this you got this come on More It's easy Easy yes That was it yeah that's it you're doing

More yeah You know what to do It bro you're doing the actions for you Guys that are sitting down at home and Don't want to do it you don't want to do Your debts you don't want to do your Pull-ups don't worry she'll do it for You She'll do for you Don't worry just got it Eight minutes left Come on come on let's go Come on put up a stupid number I'm Stupid Tom Three two more Attack Let's go got my money on that let's go Wow one more one more one more Only one dollar There's only one dollar you get a can of Soda with that let's go yes Money Cheap money Go Come on [Music] Amen show them that they can do it too It's another ball let's go Let's go Good we gonna fall now let's go All the kings out there She's not strong for a woman she's a Strong period correct Harriet

I'm a fool One beautiful let's go come on Oh Three one more one more One come on Good let's go four dips Are you saying the sand is hard man if You're a man what are you doing at home You're a woman what are you doing that What are you just doing at home period Whatever One Let's go Good three pulls Three pulls come on come on come on this Is it this is it this is it Come on show my show you really up Work for my girlfriend Let's go For all the women out there that can't Do pull-ups Three come on One Right back come on come on come on Thanks Yes [Music] Good Three dips Looking great on your time [Music] Good two two pulls One two one two come on baby come on one Two

Those numbers that's two dollars two Dollars You get a slice of pizza with that or Two slices of pizza come on What's good King Two come on one more one more Time yeah that's a fight You want to see a fight that's what I Like my kid come on come on She's fighting demons one and one Despite it all the demons even though She barely have any demon she's getting Rid of all the demons the diabetes Good one dip What y'all call that Cholesterols whatever y'all call it Time I think that was 11 minutes yeah that's Really fast Yeah that was definitely uh yep 11 Minutes in four seconds I ain't even tell y'all she also has Yeah asthma too you know she got asthma Yeah Really fast what are you guys doing at Home why are you making excuses why How do you feel Sorry All right see that water What you got what you guys say what can You say to inspired people out there you Know to inspire the women out there you Know I'm just telling you that you can't do

It he's alive whatever's holding you Back it doesn't keep you in the house That's keeping traded up in the day get Up out of here that's just another demon In your head ah let's go how long have You been working out Working out since I was 18 but I got Serious in calisthenics when I'm a Doctor So like maybe four years I've been doing Calisthenics but overall working I Always say like Um Check out back too man it ain't about me Right now what you mean oh man this is This I'm really proud of this this I Mean so first of all wow okay let me say This correctly all right I'm proud of P Obviously for obvious reasons watching My maturation and become what she is Becoming and just she's just blossoming Into like a Fitness celebrity and I'm a fan of hers In many different ways and you you know Come on man like you're like You're like my little brother man like That's right watching you watching you Go from the beginning to where you are Now as a legitimate influencer and I say Legitimate not to insult other people But because of your background and what You do and how even though it's Entertaining it's real it's real Information it's real strength tests

People are really trying to accomplish Things and they're getting better and Stronger because of what you put out There and it's it's nothing but Pride Man oh look look thank you see what I Mean I I don't learn right now but he got on The college students apartment no but Look that's the verse but that's not Even like That's not even a setup like that's Random as hell yeah Before This is the point I'm making you see What I'm saying there's no cap right but This is but this is the fat too though This is things that docked me You know that got something to do with You know what I mean that's why I was You know I'm like you always Gotta Give The people their credit you know what I'm saying I always get people that Credit that's just how it is you know Doc started team Wingate I was part of It and till this day man he comes up With routines that is extremely Difficult for me to do you know what I Mean and people say like I have Endurance I have strength but listen man If I take you to Wingate That's the secret right there that Nobody's telling y'all man there's People that will say There's people that would smoke me man

And even though you know what I mean so Yeah well they're trying to put the Music back on so shout out to I am Daisy Pool yes shout out to Goku what's your Instagram followers Let me show you guys go follow her make Sure you guys follow team win good on Instagram and um I can't stress this Enough don't forget to smash the Subscribe button smash the like button Smash the share button Smash everything Except for my girl Leave her for me [Music]

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