Sexy Slim Stomach Six-Pack Bikini Workout

Sexy Slim Stomach Six-Pack Bikini Workout

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Miami Fitness and Bikini Model Lucero is showing you an quick abs workout she does at home.

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Hey everyone, so today I’m going to put You guys through a sexy stomach and a Sexy booty lifting Beach workout, so go Ahead and grab a mat and join me. So first we’re going to start down And we’re going to start with some Regular crunches. So we’re gon na do this For about 30 reps. You guys got this Ready And begin [ Music, ] Foreign Foreign Good job, guys next up we’re gon na go Ahead and do a fun one. It’S called Starfishes starfish crunches.

 Slim Stomach Six-Pack Bikini Workout

So what You’re going to do is you’re going to Spread it open and bring the opposite Hands to opposite leg And we’re going to do this for about 30 Reps Ready, we get Foreign All right, good job, everyone. So far, that Was amazing. So next up we’re gon na do Toe touches or better call it ankle Touches. So all you have to do is touch Your ankles and go side to side and keep Your core tight. The entire time So go ahead and take a little breather Right before I jump into the next Workout And then we’re going to begin we’re Gon na go ahead and do it for 30, reps Ready begin, Yeah, Foreign All right, good job guys.

So next up we’re gon na go ahead and do Some glute Bridges we’re gon na start, Focusing on that glue activation now. So when we do this, we’re gon na hold the Top for a few seconds and then come down So glue Bridges will hold we’re gon na. Do This for about 30 reps, Ready And begin Foreign She has got this Keep pushing Foreign Last one All right, good job! You guys got it! Your Glutes should be on fire right now, So we’re gon na go ahead and come up guys, Okay, guys! Sexy Slim Stomach Six-Pack Bikini Workout

So for our final and last Workout, we’re gon na go ahead and put our Legs straight and we’re gon na do a Straight leg crunches! So for this we’re Gon na do 30, reps of and you’re just Going to Crunch up and keep your legs Straight. Keep that work that core tight, The entire time ready and begin Foreign Good job guys. Thank you so much for Joining me in this workout today. I hope You guys enjoyed it and if you did go Ahead and show some love and thank you. Sexy Slim Stomach Six-Pack Bikini Workout

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