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Secret to Loose fat and weight + 500 calorie burning workout at home | Fatloss tips for indians

In this video i am giving tips about loosing fat especially for indians at home.The only way to loose fat is calorie deficit there is no other way. I am also showing you guys the workout that will help you loose fat quickly

The workout is as follows:-
1min skipping
30sec jumping squat
1min skipping
30sec pushups
1min skipping
30sec standing air punches
1min skipping
30sec High knees
1min skipping
30sec Bicycle crunches
1min skipping

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Music and audio used in video
Music created by- suburban-cardles , simbai eyemer- thunder , max brjhon -cyberpunk
Music released by- NCS RELEASE
Free download here-https://ncs.io/music-search?q=cyberpunk&genre=&mood=


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