Rope skipping Weight loss Body Transformation At Home | 18kg loss in just 40 days.

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Rope skipping Weight loss Body Transformation At Home | 18kg loss in just 40 days.
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  1. I love this!!! I got my skip rope today and needed motivation.
    I think recording your journey also helped you, so now I think I am going to also record myself…thank you so much sir for motivating me and WELL DONE on what you have achieved!!!!!

    Much love from Johannesburg, South Africa.

  2. Are you Comedying me 😂😂 bhai lagta h 40 din kuch khaya ni hoga isliye shyad itte jaldi results mile h me pichle 5-6mahine se daily 2500-3000 rope karta hu or alag se pushups squats phir bhi 5-6 mahine me jada se jada 7-8kg hi hua

  3. Can I jump rope using light rope only everyday with no rest for 30 mins will it still effect every part of the body and is it okay to do 50 times jump rope and 1 walk and so on everyday will I lose weight I’m 13 years old and weighting 69 kg by using light rope

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