Pro Level Shoulders & Biceps Workout

Pro Level Workout for Shoulders and Biceps, with IFBB Pro and Olympia Finalist Emile Walker.


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It’s shoulders day for men’s physique 
Pro in Mr Olympia finalist Emile Pairing shoulders with biceps to help create that   Wide powerful look ready to stand out on 
the world’s biggest bodybuilding stage So let’s break down today’s workout for you with   Sets reps and tips for building 
World beating arms and shoulders First exercise, we got seated side raises 
the weight’s pretty heavy here so you’re   Not coming all the way up concentrating 
on getting the whole shoulder fired up   Forcing blood into the muscles Four sets to failure will do the job Next it’s a standing cable 
crossover, lifting from the elbows   Four sets pushing through for 12 reps each set Seated again now this is a front raise Palms facing upwards Hitting front delts Isolation so it’s a lighter weight Being seated will stop you 
cheating by using your body Torching those front shoulder 
muscles with four sets of 12. One more shoulder exercise before moving 
on to biceps this is an incline lateral   Raise lying down on your front this is 
going to hit the back of the shoulders Don’t use the middle of your back keep 
the shoulder blades apart concentrate   On using the rear delt muscles to get the 
weight up again don’t swing keep control Going for four sets 12 reps Okay shoulder’s done, now it’s on to 
Arms with three more exercises for biceps Hitting triceps separately on a 
different day alongside another   Big muscle group-like chest starting off 
against the wall for standing barbell curls   The wall will stop you swinging keeping the 
elbows in position to really isolate the biceps Keeping control slowly up slowly down, 
there’s more gains on the way down Full squeeze at the top you guessed 
it four sets 12 reps make it hurt   The bench now for seated dumbbell curls   Adding a Twist at the bottom of the movement With control Next exercise is a cable curl using the Rope Hammer grip Palms facing each other   The Rope gives you constant 
resistance across the movement  

Including right at the top just as you hit 
that squeeze okay so that’s your final exercise Shoulders and biceps torched Pro style, 
muscles full of blood ready to repair   And grow before you check out take a 
look at some of our playlists for a   Complete set of expert hacks and 
fixes for your shoulder training

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