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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

If you're just doing it with any woman It's disrespectful to you next life if You're disrespecting your your potential Kids right here in this video we're Going to talk about Seaman retention A lot of guys need to practice this you Feel me I'm not gonna front guys I Relapse it helps me a situation that you Know would otherwise cost me my life Yeah or or or even worse and prices that I had a problem with masturbation Man so far I've been doing it for like Uh 6 I used to masturbate a lot you should Just go yeah but now like it's on my Mind now I have full control and that's That's and when I talk about senior Attention I'm talking about that Alpha Energy I'm gonna see my retention is More so about self-control as an example You gotta you gotta learn how to control Your emotions you know you gotta learn How to control your mind your mind is Powerful but when you control it it's Even more powerful you know what I'm Saying um doing my transition into the Semen retention I actually transitioned Into recognizing that God is real so That right there is my my backbone my Strength that keeps me going Google Yeah Yo guys man Thank you for subscribing thank you for

Liking you already know this is really Kids And I am here with a beautiful video for You guys not only am I doing this talk With you guys but I have a huge energy Because my guys are in Sans My brother right here from another Mother Everything Yo shout out to my brother to the left Right here Sweat check in the building you know the Motto no sweat no check if you ain't Sweating when you work smash that like Button smash the Subscribe button and Tap in we got good content for you big What's up my brother right here hey your Boy g-staff G staff in the building Always got that plate what we serving Self-improvement every day gotta be Working yourself elevate your mind Hey Tap in It's your boy female never folds man we Out here getting better man you can Never be your best version you can only Get it better I'll be doing is doing that's all we're Doing that's all we serving let's get it Man But we are dropping heat of content for You guys guys Not only are we just talking about or Showing you guys workouts going right Here in this video we're going to talk

About Seaman retention A lot of guys need to practice this you Feel me I'm not gonna front guys I relapse Let me just come out and say It happens it happens you know shout out To my guy right here man You know I relapse bro you know I'm Struggling uh I'm not struggling I Relapse but Um I'm back on it you know and seeing Protection has changed my life in many Ways and a lot of people don't Understand the power of it but do you Guys know about seeing attention No no I practice it of course you know The most important thing about it I Believe you know it allows you to have a Clear and focused mind you know when You're not thinking about sex or you're Not you know Urging or having that urge to have sex You know you can have a clear focused Mind you can work on your goals you can Work on yourself and you can Target that Energy that you would normally be Releasing with a female and you can put That onto your your endeavors your goals Your achievements whatever you want to Accomplish Target that that energy Elsewhere that way you can focus on Accomplishing the things that you need To get done then later down the line Once you get your [ __ ] done then you can

Worry about that with semen retention is Very important for all males you know Tap in Yeah absolutely what about you King Yeah I practicing man it seem invitation You know it's definitely a beautiful Process man and some advice all y'all Got all you guys out there type in you Know hey Man so far I've been doing it for like Uh six Six or six months Six months Yeah but um you know it's uh for me you Know same invitation man I tell you man You know I tried before you know I never Laughed too long time ago but hey it's All about it's all about um first of all You got a conquer it spiritually and When he conquered spiritually man we Manifests in different ways it's all About that self-control that discipline You know anytime you step into place you Know it's a beautiful thing to be able To be to be have access to certain Things but you're able to know which Things will benefit you in the progress Of your process and you got to enjoy it No matter what so yeah some of that Practice Oh yeah for me I do practices I actually Started in uh late April I've been doing It till this day to this current day I've been doing it I have a girlfriend

Uh about four months right now Right there It's not easy too because I have a Girlfriend too so and the fact that I Have a partner that understands what I'm Doing it just makes it way better for me Uh like you mentioned spirit it's more So the spirit thing for me Um doing my transition into the semen Retention I actually transitioned into Recognizing that God is real so that Right there is my my backbone my Strength that keeps me going I don't Relapse yet because I just I mean and Price that I had a problem with Masturbation I used to masturbate a lot I used to just go yeah but now like it's On my mind though I have full control And that's that's and when I talk about Senior intention I'm talking about that Alpha energy Now because I had that I had mastered SEMA retention I got that control now I'm I'm a true master of what I'm doing Right now all that energy I've been I Was even additional to other women or to My lady I'm dishing out to things like This we out here vibing together I'm Putting that energy elsewhere into the Environment to other people I'm saying I'm like that's why I call this uh being The salt of the earth you blink you Blink you bring flavor to whatever you Touch and that's it right there for me

That control man but yeah I'm out of y'all I'm still at it I'm Still going to be going too Show us these guys man and I'm happy to Hear and see that people not only my Brothers you know around the world Because I'm in DC right now guys I'm Practicing the city of attention you Know what I'm saying this [ __ ] is [ __ ] working and my brother over There how long you been in a Relationship I've been arrested for uh I've been Racing for a while Um Five years Yes I am Yes I am Go guys motivational Point yo make sure You invite me most definitely y'all come Here Seeming retention is more so about Self-control as a man you gotta you Gotta learn how to control your emotions You know you gotta learn how to control Your mind your mind is powerful but when You control it it's even more powerful You know what I'm saying so you're Saying that that helped you in Situations that you know it helps me a Situation that you know Would otherwise cost me my life yeah or Or even worse you know what I'm saying As a man you gotta re you gotta you Gotta understand how to control your

Emotions and not react you know Erratically you know things happen what Is your response to those situations and How you react to those situations that Dictates how you move you know Especially as a man don't don't let your Environment control how you react to Certain things you know control yourself And react accordingly if that makes Sense You said something about reactor and Response correct those are two different Things I loved what you said because Response piggyback yes response yes Response he said reacting he said Response and he used them in the right Context In terms of controlling your emotions And stuff and things of that nature it's Always good to respond you don't react When you think about reacting think About a a pot a water boiling what's Going on that that eruption that that Shaking of the pot you don't want to be As a man you shouldn't be like that Calm collected and control solid first Solid firm that's why you know I don't I Don't when it comes to men I don't like To say react I said response I like what You said love absolutely you respond to Things you don't react don't reactive Response Also too another thing with men too For us

We when we saw senior attention AKA Busting the nut let's just go into it That that you're you're when you're bust A nut that's life right there it's life Man all that energy man just pouring out Women when we poured out into women They're still good we're not y'all Saying so we need to learn how to Control that you can't just give that to Everybody You know what I'm saying be out here I I I'm not gonna lie I should be one of Those man out here just giving it out You know what I'm saying hey I had no Control but you know I mean as you grow You mature and I understand I understand That concept now but yeah it needs to be You need to be able to allocate that Energy and know who to give it to who Know who defeated to don't just spread It out spread your seed and the angle The big thing about it you know I'm Going to talk about earlier Not to you know You know he does great things in my life And we don't know we bless every day so Um you know when you come to realize That man [ __ ] you know oh God you put God first everything you do man and just It gives you it gives clear a clear mind Clear path of the directions the steps You need to take your life with to make The change that you need because in my Mind we all have that Vision we all know

What we want to be yeah you know and It's all about being able to channel the Energy that tunnel vision to focusing on What on taking the steps to build to Manifest it man you know it's a Beautiful thing green something from Nothing from principles Tasks and goals and everything into Something big man something beautiful And you know we see us out here man There's a positive energy because we Focus on our like our path and Everything and that energy just brought Us together and that's why we here man All right yo guys at home all around Women and everyone around the world Love this is the greatest energy And to love yourself To be able to have some type of Discipline Is loving yourself then you'll be able To have So many changes within your life it Would be if you want to change your body You want to make some money You wouldn't be having uh be in a Relationship get married and having mad Kids and just be abundance like that So [ __ ] the semen is important you Know what I mean the semen is actually Like is a treasure so that's why you Have to pretend that [ __ ] it's like a Life is it's um Supposed to be made after that so like

If you're just doing it with any woman It's disrespectful to to your to your Next life Yeah it's like yo it's literally Disrespectful thank you for Disrespecting your your potential kids You know what I mean so like make sure There's purpose beyond what you're doing Sure The woman especially Purpose if you decide to release that Scene make sure like I could actually I can still overview It's not just A waste of time That's the best I can say I've seen my Attention Energy is so real guys transferring Energy is so easy right now we're all Transferring energy you know so it's Very important to be around and only Surround yourself with like-minded People So if you want to stay strong you want To be able to change your body you want To be able to master oneself and Practice some in touch with that Especially men at home be young Especially boys at home the Young You Are The the more you practice going into uh Manhood you will be able to change your Body and your life Exponentially fast and you'll be the

Master of it shout out to everybody Though shout out to these guys and she Was powerful it was like Justice League Avengers and all this stuff is amazing Man Bros what's your page so you can Follow y'all Sweat check man you know I'll say it Again self-improvement is always on the Menu if you ain't sweating you ain't Working no sweat no chance you ain't Sweating if you ain't sweating It's happening smash the like button Smash the Subscribe button but just Don't smash my girl I appreciate you Thank you smashing this girl though Hey this your boy don't smash my girl Hey G stab G stab YouTube tap in IGG dot Staff underscore hey tap in tapping for Shorts your boy Fable never foes again I'm always striving to get better you Can find me on IG you can find me on YouTube again Fable never folds man it's About to get better you can never be Your best all you can do is better let's Get it And who are you bro I am gopher pop man You know I try to try to find all the Scenes find something yo Goku pump does A great job man I go for he found me Where I found him I was on the island by Myself in the trees smoking split like What's wrong with these people Sounds my brother from another mother as Well and all the saints and my brother's

Right here man yo guys we're gonna find Them we're gonna find them Jamaica Africa oh my job Worries don't worry Sorry discipline Peace in love

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