Period Exercise [Workout To Do During Period]

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For the special period days when you’re getting cramps and you need a workout that is suitable to do…

When you need special exercises that will make your period go easier and less painful, and still give you a good workout…

Then you have this routine to do at home!

Do this workout whenever the need comes, and try to do it till the end. Leave me a comment and tell me if you find this workout useful or not.

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Good luck!❤️💪


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  1. I was in the middle of a 2 week workout ,but then i couldn't do it after i started my period this week.thank you so much for this!This is such an amazing workout though.

  2. I will be trying this workout for the next 7days! I'll also do it 1 time a day, im not sure if I can keep up with a diet since my asian mom is always feeding me rice😂❤. Also I drank alot of water today so i feel bloated! 😅. And I'll be very honest about my process!
    Current weight:54.5kg
    C/height:not sure but my recent high is 5'3
    1st day:I feel a lil burn, but i also ate up after doing it lol.

  3. I lost it at Ski Hops. Jump once and my floor would be like a criminal scene in horror movie. Mine is too heavy maybe I should rest on those first few days

  4. Oh My God it was amazing, i had a tough day at work and got home at 10pm but didn’t want to miss out on my workout that I promised myself and despite being on my first day of period, this was quite easy to follow but at the same time i could feel the burn !!!

  5. ❤thank you so much, I have fibroids and have been experiencing a very uncomfortable feeling. I did these exercises and immediately the feeling subsided. I’m so grateful for this and will continue doing these exercises on a regular. Thanks a million again

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