Peloton Vs. Jump Rope: Which Burns More Calories?

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  1. I raced bicycles locally where I live and have since retired from racing amateur level. The most weight I lost at that time was 68 pounds, but that was also with HIIT training, weight training, calorie counting and food weighing and macronutrients counting. But, in contrast, I'm in week 3 of jrd challenge now and I feel like I burn way more cals for way less time exercising. Which is phenomenal for a busy parent like me. I just dont have the time anymore to go bicycling for 2-3 hours per day to lose weight. But skipping rope and the body weight stuff for 30 mins at high intensity is definitely where it's at for me! You guys rock!

  2. The important thing is doing what you enjoy doing. Sure jump rope burns a bit more calories but if you aren’t going to enjoy it then it’s pointless. Also peleton isn’t the only exercise bike. You can get a cheaper bike and fix it with a tablet. Personally I do both. I have a spin bike and jump rope. I put on a movie and get it. Generally I ride for 45 minutes. If you have an issue with your bike there is a way to raise the set and handlebars to make it more comfortable. Also for calorie burn you can raise the intensity. But again it’s all about doing what will make it fun. Oh and for the crossrope. I bought the set. Then I bought a cheaper rope after that. One that was reviewed well. Oddly I like the cheaper rope more. But to each their own!

  3. Thank you for doing this comparison because it made me realize I made the right decision by buying the crossrope instead of the pelaton. I just saved hella money!!! Whoo hoo….now off I go to jump rope…lol!!

  4. I have been a jump rope fanatic since the pandemic started in March. Love the crossropes, and in fact just purchased the speed LE which adds a new dimension that is awesome. I tend to jump about five days a week, typically following the workouts and/or challenges on crossrope's great app. I also have watched most of the JRD videos as well, which offer great information and advice. We just got our peloton last week and so far I also think it's excellent and can see what the hype is about as the workouts are intense and challenging. I seem to burn roughly the same amount of calories in a similar time frame on both, according to my apple watch, although I often question how accurate that is. Over the past couple of years I have lost almost 40 lbs, am possibly in the best shape of my post early 30s life, and I am going to be 59 next month. Maybe more importantly I feel great and have lost a lot of body fat. I think the bottom line is if you need variety in your workouts, and can afford it, then by all means get a peloton because there are a lot of terrific features: the classes so far are very good, although I don't like all of the instructors I have had so far, the community is very supportive and there is a lot of variety if you go with this brand – yoga, weights, running, etc., also great. It's important for long term sustainability to have variety because while jumping rope is definitely fun and addictive, it could get monotonous if that is your sole form of workout However it is very expensive and like Dan says here, you are working out indoors which is inferior to working out outside, I believe. One thing that Dan does not mention that is worth noting is that the chances for injury are probably higher jumping rope and when I started, I did have some knee, calf and shin splint issues which have now dissipated. I think the bottom line is jumping rope is pretty much unparalleled for so many reasons, but altering it with something else, whether peloton, weights, running, etc. is critically important. Basically find a couple of activities that work for you, stay consistent and make it fun.

  5. Peloton is an overpriced stationary bike. I guess if you want to read a book while you exercise, you might like the stationary bike. Even for that, I'd rather walk on a treadmill. I'm lucky right now that I have a job where I can exercise while I'm at work (nanny).

  6. Take it from me; as someone who has bought (and discarded) SEVERAL spin bikes, no matter how "high end," ALL spin bikes will eventually break down and you would just have to spend thousands and thousands more to replace them. The frame is never the problem, it is the moving parts like seats, pedals, etc that break down from daily usage and what a hassle trying to replace them (if you can even find them).

    A jump rope on the other hand is literally just a piece of cable you can use anytime anywhere. Cheaper, efficient, and a FULL body workout!

  7. Great video. I have both plus a Tonal. I’d like to mention for those in small spaces that Crossropes can be put away out of sight. The Peloton is big – no tucking that away in a small space. I burn more calories with Crossrope also but have only had Peloton for a few days. I’d like to give it another try. So far, meh.

  8. I have both, the Peloton and just about every Crossrope. The Peloton or any spin class is designed for cardiovascular fitness. Those types of exercises are not designed to build muscle. You combine the Peloton with weight training. It’s the same thing as running. Running is not designed to build muscle. Running again is for cardiovascular fitness. The Peloton works. You just have to know how to properly use it to maximize your results for overall fitness. I love jump rope but that can be taxing on the body especially the knees. It’s high impact as oppose to the Peloton which is low impact. Easier on the bones.

  9. I did indoor stationary cycling yah good cardio work but sometimes it's boring like it takes waaay too long to finish a session but I didnt feel that in jump yah do what u feel and what u wanna do 👌💪

  10. I do like jump rope, but for whatever reason a spin bike has always made me sweat more and it feels like it gives me a better cardio workout than jump rope, whenever I use jump ropes I barely sweat and it feels too easy doesnt get my heart rate up as much, thats why I will continue to use spin bikes

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