Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

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Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump  I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises

You don’t think I can make you move Nope One hand or two whatever Don’t make me drop, Come on hold me a little okay, hes Trembling. Like a stripper. Sorry – and I have a structural workout Program, you guys can follow, inspect out the patreon. If you, if Youre interested just strike the web link in The summary you recognize, this architectural Exercise program will assist, you be able to Beat Sydney in an exercise battle – one 2, 3. 4.

Oh, my God! Damn can I obtain some Playing a little board. It aint! No means You must have been getting the very same Numbers nah, what you mean Its perfect Appearance at you, though Action back look: Yeah, 360, Hey, yall! Welcome back to the Sydney Show.

This is all yall care about. Anyhow, Right yeah. I assume so Well think what its not concerning to be me And also a follower me and a follower Im regarding to be His. Can I state butt Im regarding to beat his ass in the Difficulty, not literally, even though I Can do that as well takes over the network, They would certainly enjoy that. What yall believe you understand.

So several of you People follow me on Um. I simply want to thank you people, all my Fans like yall, with any luck. She posts, the Video yeah it did. It did inspire me I Was like damn. Perhaps I need to upload Something Yeah.

Don’T worry people well wait Appreciate. Yall, though, however, today guy Goku versus Sydney male, It takes me out on a date oh yeah, Im Taking you yeah youre, taking me out on A date, Oh yeah. If she wins uh I obtain to put on whatever Her favorite sports bra is yeah. Do you have enough breasts to fit in There? What fine?

I actually have demand boots Watch it now come on now You go.Go.One two 3, four, five, six, seven, eight Im ready to go to sleep, [, Giggling, ], Great you obtained ta work. You reached function Smarter! Currently harder, why would certainly I drain my Power? Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

Oh yeah, see you got ta believe All appropriate begun whats following lucky, I Don’t leap, rope, men and also this is like Low-key, an exercise still Hiki This set hit me Am I so cocky I uncommitted. Oh somebody Said that in the comments yeah thats, Okay, you know what they state. They called Me. They claim Im a Shimp, because I offer Excessive compliments And also Im like yeah Im going from Goku Pops To Goku ships. You look good girl.

You are Fantastic. You know the important things concerning Compliments. Ive started servicing, offering people a Compliment for it, specifically men as well, Because Ive heard that guys don’t obtain Matched a lot like yeah. We do not, I Really don’t. Yall simply are the ones That give out yep You see if you walk down the block a great deal of guys, Freaking out, ideal Ive done it many Times.

However, its me my brother, Broly and even um, you recognize tunji yeah yeah, you Walking outdoors with no t-shirts on women Flush me once again. Okay, Now you want to see you always want to Make some [ __ ] a competition. You don’t think I can make you move Nope One hand or 2 whatever So stupid. Okay, make me relocate just kidding youre Gon na harm me. I fly so Im doing as several Push-ups as I can on my back and after that She needs to do as numerous push-ups as she Can without me on her back Just to make it reasonable simply to make yeah To make it.

Life is all about Equity, not Equal rights, so uh we got doing push-ups you Obtained to talk some [ __ ], it includes it Go on yep proceed makes you feel Much better makes. You seem like youre gon na Be better Okay, unwind shes gon na get on my back And Im still great, alright Um [ Music ]. You prepared Hang on Okay, all set. Oh wait! Wait all right Its possible all right!

Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

Prepared collection! Go! Do not Make me fall Begin begun. Hold me a little. Okay Come on now, 4.

Ah, Im feeling shaking yall we trembling. Like a pole, dancer.Well you got ta defeat her. I obtained her win Today. Okay time, alright Duration.

Is that what that said? Yeah, I in fact like that, Especially what you might do in 30 Seconds Youre so confident. I love that for you. Thank you, But you angle be confident. Push-Ups is Truly not my solid match.

Please note.Ima still do it to be in you know great Spirits Im ready to go incredibly scene Dang! You really obtained ta butt breast, Oh yeah, thanks man, the gents Constantly on point And thats gon na work better with the Mic yeah. Hopefully, okay, so Im gon na go put The moment on Theres a timer. Oh Actual sheep do greater than 30 13 push-ups In 30 seconds On your mark, Ready hold on You got it hold on after that.

Put the timer on Sorry. Individuals On your mark ready Go To three four 5: six. 7. Eight, nine 10 one 2. Three!

Four! Oh, my God, I simply attempted to make it appear. Like I Angle, do no pictures I might do greater than 13 Damn can I obtain some competitions, yeah That wasnt true Im getting a little Bored that that wasnt are afraid? Well guys, Allow me know in the remarks see she just: how Is it not fair brother, because you recognize you Were strong, so why don’t you? Let me allow Yourself jump on my back. Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

You stated it not Me. Oh man, fine! So what we got following Im, Not taking these pull-ups right, yeah Im.Not, taking it easy currently yeah! You Shouldnt have been doing that.

I told You not to do that. Thats. Your initial Error, you guys Im gon na, do muscle mass ups And shes gon na do pull-ups yeah. Okay, I guess you got ta win something I Have 30 seconds to do as several muscle mass ups As feasible As well as she has 30 secs to do. As lots of Bullets or chin-ups chin-ups as feasible, Youre gon na, take it easy on below.

Alright, You just keep claiming you simply maintain Stating hes gon na relax on me to Make himself really feel much better, so yall Know as well as well. I got ta. Go initially well Simply go initially, since I feel negative for you. Oh all, right, Not gon na calm down adequate, Oh Im, scared, [ Applause ]! I obtained some Super Saiyan proceed now, Whats your instinct.

My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture

The amount of do you Think youre gon na. Do I don’t understand the amount of we gon na see? Oh my gosh, you got the Notorious. You got the stamp of authorization Like the little squat shelf point. I obtained It as well thats how you obtain started into Jim society.

I assume thats how you obtain Initiated its never avoiding leg day. Oh Yeah, that component the gym close it you can Miss like punks in the fitness center called Display and hes. Like no word. Okay, 3. Two one Foreign.

roceed Two Excellent task: excellent task: All that purple on you little wakisha Go nuts Begun. Seven Three seconds Without loving you down, youre done Youre done youre done Im, seeing the clock, not you right. That was 11. You currently dealt with me youre, like Shes, not also ready to obtain one shes, Not gon na in 30. Secs do not have fun with Me. Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

I got ta show you incorrect. I like when Individuals, Perhaps a min yet 30 secs uh-huh, Im, sorry delay the number of did you do 11? Well, I reached be critical, Because if I I can win, I could win all of it right here. Yeah ready Set Go One Come on come on, allows, go, Come on youre making me laugh, Oh my God. What?

What like? Nothing? Okay, okay, all right, Yo, what the heck was that yo! Are you Joke me? Youre kidding youre playing.

round Your thumbs up, Thats, not fair! Wow, that was that was it Due to the fact that he know hed be distracted. That Was that was awkward man, Embarrassing the opening. Yes, what are you Doing Get on my camera? All right.

Can we do redo that? No, what The heck you got ta redesign! We obtain one renovate We get one redesign. Okay, do I intend to waste It on this, since you obtained youre gon na Obtain beat Precisely you obtained ta evaluate your alternatives in Life. You take calculated risks, [ Songs, ] Hefty, on a calculator component, though like, If you understand like as an example, I recognize Hes better at Felicity.

Yes, I can do That. Thats thats, my vanity chatting though, However the Mind unwinds in Its not also working So releases. I really would have defeated you at the road But Ill beat you at the purpose too, as well as I recognize I can So releases because youre larger you Move slower. You individuals hear that Okay, so I got ta go initially yeah, oh male! Yet I defeat you last time, so I do not care What you did last time.

You stated it you So youre gon na rip off now. How am I gon na Cheat? You stated it with your own. Mouth.The loser has to go initially on the following One: oh [, __ ] thats.

What what you said? No, No, I didnt state. That was a rule. I stated You go initially and I was like you resembled why and also I was like because you shed. So you know, since you lost Youre disloyalty, It might um.

Oh sorry, you recognize. I was attempting to be Considerate, So men constantly keep in mind male when youre In a battle with a lovely goddess Such as this, don’t get sidetracked by the Appeals. Don’T get captured up in your Sensations by the appearances, don’t attempt to offer Her a little Make it simple yeah due to the fact that she looks Lovely You aint obtained to offer me no sugar Yeah when it pertains to exercising yeah, But some guys would most Likely, I do not Know in anything they possibly yeah yeah. I dislike that assistance Yeah, I recognize ideal Were excellent. You obtained this Perfect Youre, not so differ.

No, what you imply. It looks excellent every day. Oh! Thank you. You look excellent in that Sweatshirt lady.

Thank you. You keep my Coat anytime, I don’t know I got. I got ta gain for you to keep my Sweater.I mean with any luck, its simply my good friends. She gives me a possibility one day.

This is Why Im doing this, you recognize attempting to Win her heart. Hopefully I win individuals. So I get to win our Heart. You all set you ready it occurs. Are You prepared brother Im ready?

Are you all set to Lose? You all set alright releases, Get prepared to lose Good. All set Establish, Go shed releases. One 2 releases yeah three come on full Kind right out, 5. What?

What is that? Oh, my God. What is that that Was awesome? No wow! I did say that Thats right!

No thats, not a burpee. This is a bird were doing were doing Good form here begun come on begun. I Know youre, not a fitness instructor, but like begun, oh you are thats brand-new. Are you Shocked? Oh truly Releases?

Thank you thats. What Im Discussing training, though thats Whats up, you recognize that if you, if you Train right, youre, not gon na, let your Customer High Pass anything huh Ima. Let you precede you do that over Below you see how you see exactly how she cheated, And also she informed me nothing. Oh man, women, Ladies.You, obtained ta, be mindful guy.

You obtained ta, be exceptionally careful with These women yeah. Well. Allow me put my own up Extremely careful all set all right, Ready, Establish, Go One. Two Three Im gon na reveal you how to win Without cheating, Five 6, 8, Nine. Whatever time 13 All right, I presume Ill – do mine For real! Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

No! No! No! No! I claimed do 5 even more after Time.

I claimed do five more go over as well as he Did it just due to the fact that yeah, when you got That result, do a cartwheel claim. No here You go all right, Prepared, Set Go.One, Don’t begin today. [ Laughter, ], Oh, allows go Five. You got this 6 7 Come on.

Come on. Eight 9 lets go. Damn 10 will. Certainly she win. 11 12.

Don’T touch your hands up thumbs up. Are You major thumbs up yep Wow? That was a time we obtained ta. Go again, She she has to rip off as well as she didnt even Know. She most likely would have won that [ __ ] right 4th Youve been drawn Im out of breath From Pressing you to go. Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

Go He wasnt offering me no, she wasnt providing Me. No inspiration like come on releases. You obtained this. You know The entire time Im claiming for the burpees. You understand Yeah, Whoever reaches 15 very first Got ta obtain to 15.

If I I Ended up first and you defeat me, thatd be Crazy. I ran the 70 in track, though 70 meter dash [, run touch the Sludge. Thats wins. Oh my gosh. What Songs ] Oh.

h Shut up? I, like you, men, Okay, yeah. I want that section. Okay, cheat! Once again, You ever thought about that.

Oh you. Allow Me win yeah Great task. I cant obtain my sensations included. Im. Sorry yeah, you kinda.

They call me Resurgence Kid come back to It, thats what they call me so Im all set Allows squat each other Yeah thats great um. I guess I obtained ta go First huh! Oh, since I shed Okay. How much do you consider 120 yeah 120, Its about 120? You allow me win.

You got ta weigh your Losses. Why did you allow me win, Though, specifically And also heres? The thing I recognized? I had to Maintain my power for this. One you see, yeah.

trategy is just how you win the Battle of Life, guys Im telling you I Obtained Feelings prepared great Okay. Ultimately, You all set now yeah. I start Lets go Two three. No! This is four all right.

5: Six: Seven, eight 9, 7, all the method down Eleven right down: twelve thirteen. Fourteen fifteen. Sixteen Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, twenty good thats it. I was a terrible Ranch. However, we gon na select it Meant to be.

However, you understand what I think Sickness do. The Short raps, also Im woozy Yeah Im a satisfied. Male but thats good Females are always looking well. Most, ladies, Are constantly like. I want a male that can Lift me up.

I want a female that might raise me up as well Whats up For genuine, like I got enough air to talk. My [ __ ] Like what? If I, what if I, what, if I Needed to go to the medical facility and its Right there, can you lug me I can Thats what Im speaking regarding crouching You Its the very same point, though you require to Right way: shes the right so shes, the Right, big woman, I guess For Goku pump. I do not like that b. Word, oh you don’t Like you do not like large.

No Did you see her, it is what you wearing Not the b word. What is a t-word? We essentially simply said it is um. Delicious, Not huge, don’t call me huge. Oh Im, sorry, Okay, fine great! Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

So what is the T word, Though? I didnt recognize, I said thick, oh Thick, okay, Clearly yet Tasties yall, Clearly anyway, Um lets break this half Due to the fact that you obtained to consider it Right below right below Shut up. All best Did I do it. You stated Brother, you obtained ta, say faster than that: okay, all right on your marks, ready go For one individuals say thanks to God, guy! I do not obtain You below winning for a sports bra delay.

Whats this Challenging I desire. I got that little That ones over challenge over. How do You really feel Thats good? I feel good um a little bit You challenged me. I like that Im proud.

f you a great deal. I don’t such as the truth that I lost, I feel like. I can have defeated you Yet Its whatever. Would you need to prefer If I such as simply allow you win? No, that Wasnt boring, So you do not you wouldnt like an individual to Simply let you win not in this circumstances.

Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

Okay, fine, thats, excellent! I such as to earn my Victories on your victories thats whats up Thats whats up thanks people for Enjoying make certain you, people follow Sydney, Whats, your YouTube channel, Um Sydney! U c: y d n e y y o? U Im gon na Tiger on the title! As well as Im, likewise going to Put the web link to her Instagram the Summary with any luck, she posts, uh Videos on her YouTube network, though Yeah remain tuned individuals and also um Guys male.

I have an architectural workout Program. You guys can follow. Um look into the patreon if you, if Youre interested, just strike the web link in The summary you know, this architectural Exercise program will certainly assist you Be able to defeat City. You understand what Im Saying in the exercise battle, obviously So thats why you require to get it and um You require to set the cookies up as well. It Aint.

No other way. You ought to have been Getting the same numbers nah. What you Mean.Its perfect, Take a look at you, though Its not back. Look every little thing: yeah 360.

ll ideal you obtained ta work. You obtained to work Smarter, currently more challenging. Why would certainly I drain my Power? Oh yeah see you obtained ta, assume All ideal come on whats following lucky. I Do not jump rope people and this is like Subtle, a workout still Hiki. Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

This one struck me Am I so arrogant. I do not care. Oh somebody Claimed that in the comments yeah thats, Okay, you understand what they state. They called Me. They claim Im a Shimp due to the fact that I provide Too much compliments And Im like yeah Im going from Goku Pops To Goku ships.

You look great lady. You are Impressive, you know the point regarding Praises. Ive started working on providing people a Compliment for it specifically males. Also, Since Ive heard that guys don’t obtain Enhanced a great deal like yeah, we don’t, I Actually do not. Yall, just are the ones That dish out yeah You see if you walk down the block a whole lot Of individuals Going insane appropriate, Ive done it so several Times yet its me, my sibling, Broly or Also um.

You recognize tunji yeah. Yes, you Strolling outside with no shirts on girls.I obtained some Super Saiyan go in advance, currently Whats your reaction. Just how many do you Think youre gon na do? I do not recognize exactly how Several we gon na see?

Oh, my gosh, you got the Well known. You got the stamp of authorization Like the little squat rack point. I obtained It as well thats, just how you obtain initiated right into Jim society. I think thats exactly how you get Started its never ever missing leg day. Oh Yeah that part the health club close it you can Miss like punks in the gym, called, Exhibit and also hes, like no word all right, 3, Two one Foreign.

ou obtained ta, be mindful man. You obtained ta, be very cautious with These ladies yeah well. Allow me put my own up Really mindful all set. Alright All set Set Go One 2 3. Im gon na reveal you how to win Without dishonesty, Five, six.

8. 9. Whatever time 13 4th Youve been sucked Im out of breath From Pushing you to go, go He wasnt offering me no, she wasnt offering Me no inspiration like come on, allows go You obtained this. You recognize The whole time Im stating for the burpees. You recognize Yeah, Whoever gets to 15 initial Got ta obtain to 15.

Oh Shut up. I love you, individuals, Okay, yeah. I want that area. Okay, rip off Again, You ever before believed. Concerning that, oh you.

Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

Let Me win yes Good task. I angle obtain my feelings. Entailed Im sorry yeah, you kinda, They call me Return Kid come back to It, thats what they call me so Im prepared Allows squat each other Yeah thats good. I think I obtained ta go Very first huh, Oh due to the fact that I lost Okay, Exactly how a lot do you evaluate 120 yeah 120, Its regarding 120.Consider this?

Yes, I want a lady that Might test me. I desire a female that Could pick me up as well. I do not want no. I Want no due to the fact that assumption what when we begin, A household right yeah were mosting likely to be Standing right. There yeah Im, claiming you Know you know. Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

If with any luck, however, you understand What Im claiming we gon na have some Strong family members, solid children, Yeah yeah we gon na be prepared to deal with the World word yeah every one of them. You recognize What Im saying it no issue, how they Come out. All of us gon na prepare to encounter The world so yeah. I don’t desire a woman That I could smoke. I could no, because Life is all regarding enduring your possibilities Of surviving is exactly how strong you are exactly how Fast you are exactly how smart you are.

So I need Every one of that to take on me, Yeah, and also I such as that thats dope. Yeah Im still the finest you are, Maybe maybe Youll go with one more bathroom. Maybe she Can obtain her revenge, just a learning Contour. You understand, however um I won my I did win My day, so uh stay remain tuned for the Next episode, without that, When she takes me out on a day, you Heard as well as like I claimed, do not fail to remember to Smash the Subscribe, switch Smash theSongs ]: Our 1st Workout Battle 2nd Gym Date cydneyyou vs gokupump

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