Ornella Nicolosi – women’s crossfit

Ornella Nicolosi – women’s crossfit

Looking for a challenging and empowering workout? Look no further than Ornella Nicolosi’s Crossfit class. This tough and sweaty workout is perfect for women of all fitness levels, and will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

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Friends Hi all Today we focus on crossfit athlete Arnella Nicolaisi She is one of those who manages to balance in his image stunning strength and feminine appeal Arnere 28 years old she lives in France in Cannes, where she works as a personal trainer and helps ordinary people to improve their physical shape her weight is 58 kg with a height of 160 cm it is known that and the record squat with the bar on the back 110 kg deadlift 120 kg in the jerk 50 kg and the jerk 70 kg in 2018 in the French crossfit ranking. Ornella Nicolosi – women’s crossfit

Cornella Nikolaisi was 86 and this is currently her best indicator Moreover, she has quite a lot of popularity in instagram for her subscribed almost 300. 000 people she shares her workouts indicating the correct sequence and the required number of sets and of course this information is accompanied by short videos where she personally shows how she performs certain exercises one of these videos for example is dedicated to her work on the bar and it is really impressive Orneo does two strict pull-ups then three leg lifts on the bar five regular pull-ups six chest pull-ups to the bar and six power outputs and all this without rest.

Ornella Nicolosi – women’s crossfit.

and touching the ground here You can also see other exercises in its execution it For example, two dumbbell press 100 on one knee Russian barbell pulling to the stomach squats with a heavy sword and push-ups stand on hands Also on YouTube you can find funny video for arnaul demonstrates How you can work out in home in quarantine And you have to do some squats not with your dog in hand Arnella works very hard on yourself However does not forget about the rest the athlete allocates to crossfit one or two days a week she says recovery is an integral part of the training process this is what allows look better and avoid syndrome before training . Ornella Nicolosi – women’s crossfit

And this syndrome as many athletes know can lead to a serious drop in performance and also to injuries it is separately necessary to tell about the attitude of the arnical nutrition in one of posts she wrote I the athlete my body in the form but I not on a diet I simply eat healthy and balanced I do not count my calories I eat when hungry a diet for weight loss in her opinion create disappointment and deficiency of useful substances thus she is sure that if the person wishes to eat a burger it can quite it deal

nikolaisi is in a relationship with kevin rancroy who works in the same field as her and thanks to him orneo became a trainer Before several years, the girl was just doing sports and building her body people who chose ornella as a mentor can certainly count on good results. Ornella Nicolosi – women’s crossfit

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