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Only 15 Minutes To Burn 500 Calories!?

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Only 15 Minutes To Burn 500 Calories

Today’s Workout:

1 min warm up
1 min 1/4 lb rope
1 min 1/2 lb rope
1 min 1 lb rope
1 min 1/4 lb rope
1 min 1/2 lb rope
1 min 1 lb rope
1 min 1/4 lb rope
1 min 1/2 lb rope
1 min 1 lb rope
1 min 1/4 lb rope
1 min 1/2 lb rope
1 min 1 lb rope

Rest 15 sec between each exercise


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37 Comentários

  1. So I did this for around a month and a half just before summer and felt and saw incredible results… so I thought I’d try it again after letting myself go a lot in terms of fitness over the break.
    Day 1- Hard. But not hard really, just new to the system after having a really sedentary summer. But I finished it and feel incredible. Excited for day 2!!!!
    Day 2: indulged in some alcohol the night prior, which definetely made things a little more difficult… nonetheless, an enjoyable workout! Paused way more.

    Day 3: Not hard , but annoying. My rope keeps getting caught on my shoe.

  2. Thank you for this video, question, i jump rope 140 per min and take a 50 secs break between each min . In total i do 20 rep for 1 hour. How much calories do i burn ? Do i burn calories in that 50 sec break too ? Then how much do i burn in that 50 secs?
    Weight 175 pounds

  3. I do 18 reps of 1 minute. 20 seconds gap in between.
    i reach like total of 2000 to 2300 jumps.
    smart watch shows calories burn between 200 to 250.
    But then again, am not using heavy ropes.

  4. decided to track my progress. i will do it for 2 weeks with kind of a diet 🙂 and then i will go to te 20 minutes workout
    inicial weight: 67 kg
    day 1: done
    day 2: done
    day 3: done
    day 4: done
    day 5: done
    day 6: rest day
    day 7: had the biggest test of my life
    day 8: done
    day 9: done
    day 10: done
    day 11: was too lazy to do it 🙁
    day 12: done
    day 13: done
    day 14: rest day
    from now on i will do the 20 min workout cause i think i can handle it, as soon as i can weight myself i will put here the results!! thsnk you for the workout

  5. Every time I want to lose weight, I skip rope for 30 minutes every day. 15 in the morning and 15 at the night. It really does wonders, and I lose around 700 grams every week. Also, I can feel my body getting stronger too. I assume these ropes are quite useful as well but even if you don't have them any rope does the trick. Just do it. That's all. 😁😁😁 If you don't feel motivated to do it and if every minute feels like an hour, then put on your headphones and listen to some energetic music that will get you up and running. If that doesn't do it as well, you can open a movie or show you like and skip rope while watching it. It helps me to feel more motivated. 😁😁😁 Don't be discouraged. Personally, am a person that is suffering from many medical conditions, and my doctors always advise me to strengthen my body. Before starting to skip rope, I would struggle with even climbing the stairs but now not only am I fit but I also feel much healthier. If I can get to this point, everyone can. 😊😊😊

  6. Thanks, encouraging to try. The reality of what makes this difficult and unfair imho is only 500 calories are lost after such long hard work. When you eat a meal, sit for only 5min and it’s +1000 instantly 😂 😅

  7. Today i tried this work out for first time and now I have realised that how much my physical system is fucked up and now I do not want to see my face in mirror.i was not able to do this last 7 mins .
    I am 19 and am a 95 kg fat fuck .

  8. Ive neen roping 2 months ive been walking alot. I have weight rope. Up to 20 minutes ita great workout. U giys r great. I watch videos all time thank u for the tip and all that u do..

  9. Is it okay if I tried to follow without an actual rope? I am kinda in a small space and I might break the chandelier if I used the rope…

    Will I be able to get good results?

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