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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Thank you Thank you That's crazy Let's go hey let's go Let's go five days Okay Up there Get up here I don't want to break the crystals Three four five six seven eight nine Attention One two three four one Eight ten twelve fourteen fifty sixteen Eighteen nineteen twenty two Four and six twenty eight thirty thirty Two 34 35 Four Let's go Hey Huh yes sir One two Three four five six seven eight nine Attention let's go Ah Let's go next Let's eat I got it I got it It was nice how far bro Come on let's go put my money 20. show us the game give me the game Come on let's go One two three four three five six seven Eight nine ten one two three four five

Six seven eight nine Nine nine About 20. 20. put that much stuff back Let's Talk about Hey come on Dude [ __ ] come on Let's go let's go Come on come on let's go Let's go let's go you stop You stop let's go let's go Let's go One two three What are you doing All right one three two three yeah Two three four five six seven that's Okay Work out two Six Go Bro All right one two all the way up all the Way down You say it's easy [ __ ] all the way up Volume down seven you got this hey let's Go Oh yeah you got this shirt Let's go we push ourselves we push each Other this is for the glory What's up yeah what's up for the glory Let's get it Everybody could do this you gotta push Yourself you ready

Ain't good Do that again let me see that That's all good as long as you're moving Let's go Goku let's go let's go Ain't no bus stop [ __ ] oh leaky hold both sides of this [ __ ] no no seven The Middle Come on Be Inspired always push yourselves For the glory For the glory let's go Come on come on Let's go Let's go Hurry up Come on You hated yourself You said you hate it Come on let's get it Now now now what you waiting for let's Go this is now a bus stop let's go That's what I'm talking about let's go Three Four Pushes Let's go find something find them find It three four five other six seven eight Nine ten one two three four five six Seven eight nine twenty one three three Three Two get back grounded what are you Waiting for Yo one we up in every number by 10. we Up because it's too much people here

Let's go let's burn this [ __ ] out let's Go For the fight Hold on how you counting Dirty pool say one more time 30 pulls Yeah Say one more time what 50 push-ups get money let's go Get it Huh oh [ __ ] go for the glory let's go hey Hey Let's go Dummy hurry up hurry up I want my money Let's go Six seven eight nine attention one two Three four five Nine one one two three four five six Seven eight the whole body up one One hey Four One two three four five four seven Five four three two one Let's go For it all apart from me fellas I like The e Ffort On 6006 says they will donate Donate not do it Don't they not do it like cool like Dirty stuff let's go might look like but It's heavy though Heavyweight [ __ ] Huh

Six seven eight nine yeah Let's go Five six seven eight nine Twenty One Find it Find something Okay nine thirty Twenty more Three two one five day let's go one two Three four five six seven hey oh yeah Nine ten ten more three Two one find something Let's go Let's go Oh yeah Let's go you got this Seven eight nine let's go all that [ __ ] chicks Let's get it let's go man What are y'all doing e let's get for it Where you at Go Five Finish your food Six seven Eight Let's go Nine Very good right there let's go Let's go What are you waiting for What are you waiting for Let's go One oh yeah one two three four five four Up six seven eight nine ten eleven

Twelve thirteen fourteen five two five Dollars Let's go 50 push-ups One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten forty more back down back down One right back one two three four body Four Five seconds Four Three Two back down One two three four four random hips down Come on clean it up clean it up Seven Seven [ __ ] we got three some of them up We don't go one more right 40 right well There's lunch time we gotta fight for it One two three four five six Seven Six more One two three four Five Six six absolutely Appreciate everybody All right Three one two three you got him good all Right all right Two Three Four Five Six seven Eight Yeah

Eleven Underscore pump And then we'll find everybody else on There Right yeah Yeah I mean the photos too yes Underscore 19. University Thank you 21. What happened we find something Find something More Four more Three more Two more Let's go Bye Something Find a reason to get up there Something think about the trick piece Think about the lettuce You got this think about that CMOS you Got this Think about the [ __ ] Let's go Let's go find it Find something Let's go Team off Ah connected One two let's go three let's go 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. let's go 50 bush

All that chicken sir Right after her That he said they want a cameraman Yo shots of my God WP in the house Let's go Say that again Let's go what are you waiting on Hey No fortnite push-ups Scott Have a real thing I don't know 20 more Let's go 20 more let's go One two three Four five Six Good hey Find it find something A mother It's a plan Find it Let's go Let's go Let's go oh [ __ ] Go ahead Goku Punk Go ahead Goku Park Guys this is our second workout yo yo Hold the other side come on come on Scott hold the other side Your best I ain't no [ __ ] care man But I hold as much as I can Let's go what are you waiting on 12 Months Go 32

Come on hey now ten eleven twelve Thirteen all the way up 15. 60 Let's go Do it It's all good appreciate y'all tuning in It's for the glory Channel Let's get it Find that One Two Three you're getting this All right one more Stop let's go Let's go Get up there Find it find something Up Yes sir Hurry up It's time to eat Let's go Always checking us out there's always Something going on We gotta get it We in the city we're going to use our Environment to our our greatest Challenge let's get it If you've ever been in New York This is Soho Find it you got to get the money Everywhere This is your environment Show them what you work

No no the music music No music Yo yo the music Let's go Let's go 40 more let's go Let's go Let's go let's go Broly I'm in Brody Chapman's back yo Goku go for the Glory Let's go That's the best I've ever seen the Definition in Goku back right now let's Go [ __ ] go look at that definition Look at that definition I love what my Brothers eat I get excited to see they change Let's go The Earth is my turf and I work out Anywhere let's go What's good Show some love Y'all are you waiting for a vaccine That's what they really wanted he's Doing like taking a vaccine right now Yeah bro he's getting his sucking dirt Right now yo watch out watch out watch Out watch on come on it's one more Come on Let him go let him go He's the same How you guys doing It Do nothing

Stop with the twenties My man ran from a different part of the Bronx to get here What Is the whole laundry so you need a Minute all right let's go oh What's up Let's go let's go what's up Let's go For the glory Let's go Let's go 13. 14. 30. Sexy Let's go Sir succeed Let's go It's about the universe will be donated Ten dollars Let's go You cannot search she asking Goku can't She touched Yeah look at the smile on her face It's okay It's all right she wanted she wanted to See if it was real Scott packing up Oh why are you bringing your scooter Yesterday I don't know [ __ ] say yo bring that Back to me later foreign From the Bronx that's enough energy Enough Let's go

Let's go Watch Scott come back with no water for Nobody else Get that [ __ ] When you tired But he dies doing something positive 40 push-ups Go Find the reason to keep going I ain't Even finished that last walking routine Now it's four more videos left I'm gonna push it out it's just so much There was so many minutes that we was Out there for it was a couple of hours Actually But I'll finish it Unfortunately 17. Stop one two three four five six two Seven eight On top Five five four three Two Man What's your guy name Active You know every set we go on about Tesla JB in your next set go about 10. this Set now we got 40 Pull-Ups Right Hakeem of course what are we here For oh I'm here That's money What's up

40 And Foreign UH 60 foot Seven They're not Some people talk to talk but they can't Do it man Go Ah So Much Let's go energy Let's go Let's go come on What are you waiting on a bus let's go I want my money So I can create a stir bomb right now Let's go Send them some energy Let's go Let's go Let's go five six seven Small Let's go 20 20. One three four five six seven eight nine One two three four five six seven eight Nine one two three four five six seven Eight nine One two three four five six seven eight This one Let's go next All that pay all that chicken good Morning

We gotta fight five Two three four five six seven eight nope Up six seven eight nine twenty one two Three let's go oh Six seven Hey Nah It's dirty Ten more One two three four Fitness Fitness donated five dollars Fit man with donating five dollars Muscle up on the way Read All About It delivery free Friday Sexy find something Hey yo let's go Pillow ball Yeah third one two three four five six Seven eight nine ten one two three four Five six seven eight nine twenty one two Three four five six seven eight nine Thirty that's [ __ ] chicken man let's Go on that ball man let's get it all That chicken Wait Read All About It say 60 clip How y'all doing beautiful send that Energy in we love it show me love let's Go don't use it for the positive pain With positivity he started Two three four five six seven eight nine Ten one two three four five six seven Eight nine one one two three four five Six seven eight nine third one two three Four five six seven eight nine four two

Three four six seven eight nine Ten more ten more five let's go now I need Glory You know that chicken work let's go Next Time Bro let's go Just came back for his set I hope you Find everybody Hop out come on because I want to go Pretty good I need a 40K let's go fix Your face 20 30 40 Clips in your rows like that Let's go waiting for a buck Two all the way down Somebody said what the [ __ ] oh God Come on Three nine twenty Twenty more Easy money All right get the likes up 15 more Man What Yeah your youngest here Coming in from your phone All right come on guys we got a camera Yo Scott put all that pain in the Reps Pushes What are you waiting for Football Let's go two three four five six seven Eight nine ten one two three four five Six seven eight nine oh man

Four five six I'll take it oh my God 60 pushes Straight go Yeah we want it straight A loud oxygen Okay let's go make sure you do it Straight a lot of oxygen to flow through Your body so as your muscles if you give It to them we're covering very fast but That's what the that's what we need Oh yeah Oh yeah she got the cake 20. 30. You got you got to clean them up clean Them up a little bit more okay bro The whole body Oh yeah I bought it down One more that's it Oh my God six seven okay Dehydrated I am too I'm still yeah Let's go Yourself Never done In charge man let's get it let's go Let's go This is on you Scott Find something Got some milk and cookies Let's go take that shirt off and enjoy The power Man this guy had the mincy prepare Himself and it's okay as long as you go

I ain't got no worries About a thing Because every little thing gonna be all Right Let's get it all right About a thing Because every little thing yeah gonna be All right Bob Scott Scott Scott Let's go what you waiting for a bus Let's go Hurry up It's time to eat Yeah for Jamaica let's go What part to make you came from Scott Tolani let's go yacht boy Representative yeah shout out to the People yeah Everybody around the world let's go Find something Oh Six Seven Eight Let's go come on just 30 more Let's go y'all keep showing us off Let's go Scott Y At least Let's go Scott it's good it's only 25 More come on Okay

60. 18. Let's go So 20 only 20 more It's only 20 more 20 singles How many Let's go Scott 20 singles Takes all year long To finish it that's what they know Six It's possible Quality equals more games That's not always a fact you can get Real money with hands I'm not gonna hold You but I'm not gonna lie No you can really build muscle a lot of People are not I'm not even talking it Because I don't happily do it but it Builds muscle I have pumps put money Into the blood you took my [ __ ] like This right yeah They give me money That's all you need all you need is to Pump blood into the muscle that's all That's needed honestly if you keep going On getting muscle boots those tendons is Going after a while fail that's so fast So let's get to it you get money all Those shits count Scott Yeah the bus the number 55 bus is ready To go Let's go get the m55 Three three

Okay Watch out a little bit Broly Let's go Let's go hurry up God you're taking long It's time to eat Two more let's go Can I tell you something He went shot through leg there over There He's giving Scott a break here we go I don't care what you doing at home but We never never ever skip elected Come on Singing what is your professor Lunch break All right what's up bro yeah you know What you're doing what's up a little Extra reps Muscle up 30 dips you got this Extra money You like that pain That One two three four Go five days Let's go Find it Find something Let's go think about them chickpeas man All them vegan dishes let's go think About the impossible Burger Let's go Wrong boys below it the Lord upper Trapezius Let's go

Feeling the pineal crane Yeah Let's go Find something Right shadow On the street find it me you must find a Ride in it wherever you had to find it Even if you're not on the street even if You're on the couch just find it You've been doing that in bed find it Something Today Right here We go I'm pretty right now Thank you Thank you bro One two three Two that's it bro I did find something Down Right All right Next GoPro I think it's Goku sure Let's go They got some pull-ups Yo you heard him he said that's Bam Bam That's um Energy Yes Energy your energy Where the energy where's the energy

Oh y'all lost me Y'all lost me y'all Lost me your [ __ ] Bros Let's go let's go pick your energy Levels up man And energy It's only that one dude that though I'm not having that energy was negative What are you doing bro Knowledge How to drink water Straight in and how to look at all year Round I want the muscle to come out to Go That's 35 five more Minutes Foreign Wow 27 minutes Let's go Pick it up for free on YouTube Show me some love And then Marvelous results Ten one two three four five six seven Eight nine twenty Okay Six Seven Eight Oh my God Last one bro get up here get up Man now you know how I feel I'm 30.

60 pushes let's go come on Like the video if you haven't already Like the video if you haven't already Five dead Find something Yeah Of course Instagram And then from Instagram everything's Link in my bio and stuff like that yeah Zeus Record Yourself Don't do that don't talk about what You're gonna do Let's go bro Get some [ __ ] money the youngest get The money Let's go it's me Scott and you we all in Atlanta we all in the steps Cat Younger than him For real yeah another 29. Scott why you said that oh I've been Here since I was 16. I'm not seriously I don't believe you And after this we got a special guest With some circus tricks I don't want to hear that connection all Day too exactly I will be under I will Lay on that floor to catch I've been Smoking so I've been doing it You ready to go home or what

Happened over here So I'm pretty sure you would love it Here Next Um

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