No Bench Press Needed | Push ups for Chest | @BrolyGainz007

Push ups for Chest No Bench Press Needed | Push ups for Chest | @BrolyGainz007

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises

And yes we have a crazy routine for you Guys today if you want to build a bigger Chest get rid of your man boobs we gonna Do this for time Time The fastest way to build a bigger Chase Boom Ah Boom Nice and slow The slower the [ __ ] All that chicken five [ __ ] mine Ah you want to build a bigger chest Boom right boom [Music] Go Take your time You want to get caught too Lift your legs simple do this [Music] What is your profession Ah Yo we out here guys Marilyn DC one of Them what is it this is like the DMV bro All right we got Gold’s Gym if you’re in The DMV area hit us up guys make sure Y’all stay tuned first of all thank you Guys for liking thank you guys for Subscribing and yes we have a crazy Routine for you guys today if you want To build a bigger chest get rid of your Man boobs I mean you feel me guys so get Ready before we even get to this workout

Guys make sure you go subscribe to my Brother from another mother yes sir Smash the Subscribe button smash the Like button but don’t smash my girl yo Guys smash this girl stop playing bro I’m not playing bro All right guys let’s get to the workout Anyways all right so 30 seconds each Exercise we’re gonna alternate the first Exercise we’ll begin in five at the time Off four Hold on uh-huh three get down low camera Woman two we’re gonna go to the left First and we got Side alternating pushes we want to build A bigger chest so let’s isolate each Chests each Peg two one Oh yeah Forget about reps guys Gonna do this time Time under tension Right bro yeah yeah 15 seconds Already I know he’ll be trying to attack You gotta tax him Five seconds oh 30 size Boom come up Regular push-ups but slow motion three Two One go Yeah You want to build a bigger chest Move a little slower This is the fastest way to build a.

No Bench Press Needed | Push ups for Chest 

Bigger chest [Music] At one minute we switch One minute ah I like that come down boom Boom No laying down what are you laying down For Yeah okay yeah okay Oh yeah okay Oh You test 30 seconds huh station all right good Whoa Whoa yeah you know it hurts super native Supinated We gonna rest let’s rest at 15 No let’s want to go back to two minutes Then we go back again Let’s make sure we are nice And guys make sure you smash the Subscribe button if you’re watching this Right now man six that’s awesome four Three Two super need let’s go Nice and slow The slower the The slower you do the exercise is The More mass you build The faster you go with little to minimum Rush this is how you build endurance So guys believe it or not If you feel fatigued take at least three Minutes or five minutes of rest Before you go back again. No Bench Press Needed | Push ups for Chest | @BrolyGainz007

Oh 30 seconds nice don’t forget diamonds Let’s go bro [Laughter] All that chicken Amazing [Music] Gotta say something Keep you going to not think of the pain All these things let’s go that’s 30 Seconds let’s go turn around we’re on The floor back to back come on back to Back put your back towards my back bro Let’s go you know how the dips goes the Super saiyan dips bro ah Want to build a bigger chest Duties Oh Ah 30 seconds Now we take 30 seconds rest because this Next exercise is gonna be a little crazy Explosive Oh yeah Sorry Brody Sorry that’s gonna die today no chest Muscles 15 seconds guys guys remember When you take a long rest You’re Building strength when you take a little To minimum risk You’re Building Endurance please don’t confuse that Three two One coming to the left coming to the Left Boom come on right boom come on Left boom right boom left boom right

Boom left boom boom left boom right boom Left turn right right left boom right Boom left four right bow Ah let’s go yeah we got five seconds Rest four Three two One push I’m up Push ah let’s go Push Push 10 seconds push Ah [ __ ] Ah Two one last 30 seconds this is the last One let me see 30 seconds after this 30 Seconds it’ll be five minutes completed You know what’s next right Uh Pike Sorry guys trying to hit the upper chest Upper chest hell yeah every part of the Chest gets hit Facing me 10 seconds Seven six five Four Three two let’s get it Go ahead [Music] [Applause] 10 seconds let’s go ah Let’s go yeah Ah last one oh Energy.

No Bench Press Needed | Push ups for Chest | @BrolyGainz007

Let’s go that workout felt amazing not Only did we sweat up some bullets burn Some calories but we definitely built a New part of the chest you know what I Mean a bigger parts of the chest You feel me because that’s what we doing That’s what it’s about my four Brody Make sure you subscribe to my brother’s Page what’s your page bro Goku pump G-o-k-u-p-u-m-p man make sure to Subscribe to Broly Legendary without leg day guys sir smash Everything like I said except for my Girl smash the like button unfortunately Five minutes oh [ __ ] yes I forgot about It We passed in five minutes guys and we Were supposed to include some tips Because dips also affect your chest so Put that clock on for 30 seconds we’re Gonna tax them Paying taxes man paying taxes it’s only Fair sure ready yeah go Take your time You want to get caught too Lift your legs Simple do this [Music] Let’s go let’s go Oh let’s get it The money get the money Wow get your money Get your money Let’s go pop out bro

So go You see the timer right there lift them Legs up I don’t see the time [Music] 15. let’s go camera when you let that Out let’s go 20 seconds let’s go You want a new chest you want to build a New chest without any weights Do this It was awesome my brother bro yo shots Of my brother Goku pump brother from Another Mother’s [ __ ] competition the best Thing the best thing to have is people That’s on your side and back at you Pushing you to to progress in reach the Next level guys always positive vibes And of course smash all the buttons and His girl [Music] Feel me Smash my girl All right huh Don’t smash Whatever is negative in life guys smash Everything that’s positive smash this Workout though make sure you smash this Workout and smash the Subscribe button For his page of my page as well sure Thanks for the support peace. No Bench Press Needed | Push ups for Chest | @BrolyGainz007

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