NIGHTTIME ROUTINE TO WIND DOWN | habits to relax, de-stress and disconnect

wind down after work with me! these are some habits that help me de stress and disconnect after a busy, hectic day. They prepare my mind and body for bed and I sleep so much better.

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Hi Friends! I’m Vicky, and I am passionate about helping you become your best self. I started on Youtube 7 years ago by uploading workout videos that were realistic, fun, and RELATABLE! I am never afraid to show my struggle, so you feel like you are working out with a bestie rather than a robot trainer. In 2021, I launched my virtual workout studio app, Daily Thrive, and our community grows every day.

On this channel, you will see videos about fitness, nutrition, mental health / productivity and vlogs! I believe a full life isn’t just about being “fit” – its also about having fun, enjoying dessert, having that glass of champagne, traveling, spending time with family and friends. These are all small pieces that make us our wonderful selves.

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Hello my friends welcome back to my Channel I am what some people would call Workaholic I’m a little bit on the Anxious side and I find it really Important to wind down before bed Otherwise I don’t sleep good because my Mind is like running through my to-do List and all the things I have to do for Work and that’s just not good it’s not Healthy you know we’re all about living A balanced lifestyle here it gets crazy Juggling so many things just for Reference here is A little bit of my to-do list and aside From like crazy things happening with Work exciting things growth expansion It’s also been a crazy week I need to Wind down so I want to show you how I Wind down for the evening and basically How I spend my evenings when I’m done Working right now it’s around 7pm it’s a Little bit on the later side the first Thing I do to start my relaxing evening Is I actually make my final to-do list For the day which you’re probably like Why are you making a to-do list at the End of the day it’s for tomorrow if I Don’t write down all the things that are Still stuck in my head I’m gonna be Thinking about them all night long so it Makes me feel better knowing that I put Them down on paper and I have that to Look at tomorrow so I don’t forget Anything undone tasks that I didn’t get

To today any ideas I had for tomorrow That all goes kind of like in a brain Dump section on my to-do list and then Tomorrow morning I’ll look at it and I’ll kind of like prioritize and see Where that fits in my J and whether I Have time to even do it that day [Music] Now I’m actually going to do a quick Like Pilates slash stretch workout it’s Not really a workout it’s more of just Like a way to move my body and loose Enough the tension and just help get my Mind off work because I have a really Hard time disconnecting [Music] So most of the workouts I film on daily Thrive they are with no music in the Background you just hear my voice Guiding you through it and this is great So that you can add your own music so When I wind down I like to listen to Like folk and Indie music this helps me Really get in that headspace that’s what I’ll be putting on while I’m doing this Routine Alexa Play Spotify [Music] So now it is time for dinner and for Dinner I’m going to be making one of my Yellow fresh recipes I’ve been using Hello fresh since the pandemic started It helps me not have to decide what I Want to eat every single time because

Getting the groceries and deciding what You’re eating it’s just too much I’m Busy so this is the recipe we’re making Now this is a vegan recipe and I’ll be Making a protein shake for dessert Because this morning’s workout was Pretty intense and for lunch what the [ __ ] did I have for lunch Oh I had a correct sandwich that’s what I had for lunch but I feel like I Haven’t had that much protein today so I Think the protein shake will be good and I’m kind of craving like pina colada [Music] [Music] Excellent [Applause] Excellent what’d you do how long The one mile like pushing it and then Another mile what happened to taking it Easy Your rib is broken So usually while we eat dinner we will Either read a book or watch TV but a lot Of the times when we read if it’s like a Self-improvement book it keeps my mind Too busy like I’m trying to shut off From work it kind of finished all of our Like big benjos and then I realized that There’s two new seasons of Law and Order As we use sexually based defenses These are their stories [Music] [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] This is just a basic protein shake it’s Not like a meal replacement shake or Anything it just helps me get a boost of Protein and when I need it I actually Usually drink a post workout I never Really drink it at night before bed I’ve Been craving it today and now you can Make this with water a lot of people do That and it still tastes really good but I feel like the consistency is thicker And creamier when you use milk you don’t Have to use whole milk you can use Almond milk oat milk so it’s around 300 Scoop it in here and Foreign So good and I’ve added rum to it before That’s really really good if you want Like a protein cocktail basically I’m gonna do a super simple little night Time Skincare routine so when I cleanse my Face I like to oil cleanse first even Though I didn’t really wear a lot of Makeup today this just feels good on my Skin typically you’re supposed to use The oil cleanser first and the oil kind Of like Hangs on to all the dirt and impurities And oil attracts oil so it helps get That gunk out and then you cleanse with Like a regular cleanser to clean

Everything This has real rose petals inside you see That It smells so good like it smells like Fresh roses I look forward to my Skincare routine because of this so Let it dry the night recovery Concentrate this is like a face oil from Heels it’s like a blend of different Face oils and it just feels good going To the skin like I wake up the next Morning my skin is like glowing So now I’m gonna do a quick 10 minute Meditation I found one that I really Like on Spotify to start the meditation And I not even just for meditation I Smell this every night this is Eucalyptus oil I got it in Whole Foods Uh this smell just brings me so much Peace and calm so I just dab a few Little dots on the inside of my wrist I rub and sometimes I do this in the Shower and the steam in the shower just Like makes it all smell good Every exhale I just imagine every like Stress negative thought everything from The day just leaving my body like I’m Putting myself in the headspace that I’m Just in the present moment so my Favorite meditation posture is actually Laying down flat because I feel like It’s the way that I relax the best I Like to spend at least five minutes with My legs up against the wall just to let

Everything come down but I also like to Do it While I meditate because I’m Multitasking [Music] My candles lit my tea is steeping and Now it’s time for my favorite part of The day I’m gonna write in my guided Journal 180 prompts that I wrote myself Okay I put my soul into this journal and This is today’s prompt it is write down Five things you know are bad for your Mental health write down five things That you know are good for your mental Health and then at the bottom I put Refer back to this list whenever you Need a reminder I use good notes to Write in the PDF but I actually prefer To type my answers than to write them Because I’m too impatient right and it Just helps me come back to myself Especially at the end of the day I feel Like you spend all day running around Meeting other people’s needs running Errands focusing on everything but Yourself and this just helps you realize Like you are you you’re a human being You matter and your relationship with Yourself matters [Music] Thank you Oh I am laying in bed it’s around Midnight I am gonna read a little bit I Already did my Duolingo lesson but I’m

Going to read a little bit before but I Like to read fiction books just to like Let my mind shut off and relax it’s like Reading a bedtime story the one I’m Reading now is called The Keeper of Happy Endings I try not to pick books That are too like like suspenseful or Crazy because then I’ll stay up all Night reading them so I try to pick very Like light reads to help me slowly ease Into sleep so I’ll probably read this For like 15 minutes and then hopefully Be sleepy now to go to bed and that’s Our evening routine [Music]

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