New Years Eve Food Ideas Christmas Recipes & Decoration Tips

New Years Eve Food Ideas 🎅🏻 Christmas Recipes & Decoration Tips 🎄

It’s that time of the year and we want to come together with our loved ones! 🎄 Today, with Bahar, we are giving you our tips when we host our friends. You cannot believe what can be done with some small touches! The good side is that you can use most of these tips even on an ordinary day when your friends come over for dinner.


🎅🏻 Christmas Recipes & Decoration Tips 🎄

1-Sandwich for sharing: Get a long baguette or bagel and spread cream cheese, mayo or labneh as an insulator. Then lay whatever you like into them. Slice into smaller pieces and spread some more cream cheese to the sides of the sandwich. Finally, dip them into onion chips or chips to make them even greater!

2-Serving in shot glasses: For the parties, serving small party food in shot glasses would be very useful and chic. To make it even more amazing, dip the brim of the glass in honey then dip into a mixture of chopped parsley, red pepper flakes and flake salt.

3-Serving salads in glasses: It always looks good, and greens in glasses would make your table more flamboyant.

Refika’s Caesar Dressing

3 cloves garlic, mashed
2½ anchovies, bone removed & mashed
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 heaped teaspoon mustard
1 lemon juice
4 tablespoons grated parmesan
1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon molasses
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon black pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and use the dressing as you wish for salads.

4- Cheese boards: Making cheeseboards like Christmas trees would be both delicious and gorgeous. Another great idea would be making with more greens as a shape of wreath.

5-Bruschetta ideas: Always add some salt or soy sauce to the spread- cheese or mayo- for your bruschetta. Layer with greens and cured meat.

6- Alternative butter boards: Butter boards was a big hit for this year but the idea of making this board with labneh, yoghurt or cream cheese is something I would like more. You can top them with persimmon, pomegranate, nuts and finally mint leaves and molasses as well.

7- Street food: Small wraps, small burgers or using small lettuce as a spoon or plate would look and taste magnificent.

8- Winter garden cake: Place a large cake mold on a board. Spread some labneh with powdered sugar on the bottom. Then crumble some chocolate cake on top like earth. After that it is all up to your imagination. You can place a ginger house, small chocolate penguins, Christmas tree…

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Now it’s that time of the year that we Want to come together with our friends And loved ones I want to give you some Tips and tricks from my years of Experience of setting nice tables you Don’t want to give any more effort but We want it to look really great and I Have the tips and she and I’m going to Give you some styling and decoration Ideas First one is a sandwich but the Presentation is quite different first Off we start with making sandwich if we Get a baguette a blonde one then we make A sandwich for let’s say 10 people in Making a sandwich or one people time so We cut the sandwich we put cream cheese So the bread do not soak the water of Other things that we put so both sides Some insulators in this case cream .

Cheese would do then whatever you have It could be Rockets it could be lettuce We put quite a lot then we add some Pickles in this case beetroot pickle has The sweetness and it’s quite nice but it Could be other pickles as well then we Have some smoked meat it could be smoked Turkey chicken whatever you want to use I think I got it from Ikea crunchy Onions it’s really great but if you Don’t have it you can put some chips or It could be some nuts something crunchy Would do then the fun part starts we cut The sandwich into pieces that each one.

Would enjoy then on a plate we put some More cream cheese and on the other side It could be those onions or some chips Something crunchy again we dip the Sandwich on one side and then the two What is crunchy on The Cutting Board of Serving we put that side up so even Though it’s like an ordinary sandwich it Looks like small sushis and the beetroot And the greenness from the rockets look Amazing and it really tastes amazing too We get all the flavors so you can do This with a big baguette but at the same Time you can do it with Bagels Simmons Anything that you love in your country As a main bread for sandwich [Music] Second one is actually an idea I want to Give you if it’s like a party thing and People are gonna go around and you won’t Sit on the table serving things in small Shots glasses at the bottom you can have Something crunchy a cream cheese would Do or sweet chili sauce would be really Nice then you can have some chickens you Can have some shrimp you can have Anything you like that would look nice But what’s gonna look incredible would Be you know in some restaurants when we Go and have fancy cocktails what makes Those fancy cocktails fancier is the Surrounding thing that they do around The glasses and how do they do that Let’s say they put a bit of parsley or.

Thyme a bit of salt red pepper flaked Something or colored salts like I have These colored salts they look also Really great if you have barbecue salt Different kind of salts they would look Great you put a bit of honey honey mixed With a bit of lemon could do you dip it Really well and then you dip the glass To the mixture you want to make then Suddenly this ordinary glass looks Amazing and whatever you put on it looks Even more beautiful [Music] Third one always a salad because at the Party times sometimes you need something Fresh when it’s sometimes crowd so Putting sellers into small glasses also Looks great takes up a lot of space so When you set a cocktail table that Greenness and fanciness also makes the Table more flamboyant and I always like A classical Caesar salad on events like This why everyone loves it and if you Don’t have a nice recipe do we have a Recipe book in English I think we don’t We can write at least the mixture Ingredients because it’s the sauce that Is important my Caesar salad is really Good The cheese boards if you don’t do any Food if you don’t have something a main Course sweet if you have a cheese board You’re okay with it and making a good Cheese board is actually not as hard as

You think maybe one day we can talk About making the perfect cheese board Because the perfect cheese board guy is Here is Burak but I want to have this New Year’s Christmas tree kind of Cheeseboard ideas also are really nice For several years we’re making these Lines like at the bottom there are Crackers maybe then purple carrots Grapes some cheese that are sometimes Sliced shape can differ and on top you Can have if you have a star that you buy Somewhere or if you don’t have it you Can do it with cheese or if you cut a Salami in triangles and then put them on The opposite side then suddenly you get A really nice star so a cheese board in The shape of a tree would do now I’ve Seen a new one on the internet and I Wanted to share it with you chaban cow I Think is the one who made it so it’s Really important to give the credit for The person he or she cut the cheese in Triangles and make the side of the tree From those and inside she packed or he Packed it with chocolate nuts olives and All these things really really well and It looks really rich and at the bottom From some chocolates which looks like Gifts are a really nice touch or making It an easier one that we have done here But now she looks sad because it’s a Work in progress and no one ate it yet Making a salad in the shape of a circle.

With the middle empty then adding Redness of the Christmas or New Year’s With pomegranate and tangents look like Flowers very simple to do you just lay Around the rockets and add whatever you Want at the final moment of serving you Get the dressing on another idea would Be having small skewers of cheese or Olives and some cured meat like pastrami Oh it’s cute the skewers can be Rosemaries or Rosemary’s can be around Those round things which I forgot the Name of and it looks great Again on a party busetas would be really Great meaning some bread at the bottom Some cream cheese at the middle I won’t Give you recipes but I’ll give you some Tips for the cream cheese or labne Adding few things some added salt or soy Sauce enhances the flavor a bit of Pepper the pepper should be a little More than enough that pepper will affect The whole thing like if you taste it it Has to be a little bit over peppery and The layering after bread there has to be This insulator at the middle and then Some onions that are tossed on the stove Would be great tuna fish from can or Some cured meat Bacons pastrami on top Will also be great and don’t try to make Them perfect like if if you shape them In weird ways it creates a dimension on The foot and it looks great some Greenness always works redness from the

Meat greenness and white and then bread All good [Music] This year was a big craze about Potter Boards what they were doing was putting Butter on the board and people would Like dip into butter and it looks really Good but I don’t like like dipping Myself into butter and eating is not Very Mediterranean thing maybe it was a Bit too much for me then the craze Turned into Nutella and peanut butter More acceptable very nice I like it with A lighter thing like labne or again a Form of not very processed and additive Cream cheese or yogurt also works in Miracles if you want the yogurt to be a Little tasty you can add a bit of Honey Or molasses to the yogurt and then you Distribute the board and on top if you Want it to be sweet maybe some Persimmons persons are great [Music] And then some nuts for the greenness Some fresh mints when you get a batch Always take good care of the top of the Mints because they’re smaller and they Look really nice on the plate use the Bigger ones while you’re cooking but use The top ones for decoration keep in mind [Music] Also for the party snacks we have three Ideas one is a version of tantani like Small wrap with a bit of meat inside you.

Can eat it when it’s hot and when it’s Not so hot also great [Music] Or Burgers would always be good we have A red Burger one day I want to cook that For you and another option is using Lettuces or endives as spoons and Putting sometimes cheese sometimes meat In it I’ve seen an octolengi picture Which was so nice I’m also gonna add his Photo here it was so nice that I want to Share very simple but it’s a great idea And when we come to a main course or What we can do when we have a table and We sit we had those recipes two years Ago actually in a year’s time I am Putting the link to here so I can look At it from there and get those ideas Finally I’m going to finish with making It from desserts like if you have kids Or grandkids and you want to have a fun Table for example you can do this with Kids actually set up mold you can do it If you have a mold already or if you Don’t have a mold you can do it with Cartoon and foil paper and then put a Board at the bottom so that board is Going to be the plate for the dessert at The bottom you have again a cream cheese With honey and powdered sugar as a base And then take a chocolate cake and Crumble it so that it looks like a soil Let’s say if you have strawberries you Dig the strawberries so that they are

Like growing in the soil you can have a Stone Road And if you have already like small Chocolates of penguins or something you Can edit you can mix pistachios with Some cream and make trees from that you Can have some fresh flowers if you have A house from a gingerbread that can go Somewhere as well so you can have it Like a small dessert of a garden from Scratch in 10 minutes so easy to make so Fun to eat and so delicious to eat at The same time the cream cheese with the Honey taste and the cocoa cake and then Some chocolates then sometimes some Fruits all really nice so these are the Ideas for the food some short ways which Won’t take a lot long time so that you Get all the fun that you can and I want To invite Bahar now for her decorating And styling ideas how hi everyone let’s Start with some small tips and tricks For your New Year’s Event first of all Let’s start with the table I get some Either recycled paper or used paper and Covered my table with it it’s very Lovely that you can write on it your Guests may leave messages on your table Or you can just leave messages New Year Wishes on the table or if you’re going To do the sitting plan you can write the Names of your guests on the table and Then let’s color up the table of course Flowers are great but they’re expensive.

 Food Ideas Christmas Recipes & Decoration Tips

What I like to do is use some herbs and Greens it could be a rosemary in your Balcony it could be a small Branch from The tree on your street you can use them In various ways for example if you Collect some small leaves if you’re Arranging the seating plan you can write The names of your guests and leave them On their plates so that they will know Where they’re gonna sit or you can write Your best wishes or New Year wishes and Leave them on the table and if they like The wish maybe they can carry the wish In their wallet all year long and then They will always remember you also what I like to do beside the greens I like Putting some new year ornaments like Small glass balls or maybe some candies Or things like that in the plates while I’m decorating the table for example With a cinnamon stick and with a small Pine Leaf you can make it look like a Tree and then put some small ornaments And turn it into a Christmas scenery but If it’s not Christmas and if I’m Decorating my table with some greens What I do just a lovely napkin and a Small Leaf of Rosemary or lavender that Always works when the decoration is not Even simple that Simplicity actually Makes it more beautiful makes it more Genuine we go to restaurants and money Can buy so many things but if you see That care on a plate that someone has

Put for you as she said like the tree And the cinnamon stick then suddenly you Feel really good you feel as if you’re In like your mama’s house or in good Hands so that’s a great feeling that it Creates and also maybe I’m too Sentimental but no she’s not I am not But anyways when I see something fresh In my table for example a small branch Of Rosemary or a lavender I love keeping It with me I love putting it I’m sorry To say that but in my bra it smells Wonderful or take it home with me and It’s right there yes Or it could be a flower so we set the Table food is cooking everything but What about the lights actually lights is The thing that creates the mood so what I do I actually like dimming most of the Lights and setting up a lot of candles And normally you’re a person who likes a Lot of lights in the house yes I like to See what I eat that’s for sure but we All know light sets the mood so what can You do you can use two things candles of Course for example what I do I take a Lot of tea lights and then use all the Glasses I have put all the tea lights in Them and separate it in the house and Decorate all the room the most important Thing is to use cut glasses then all Those cuts will break the light and make Beautiful Shadows beautiful Reflections So I prefer using cut glasses here this.

Is a cut class this is a normal glass so If I put a candle in this first of all You will see the candle which is boring Second it will not give a wonderful or Very romantic light but if I put a Candle in this a tea light you will Hardly see the tea light in it and then The light it gives out will be more Romantic and come from all these parts Yes thank you I think I understand it The older the glasses are the more Beautiful it looks I don’t know why Dan The glass is not see-through and then it Will hide whatever inside better and it Will make the mood the other thing you Can use is the copper lights for example Here we use copper lights in that it Works with battery you can put it in Your glasses you can put it everywhere Actually as you can see we like using Them because they are not dangerous like Handles you can leave them on as well so It’s a very good way to set the mood in Your room so you prepare the food Everything what about bringing the Christmas tree mood to the table what You can do for example on top of the Table you can use a dry Branch decorate It with dried Foods Christmas ornaments Maybe some crystals in my grandma’s House there were a lot of crystal Chandeliers so I used to pick some of Those anyways you can use those and put Some greens on the dry Branch as well

And of course if you add some copper Lights to that it will be a wonderful Centerpiece on the top of the table to Go along with all the night the other Thing I like preparing for the Organization is using ice the ice cubes You’re gonna use that night you can put Some pomegranate Rosemary or some Citrus Lemons oranges Tangerine either the Peels or the inside in the ice cubes and . New Years Eve Food Ideas Christmas Recipes & Decoration Tips

Prepare the ice like that it will look Wonderful and taste wonderful in all the Drinks with alcohol or non-alcohol so You can use it like that or you can Prepare your own bottle cooler from Ice With a lot of garnish it’s very easy to Prepare you take a big bowl freeze some Water at the bottom and then put a Smaller Bowl in it put something heavy So it it won’t float the area in the Middle of two bowls fill it with water And some Rosemary and citrus lemon Pomegranate whatever you like and then Freeze it again so when you take out the Bowls you will have a bowl shaped a Bottle cooler which you can use all Night and which will look wonderful of Course it will disappear at the end but That’s the fun part of it there are tons Of things you can do of course but the Most important thing you have to Remember is to have fun be with your Friends and make it a night to remember All your life are you stressed you.

Haven’t been on the camera for a while No I missed it did you miss me write it Down please thank you guys have a lovely New Year and hope the world will be a Better place in the next 2023. we love You very much Don’t forget to like subscribe and if You want to send thanks to our video That would be lovely Thank you so much. New Years Eve Food Ideas Christmas Recipes & Decoration Tips

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