New Particulars Emerge on Bruce Willis’ Situation

Bruce Willis’ Cognitive Decline Suspected for Several Years

The considerations about his battle with aphasia and his habits on film units that led as much as his analysis.


Actor bruce willis in his battle with aphasia new details are emerging about his condition, including concerns about the actor on set, leading up to his diagnosis. Kayla hartung is back with us from los angeles with the latest good morning. Again, kaylee hey good morning again, michael there is so much respect for bruce willis. In hollywood, his body of work over nearly four decades has earned him that so now the news of his diagnosis and retirement comes as a relief to some who say they saw him struggling on movie sets in recent years. Come on to the coast we get together.

Bruce Willis’ Cognitive Decline Suspected for Several Years

Have a few lives this morning new details from behind the scenes of bruce willis battle with aphasia that for years had some in the film industry concerned for his well-being. It was kind of an open secret that bruce’s cognitive abilities were in decline. Willis’S family revealing wednesday that the actor’s been diagnosed with aphasia a symptom caused by an underlying neurological issue that can impact the ability to communicate. Patients can lose some ability to speak or understand, or both in recent months he was struggling to. You know, strike the right tone and deliver the lines and we heard that he just seemed lost, sometimes on set willis’s.

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Last major motion picture glass came out three years ago. You think you have super powers, it’s a feeling, his name still in high demand in recent years, but the blockbuster action hero suddenly turning to lower budget independent films, sometimes only appearing on screen for a few minutes, he’s just been putting out work at this prolific pace. We counted at least 22 in the last four years, one of those films, 2021’s out of death, throw your gun as far as you can throw it where mike burns made his directorial debut. Once you had bruce on set. What did you observe about his condition? Bruce Willis’ Cognitive Decline Suspected for Several Years

Bruce Willis’ Battle With Aphasia: Everything We Know

His intuition, for the lines is just amazing uh, but what i did see towards the end of the shoot, as they turned to night, was that he was having some trouble getting some lines out right and we did have to repeat lines multiple times to get the Performance out and it seemed like there was something bigger going on people. Who’Ve worked on other sets with willis telling the la times he needed extra help to get through his shooting days. Bruce Willis’ Cognitive Decline Suspected for Several Years

He had a assistant on set who would basically deliver the lines to bruce’s earpiece, and he would then hear them and recite them back still burns saying bruce was very much in control on their most recent film together set to release this summer. Bruce has always been very happy on set very jovial, cracking jokes hanging out and bruce willis family hears the outpouring of support for him. His daughter scout writing on instagram.

I truly never could have anticipated the depth and breadth of love we received as a family. I am so grateful to hear about what my papa means to you guys. We join in that chorus of support for bruce and his family kaylee. Thank you so much! Well, hey there gma fans, robin roberts here thanks for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click. Bruce Willis’ Cognitive Decline Suspected for Several Years

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