Introducing Timeless…a collection so near and dear to my heart. We have been working on this collection for the past two years, and I cannot wait to introduce it to you. Timeless is a sleek, fuss-free and staple collection in five of your favourite Oner Active colours.

This collection was designed with the following in mind; a reminder your health should forever come first, to be present and to take a step back and to realise it is a privilege to be able to move your body.
I truly hope you love this collection as much as I do.

In this video, I will take you through a full collection try-on with an M and XL model to truly represent the pieces and fit.
I wear a size XS for a snug fit and S for a more comfortable fit.



Height: 5ft 4
Bra size: 32D
Waist: 26 inch
Hips: 34 inch

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I am so excited to let you know that a Brand new collection is dropping to the Honor active Community, introducing to You our Timeless collection, Gosh. That felt like a weight off my Shoulder saying that we have been Keeping this collection a secret for the Past two years are honor active and it Is finally time for her to make her Introduction into the world and onto Your bodies. Honestly, I cannot stress Enough that this collection probably Means the most to me than any collection We have ever done, because the purpose And the meaning behind it is truly Sentimental to who we are and truly what We value and love the most. So what were Going to do is were going to actually Introduce every single piece to you on Two lovely, ladies, including myself. So You see the collection in different Bodies and different lights and in Different shapes, but Im also going to Explain the purpose.

The meaning and the Why behind this product, so you really Understand the story behind it, and I Think that, for me, is the most important Thing for you to take out this video so Without further Ado Im going to go into The. Why? Behind Timeless collection, Foreign Team down – and I said to them, I want to Build a collection that emphasizes and Celebrates all types of movement, not Just women that go to the gym like Myself, not just wearing that lift heavy Weights like myself, I want to build a Collection that truly encompasses what I Believe, and that is wellness and your Health is simply Timeless at honor Active, we dont believe in quick fixes, Nor do I, as a Founder, I dont, know Active, we believe in longevity and we Believe in you having a sustainable, Healthy lifestyle. So we wanted to bring A collection out that really encompassed All of these meanings. Thats.

Why? We call This collection Timeless Timeless to me. Stands for day-to-day life, day-to-day Wear in and outside of the gym, Supporting you throughout all of your Movements, whether youre going for a dog Walk, whether youre, just going for a Nice, stroll, listen to a podcast or Whether youre actually lifting those Big weights that we want. You to lift in The gym theres a piece within this Collection that will help in enhance Your movement and help you honor your Body through movement thats, why we Picked really simplistic clean Timeless Styles in various of different colors That you already know of those colors Are Fuchsia pink mineral green midnight, Deep taupe, which is my favorite and also Black. The reason we introduced the Palette that youre familiar with is Because we are also known for our Ability to mix and match and cross Merchandise within our collection.

So if You buy a fuchsia pink bra with the Timers collection, you can pair it up With your fuchsia effortless legging, or You can pair it up with your fuchsia Classic seamless legging. We wanted to Provide the ability for all women to Find a style that truly makes them feel So confident and extraordinary amongst Their bodies. So before we get into this Video, I actually want to show you the Campaign, because I think the campaign is By far my most favorite campaign weve Ever done, but it really helps you Understand what Timeless means. Foreign ER always seems to take care of Everybody else, but themselves The person who puts constant pressure on Their life When they dont realize that Society Does it enough for us To the person that may need a gentle Reminder that once in a while, you just Need To take a step back To be present, To move your body And to realize what a privilege it is to Do so Because, whilst everything around us is Fast paced, Our well-being should Simply Be Timeless. Okay, so were going to do something Different weve, never done this before Normally, when I do an honor active, try And haul Im always doing it.

On my own And Im, showing you the pieces, which I Know you love, but I thought is really Important, especially as a founder of This brand to Showcase you, the garments On different body shapes and different Body sizes, because I want you to really Know what the Garment looks like before You make your purchase at honor active. I Have two lovely, ladies next to me, who Will make their own instructions and Also tell you the sizes that theyre Wearing hi, my name is Alicia and Im Wearing. This is Excel my names, Sarah And Im wearing a size medium. So what Were going to do is Im going to go Through each product and the girls are Going to change and Im going to show You what it looks like so were going to Have one girl at a time, so its a little Bit easier for me To explain the why Behind the product, what to look for and Special features, So the first item were going to go Through is the square neck Timeless bra? This shape has never been introduced to Honor actor before and something that Also weve done here is we have no Adjustable strap and the reason being is Because I wanted this bra to be slip-on.

I wanted it to be easy and I wanted you To wear it all day, long without any Digging tugging and you feeling really Uncomfortable. So if your profession is Something like a nurse or a waitress or You know youre on your feet all day, This bra is going to honestly be your Best friend. You are not going to fill This bra on your body, so if youve Noticed here, weve added our signature DNA contour lines. So this line here Matches the line of the legging, which is Super important. We decided to do a tone On tone logo, which is something weve Also never done before, but it really Enhances the whole purpose of it being Timeless and really simplistic, clean and Elegant.

So that was really important to Us, so its very minimal, very Sleek. The Bras are about Id, say two fingers in Whipped and they are supportive, so they Are going to keep you supported all day. You have a cross over back over here Which, for me, is one of the most sleekest And beautiful designs on absolutely Every single body, and if you notice here, Theres, no digging theres no spillage Its keeping everything in place. So this Is perfect for back days, perfect. For When you want to enhance your back on Any type of movement, but also have you Noticed how theres no digging here, Which was super important, so youre not Going to get those harsh red lines?

So How did you feel when you first put it On because this is the first time you Wore it, yeah its so nice, I feel really Comfortable with it. I feel really held In. I dont feel like Im digging Im Quite tall, so sometimes how tall are you Sorry? I was about six foot. Okay, things Do tend to Digger quite a bit, but this Is really nice, its really fun and when You pop it like put it on, how did it Feel its easy to put on theres no Struggling to get its not too harsh and Its not too Lucy?

But okay, its really Good, because this was your first time Wearing it. I wanted it to be really Authentic. I didnt send the product out To the girls beforehand. This is the First time theyre touching it feeling It seeing it wearing it as soon as you Came out, you said, oh, its super Comfortable, So thats exactly what I wanted. I wanted This bra to just be fit for purpose, for You to wear it all day.

In the office, and Also when youre training, so this is our Timeless swear, neck bra, Okay. So next on we have the leggings – and I am so excited for these leggings, Because you have worn classic before. Have you tried effortless before yes and So compared to Classic Annapolis? How Would you find these leggings a lot Stretchier a lot finer but thick enough That they hold you in yeah and very easy To put on okay thats, really important. Because, with classic its a little bit Of a yes youve got to mold it to your Body, so this one is like completely Different, absolutely yeah, youre, very, Very comfortable, very stretchy, but holds Me in at the same time.

Okay, so you dont Feel like youre completely naked, Okay good. So the reason I asked this is Because the most important thing for me Is to have a point of difference between Products right. So when youre wearing Classical when youre wearing effortless Or when youre wearing Timeless. There is A different and you identify the Difference and when you speak to it to Your friends or your community or when Were having a chat, you can say: Okay Classic is a little bit. Thicker Effortless is more like Second Skin.

You Know more enhancing, whereas Timeless Almost feels like butter, and it just Feels like quite slippery on your skin, Which is what we wanted. So what we did Was with the waistband. As you can see, This is the first time weve seen a Waistband like this. We actually curve The waistband and we curved it at the Bottom here, so it looks way more again On a female body. It makes her look a Little bit more snatched in which we Love.

You have your signature on her Active DNA here which follows the DNA of The bra as well, so it works as one set, Which was super important. We didnt add My FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER | Timeless Try On Haul Any elastic on the band, which is a pro And a con from a pro perspective, it Means that you will not feel any digging From this legging at all, so where you Have with effortless that really strong Double tier bands, sometimes it can feel Too compressive this One is not Compressive compared to any band weve Done its the least compressive band, but Whats not so great about this. Is that Sometimes it does roll, and I think its Really important to tell you that, Because I dont want you grabbing it and Thinking that its always going to stay Up its impossible for a band to stay up If it doesnt have a elastic running Through it. But I didnt want to add that I wanted this to feel so comfortable all Day long and really really really fit For purpose. So this is where the magic Happens.

As you can see, I have an Obsession with making womens buns. Look Absolutely amazing, because I just want Them to feel so: freaking good, like so Beautiful, so elegant, but also enhanced Curves, that theyve worked for, because Why not so what we did here was we have A deep V tier. You have your tone on tone Logo. Here the thing that we were Struggling to do the most is having a Cut and sew legging that has a very Small front there, but at the back you Were able to pull up the legging and Enhance your curves. We couldnt find any In the market that was doing that, they Either had a front seam, which would give You a camel toe. MY FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER!! | Timeless Try On Haul

They either had a two of A long back rise, which made your bum Look really really long, so thats, Probably what took the longest in Production. If you notice here, the band Starts high and then it Scoops low – and That was our biggest thing, that we had To work on and it took two years of Development because we werent getting It right. It was either falling down too Much. It was too high. It was not doing What I wanted it to do.

It was just a big Ball ache, so for us to get this actually Close enough to how I wanted it to me is Like super super exciting. So how did it Feel when you popped it on Amazing? Very Easy to get on didnt have to pull them Up. It was just yeah and up your bum yep Dude. I did fill them up a little bit but Yeah.

Oh, I do as well very very easy. I Wasnt struggling to get them on okay Yeah, and can you imagine wearing this Legging all day or any of the other Liquors yeah? Okay, absolutely yeah, so That is the Timeless legging Foreign Shelf t-shirts on the Timeless Collection. This is a product I have not Seen in the market before I havent seen This shape before with a built-in frame. Maybe there is one I just personally Havent seen one and I havent seen one My FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER | Timeless Try On Haul Look this freaking good like Im, sorry, But this is what I need to take a moment And just say: Well done the honor active Design team, because you absolutely Killed this this to me: screams wearable In the office wearable day to day, but Then I can also Train with them, we put a Built-in bra, so you dont have to wear a Bra underneath this and its super Comfortable and super Sleek.

We also did A really neat cut out sleeves. We didnt Make them too long or Too Short just Right, because we wanted it to feel Really comfortable and enhance your Shoulder as well. We did a really Beautiful scoop neck and we kept it Really elegant. So every single woman Actually suits the shape of a frame. This T-shirt to me, if its done wrong, it Looks, looks really bad if its done Right.

Oh, my gosh youre going to wear it All the time so its like almost that Shapewear as me, an act of wear all at Once and its like keeping you in its Supporting you, but also it looks really Sleek on. If you notice here, we added our DNA lines on the side as well just to Keep everything free-flowing and then on The back. You have your tone on tone Branded logo, so everything is Sleek, so You can wear this in formal meetings. You Can wear this out for a date where you Would Id wear this all the time, but I Just wanted it to be super sleek and I Didnt want it to be about Brandon, brand And branding. I wanted to be about shape Design and how it makes you feel.

So what Do you think about this because thats Fun? Well, it makes me feel great. It is so Nice, its so body forming and yeah. It Really sucks you in its so comfortable Easy to put on, I feel like a gym top. It Feels like a packages – Okay, good.

That makes me happy when she Walked out. We were all like that looks So nice. I saw on you and she was like Yeah, I know so its good its good, so That is our Timeless built-in shelf T-shirt top. So the next product we have is one that Ive teased online and you guys have Been like. Where is that jacket coming?

When is the jacket coming and Im like I Try and tease, because I want to see your Reaction right and I want to see if Weve done a good enough job, because if You get excited makes me excited, but Also it makes me happy that you, like The Products that were actually creating, Which to me is really really important Because then whats the point. So this is Our cropped, zip, free jacket and also Were going to talk about the six inch Shorts here as well. With the cropped Jacket, there are two lamps. We have a Long line jacket and also a crop jacket. The long line jacket has zips on the Side.

Its Gon na Give You snatched its My FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER | Timeless Try On Haul Gon na give you put together its Gon na Give You Range Rover mum, picking up her Kids beep beep. This is going to give you She shes a baddie in the gym, shes a Baddie in the gym, and she loves how she Looks shes, proud of who she is, and it Just looks so sleek and put together. The Jacket has thumb holes here, which are Super comfortable. Your zip is branded as Well, which was super important, its a Throw on top. So if you dont want to Showcase your arms or you dont feel Comfortable, you can just pop this top on And its super Sleek to me.

This screams Put together a Sleek sophisticated Literally 100, like when you put it on What did you feel literally like a Baddie? You were like, ah this color this. I love This And also the brand in here which again We kept it super simple tone on tone Which was really important, but one thing I just want to flag here is: if you put Your arms up, so I have really small arms And sometimes its really Hard to fit Things on me because I would have Preferred this to be a bit shorter, but Then we have to be mindful, like not Everybodys, arms are short as mine, so we Made them a little bit longer. So you Will get a bit of gathering of fabric Here with a jacket as well. You have Again our signature DNA here, which is Our contouring lines, so when you do zip It up and you do it all up its gon na Look all sleek Foreign Moving on to the shorts, the same Principle as the leggings with the Waistband and the design DNA.

These are Six inch shorts. We are not doing cycling Shorts just yet with the Timeless Collection. We decided just to do one Length to begin with. With that being Said, the leggings do come in two lengths Are regular and long. Its perfect for All my tall girls, perfect for all my Regular length, girls. MY FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER!! | Timeless Try On Haul

We are going to Expand our size ranges which I think are Super important, so potentially a petite Range and potentially three different Lengths of shorts, not just six inch and Cycling. So these are six inch theyre, Not gon na dig onto your thighs, which was So important to me. Lord knows I love to Grow my thighs, so I didnt want any Restriction because I just find it so Uncomfortable and if you turn around for Me there we go job done. I think Ive Done my job with this Foreign As Im wearing this vest. I will explain To you why we made this vest, so this is My bond girl moment, vest thats how I Perceive it when I put this vest on, I Feel like an athlete I feel like she Knows what shes doing she looks good And its so comfortable, supportive and Put together, so what Ive done is, I am Actually wearing the Timeless bra Underneath and then Ive whacked, the zip Through high neck vest on top.

If you Want extra support, I would layer both Because its going to give you that Extra support and its going to keep you Together. So when I do any of my High Impact Sports, this is keeping me in Place. Nothing is moving, so you have your Zip here, so you can zip it all up and it Has a lock zip so that zip is not going To come down or you can keep it unzip And pop your collar out like that. So the Beauty about this is, you wont, see any Of the bra straps. So if you have a look At this bra, it literally looks like Youre wearing nothing underneath Nothing is poking out so from a design Line and product standpoint.

That was Super important because you have a whole Family DNA and everything is like a Piece that suits each other and is meant To work with each other. To me, this is Sleep. This is performance. This is super Comfortable, and this is probably one of My favorite products that we have Introduced that on our active. So there You have it the Timeless collection here At honor active.

I hope I went through Everything if Ive missed anything out Pop your questions. In the comments below And Ill get back to as many as possible, My FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER | Timeless Try On Haul Remember to check out all of our socials, Because you will get all the details There. If you have any further questions Or technical questions, make sure that You approach our customer support. Who Are there to guide you every single step Of the way? I hope you love this Collection and the meaning behind it as Much as I do, because to me, this Collection is very sentimental.

Ive been Through all my highs and all my lows This year and I feel like Ive, shared a Lot with you openly and Ive. Let you Into a lot of feelings and a lot of Emotions, so this collection to me is Something thats very near and dear to My heart and its something that I truly Believe will make. So many women feel Extraordinary its just the meaning Behind it. To me its its really Important, I hope you love it just as Much as I do, and I cannot wait to see so Many of you where the time was Collection, so tag me in your pictures When you get it, I love you always and Forever and Ill see you next time, My FAVOURITE COLLECTION EVER | Timeless Try On Haul

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