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My name is Goku Pump, I am the CEO of Senzu 刚™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

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The gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement.

Because I feel like it's a problem too With women and men I could be a hundred Percent comfortable with telling my boy Things Anything But when my woman I'm not a hundred Percent Comfortable with telling you know when a Woman is like yeah I don't really like You don't like what I like to read like too much Or maybe you know I don't really like to Finish the I don't like to Swallow oh wait are we allowed to say That swallow like uh good things yes When the man goes and and just you know Finds somebody else to do that It's understandable we all have those Experiences but that's you know nobody Is going to be that perfect experience That experience was just for that moment Okay and that moment is gone But now you gotta you've got to to work With the here and now you can't mold People to be into what you want them to Be [Music] We were talking earlier about Unconditional love I don't feel like we're made to fall in Love I feel like we're either just mean To love unconditionally especially women I feel like women are really made to Love on Ken Michigan because the other

One that beer the children Ain't No Love Like A Mother's Love man she gonna love You Men and women if you find somebody that Could love you like your mom Of course if they could get close to Loving like because I don't think If they get close that's the person Let's just be mindful some mothers May not always love the same yes that's A fact it's either if you love Unconditionally or we just pursue our Purpose I don't really believe in the Whole life and fall in love and like Let's just breathe without you yeah I Can't be without you Like yo I just love you unconditionally That is an action because you could say You love someone all day and not do Anything for them And what does that means So what do you mean by that if you love Somebody you're not doing So let's think about the love languages But for me one of my love languages is Acts of service if somebody knows that I Had a very long day and you decide to Like run a bathroom that shows what you Put forth the effort to do something to Make my life a little bit easier and Less stressful if it was someone just Saying I love you And they don't run the bath they see I'm Stressed out going here and there and

Everywhere getting all the things that I Need to get done and then I come home And you're like oh I love you but You're not doing anything It's just words and sometimes words are When you need to have actions behind it So what if the man doesn't know how You're supposed to do that He doesn't have to do that That's just an example and this is an Example too what if he didn't know so In the beginning When you're meeting a man lay out your Terms and conditions and now the things That you like maybe not day one because I'll probably stress them out maybe like Date during Times okay one of them days just not the First day but you know you should tell People how you want to be loved just Like in I would want a man to tell me How he wants You think those things are like love and I thought about love is just like I love You I love you like I don't love you I just love you But how would I know how deep The love is because I can't see how much You love me yeah that's the thing what If I'm doing things for you right there We go yeah I'm doing things for you That makes me feel like I love you okay Give me an example

Me just saying yo I love you Makes me feel like I love you or That's what we're made to do This is why I realized about Relationships right I feel like sometimes I'll be doing Things that make me feel like I love you You might not feel that way because like Yo Let's say that man like comes from a Whole nother state to come see me and he Sleeps he stays with you for like maybe A week or two but he's not doing those Things that you just said Check it out yeah but using my resources But but for him though he's like damn I Still came all the way from another you Know so it's just it's just those little Things what do you think about that Well first of all a man should not be Staying no week or two that I'll be Worried unless he works remotely he's Got to be worried that he's employed at That point oh yeah okay yeah or he could Be have a lot of PTO To stay with me for two weeks but Anyways kind of goes back into saying Like you gotta love people how they want To be loved because you could love me The way you think like the way you think That I would like it and then I may Still be dissatisfied at the end of the Day That's why sometimes some relationships

Don't work because we think like I could Buy you Gucci and water and all that Nice stuff well the guy can buy me all That nice stuff I don't know what guys Wear these days Um because I'm in the gym all the time Maybe wearing sweatpants and stuff or Overall Yeah Work Oh man but yes you can buy me Gucci Louie Fendi and Prada all day and I Could be like this man still doesn't Even love me He brought me all this stuff but he Don't even spend time with me because my Top love language is Quality time apart from a guy being fit I'm going to the gym What are the things you value number one Having a relationship with God That believes in God okay How am I supposed to follow the man if He's not found out he's not following God then he's following something Okay Nice that's number one I like that so that's number one but in No particular order two through fifty uh It's definitely a sense of humor Um someone is sense of humor ambitious Guy he doesn't have to have a degree Like I do like he doesn't have to go to College or anything like that but I like

A person with drive and ambition Um The goal-oriented person and family Oriented as well that's big in front of Me that's one of the number one things Said that I find interesting the woman Has to follow the man right and you Talked about family too so I believe you Believe in building Generations bloodline that shows me that You would like a man that knows his Purpose amen amen I say this a lot too A Man should not focus on women this is Why I'm doing these series because men Literally Focus their life around women They get all these things they get a Career they get a nice car they get all Of that For women they don't get to know their Purpose or chase their purpose because They have been distracted it's not the Women's fault it's it's their fault like Nobody told you to be distracted Focused a meant to chase their purpose When they focus on teaching your purpose The universe will align him with the Right woman For him to continue his purpose And You know build that that generation and The and the purpose continues And we build that you know what I'm Saying the Empire from the universe can Align with just one woman because that's

All he's needing is Sometimes he might need multiple women Or that purpose to be achieved Would you go for a guy that you know his Purpose requires multiple women wow That's so Excitative uh wow Well now that I'm wondering what does The woman look like because she better Look good so that we could all you know No no the thing is all the women Are gonna look good this is why I feel Like women should work out too you see How you look right you look fit you look Good you're healthy I Think if we had kids Chances of them being good looking good Being healthy being It looked breathable the kids are gonna Look great the daughters are going to Look pretty the Sun is going to look Like yeah you're gonna have some kids Yeah and then it's just more beautiful People in the world So Please let's say that was his purpose It's like yo I want I'm gonna leave like 30 kids because I'm A man that got a nice body I got I got The system going on you know and Especially in my community is up Right now so I need more of me So he's like I want to have a lot of Kids

Is this gonna be my husband or is this Like a boyfriend or something or my Friend because like if you if you wanted To have 30 kids in in different area Codes then you can definitely do that I Will support the cause but my husband Having 30 kids in different area cuz I Don't know all right you're gonna have All of all all the women together so if He's gonna have all the women together Does that mean I get to have all the men I wanted to but does that help with his Purpose Well then now we gotta Define what the Purpose oh so the purpose is to have Empires exactly who I go to the Goku Empire In all states yeah we're gonna make more Sayings Got wiped out by the freezer Force Yeah and you know he's like yo I want to Make more scenes and How can I make more sense But why can't I be the only one to make More sand beans do you have three kids You have 30 kids my goodness let's say You you was like yeah I want to have 30 Kids it's probably going to take like 30 Years As a man right I can make all that Happen in one year with 30 yeah 30 women This is kind of why I don't believe men Especially aren't really made to be

Monogamous really well you want to build Up your bloodline you want to build Generations yeah Yeah Oh God this just brings up so many other Things because uh what about the world's Resources what about like you 40 30 kids Like you know that's a that's a lot of Kids and then you gotta teach them you Gotta say yeah I do homework and like Math the math now wasn't mapped in the Way it did in the 90s like if I think About it but women are smarter than men What's going on with the world today is That women are running the house they're Going to work they're paying the bills And all this are 50 50 I personally feel like that's not how It's supposed to be the man should go in Hunts right when you come back from Hunting or doing what would be a Business whatever you got the house Um set up is dope and Come to her for a device there's more Educated women than men so they are more Smarter and think about it right if you Got 30 women And one man it's a team So you tell me those those kids are Gonna be great because it's like it's a Whole team that's a lot of women Let's just scale this down to like five Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah And then when you forget that then you

Know I'm just I'm just my fault I'm just Like giving it but it's five women so That's five smart people I just Want to let you know that that would not Be my future husband Will be cool though and I would help you Recruit the women as well I'm good at Good at being good people well why Wouldn't that be My house yeah I just gave you this whole Plan that she was like you know it was Like why wouldn't that be though because I did say I wanted an ambitious man That's a lot of ambition Um that's everything you you stated Family that's everything So what because I A one woman wait I'm a one one man one Wait what is it one woman man one me you One one together Boom not no 30 plus 30 not no plus five Would that help build more scenes Remember the city's been wiped out you Know what it's all about quality not Quantity so I can build you something We gonna go Super Saiyan blue red pink I Don't think they ever really got the Pink but Super Saiyan blue Chrome Silver I got you Go Gotcha All about quality yeah I still believe

In quality and quantity because Let's say like five of them were fit Women like you beautiful Dreadlocks all that yeah and why do you Believe in being a one woman man because After everything I just did after Everything you said and I feel that Just like how you feel that God may you Know create man to love multiple people I believe that in every marriage it Should be one mind one woman and get Together And then create them okay I still think my plan works better but I Mean you're trying to create Super Saiyan I mean that's understanding they Were a dying race watch anime people Yeah you don't get nothing else to watch Anime This is what a lot of guys are doing They work hard climb that Mountain Climb and climb that mountain for the Treasure which is like a candy shop boys This is everything that you got gold Candy there's just so much stuff in There you climb you climb you climb so Now you're in a whole candy factory and They're just like yo You can only have a Snicker You can't you can't have M M's you can't Have Skittles You can't you can't have none of that Just just a Snick away that that's what

I'm saying as far as like yeah I can Only you can only be with one woman Hard damn work It's like That's why the woman Have old Candy Factory and everything She gotta be the whole prize you can't Just be on the mountain how that man Working Blood Sweat and Tears to climb That mountain just to only give him a Snickers bar please That's why he gonna find the Skittles Down the block yeah and the Reese's down The other block interesting that's why I Don't really get mad at cheating it was Just like uh you're an assistant Well you had a job at a workplace it's Like if you asked me to do something You're like I could only do this and That all right cool I'm gonna get Somebody else to help you you know when A woman is like yeah I don't really like You don't like what I like to really like too much Or maybe you know I don't really like to Finish the blow job I don't like the Flowers oh wait are we allowed to say That yeah yeah that's fine like uh Swallow like uh Good things yes Yeah you know little Opals yeah yeah you Know when they say that it's kind of Like oh okay when the man goes and And just you know find somebody else to

Do that Call somebody to help you out You know this is a real conundrum here You know because we talked about candy Eat all this good stuff yes Yes she loves the person love is an Action term So you should talk to the person right Actually talk to Carson hello I'm sorry That you feel it or whatever let's run That back hello I just love this look at his eyes Anyways I got lost all right Run that back All right hello We are in a relationship I am unhappy I want you to do certain things in the Bedroom Can we talk about that Um because it makes me unhappy when You're able to Climax and I am not Um so what would you say I would be like oh okay I love Comfortable conversations I want a woman to just tell me anything She like anything that's in her mind I might agree with it I might not but I Wanted to tell me everything in your Mind because I feel like Problem too With women and men I could be a hundred Percent comfortable with telling my boy Things

Anything But when my woman I'm not a hundred Percent Comfortable with telling it like the Truth between a man and a most Relationships the truth It's like maybe 80 man if that that love Is deep It's 80 but like in general it's like 50 54. I feel like but with her with her Home with your friends and with my Friends it's like a hundred a hundred I Mean you want to know it shouldn't be That because you you're supposed to be With someone that's like your best Friend you're supposed to create that Safe space and comfortable space with That person so that they could be their Authentic self I want like you don't Have to treat me like your homeboy but I Want to be your best friend like your Homeboys you know what I mean yeah and Because at the end of the day like you Want someone to be your best friend you Want to talk about all the things that Are on your mind and I think one of the Biggest things about relationship is Communicating communication is important Communication and perception because I Could tell you the sky is blue all day Every day and you perceive it okay and What I realize is Some girls Especially when it comes to that that BJ

Stuff also tomorrow look some girls in The bedroom General they have skills Like it's like a challenge skill and Some girls just don't have it even if You talk to them about it And you do it it's just kind of like So now they need heart yeah they need That passion now at that point if you Told them and they still that's where we Go it goes back to love being in action If they are not helping or or really Putting forth the effort you can see you Know I'm telling you you can see them Put in some effort but it's just it's Just not enough it just can't do it so Now like the one like the one I had back In the day right and that's that's Another thing with a man too I think With people in general once you get that One experience it's like it's Understandable we all have those Experiences but that's you know nobody Is gonna be that perfect experience that Experience was just for that moment okay And that moment is gone but now you Gotta you've got to to work with the Here and now you can't mold people to be Into what you want them to be because You're still going to be dissatisfied at The end of the day You got to accept the person and the Other thing is also accepting of who the Person is and if you don't like the Person

Then you need to find someone else like You gotta accept the person for who they Are and who they show up for you every Day you can't mold people to be what you Want them to be I was that was that was a good one that Was a good answer Yes yes yeah that was pretty much it Thank you so much for this State this is a this was a I think this is this is the best lunch Before this felt more like a podcast Yeah this is a podcast this is Oh hell yeah hell yeah then I can pick You up oh yeah I'm gonna be better at Picking him yeah We gotta make sure Wait what is your Instagram so if you Can follow anything uh my Instagram is At eye near Fascination spelled Correctly Um and yeah And gosh you know if you guys are Interested if you want a structural Workout program that can help you get in Shape so you know maybe you can just Get a chance to stand next Maybe you know I'll probably put that in The program to give you some pickup Lines You know I'm working on it I'm working On that I really like the pickup line it Was really it was really good it made me Laugh

And that is really one of the ways to my Heart okay okay you guys are interested Though hit the link in the description And I can't stress this enough don't Forget to smash the Subscribe button Smash the like button smash the share Button smash the comment button smash Everything Except for this beautiful goddess right Don't do that you know leave her for the The gym guys that could dance Oh yes I like the man that can dance I'm Gonna make him dance [Music] Foreign

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